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3” Annual 

UFO Crash Retrieval 
Conference Proceedings 


NOVEMBER &-11, 2oOOoO7 





Wood & Wood Enterprises and would like to acknowledge 
and thank all the speakers at the conference: Stephen Bassett, Richard M. Dolan, Karyn Dolan, 
Cameron DeBow, Terry Hansen, Linda Moulton Howe, Antonio Huneeus, Nick Redfern, Peter 
Robbins, Michael Schratt, Danny Sheehan, Ruben Uriarte & Noe Torres, Matthew Williams, Dr. 
Robert Wood, and Ryan S. Wood. 

Sincere appreciation goes to the organizing committee of John Hale, Michelle Buysse and 
Ryan S. Wood. Their steadfast dedication to the mission of exposing the extraterrestrial truth to a 
wider audience has not faltered. 

The information contained in these papers is the copyrighted material of the author. 

For further information about next year’s conference or questions contact: 

Wood & Wood Enterprises 

14004 Quail Ridge Drive, Broomfield, CO 80020 

Phone: 720-887-8171 

Fax: 720-887-8239 


News management In the Wake of A UFO Crash 

TErry HONSEN..........cccccecesesenscesecceeesanececacsesccecsseesscececseecescencecseusseasesesersnesaacssassesecssceesarscoees 

An Encyclopaedia of Flying Saucers 

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After the Retrievals: The Covert Program to Replicate Alien Technology 

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UFO and Alien Imagery in Advertising 

PSISE ROBINS scccveccawcsvsussvaswcasw se avcoucknadtcrscavssenessrensonpanvausebgesncennsnsnnnecats Sueceseoees secsocennareaabeE 

A Close Encounter With Whistleblower Gary Mckinnon 

Mitte w: WIILICIMIS.....-cccococcsccccscsscocdencdacchivevceccsecdees)sesendacctoccscededessescaseresensssvsesscseusoeveresanse 

Flying Saucers: For Real! 

MIGKGSI TE ASGATOE cossovasscvcecuccucicacaccenpasssvsnacserwacesccbeecscctssocnpmance ante ceneasaceespenente ts Cease Aceeanaace 

Elk Mountain Wyoming UFO Crash 

COIMEONM: DE DOW 0c cccccecccescoesescsestascedestarsccatussectscescocsccsocsteaccsssencccsncssncevsstacseshesssvece=nermas 

Project Moon Dust: How the Government Recovers Crashed Flying Saucers 

NIGH RECHT enzsccciiacacainadisvenscavercccccdvavedaaedsdeceseueresecesce) ecnpenpectareecssndencnaseatnasenteauscternesssesas 

May 28, 1974: Glowing Disc Encounter with Military in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

LINC MOUITON HOWE ........cccccccccccccscocccecenscccvcesseseecetenssacdeccasslestecdeescsscsuessstscsceseossscsecanneas 

UFOs and Media Desensitization of Children 

KOryn DOAN .......ccsecceeesnseesessscecsessceeensceesceseessneessesssesncsssssnscseseasaceasesseecesensaeeaconsnesasaanaesess 

1974 Coyame, Mexico UFO Crash, New Revelations 

RUBEN Uriarte & NOC TOmre ............-cccoscscccsccencececocsccnscccssecscenscnaccesccescnccsccenecacaasecassencencns 

A Survey of Retrieved Physical Evidence from South American UFO Cases 

J. ANTONIO HUNCCUS.......cccccceccecsccsccscccccccsccecsenserscceccscsenccessecsercescnscsscnccasccccecnscnssecseageaascoss 

News Management in the Wake of a UFO Crash 

By Terry Hansen 
Copyright 2007 Terry Honsen 


Public skepticism about the reality of UFO crashes stems from a near total absence of news 
coverage about such events. The naive media consumer assumes that news organizations 
present a more or less complete picture of world events. Consequently, the absence of news 
about UFO crashes suggests to such people that crashes have not, in fact, occurred. 

Historically, however, news organizations have worked very closely with the federal 
government to censor news judged to have “national security” implications. This means that 
UFO crashes almost certainly would of have received much news coverage, especially by 
national-level news organizations. 

In this talk, Terry Hansen, author of The Méssing Times: New media complicity in the UFO cover-up, 
explains why news organizations cooperate with the government, how news censorship is 
achieved in practice, and how propaganda works to hide important events and reduce public 
curiosity. Hansen will also discuss potential ways to circumvent UFO-related media 
decepuons. Finally, he will discuss the concept of national security and the prospects for 
achieving a more open, accountable federal government. 


News Management 
in the Wake 
of a UFO Crash 

No, this is not a photo of an actual UFO crash site. (Or, perhaps it is but the site has been 
cleverly modified to look like a promotional gimmick for Fry’s Electronics!) It does raise a 
key question, however: If a UFO were to crash, wouldn’t we read about it in the newspapers 
or see it on TV? And since we don’t hear about UFO crashes in the news media, shouldn’t 
we conclude that such things don’t ever happen? 


The Myth of the Free Press. 

There is a widespread myth, encouraged of course by the media companies themselves, that 
we in the U.S. have a free press. The myth says that reporters are aggressive in their pursuit 
of all significant events. If we want to know what is going on the world, the myth says, all we 
need to do is turn on CNN. The myth also says that the media have an adversarial 
relationship with the government. 

The Reality. of American Media: 



We Conc Control The People Withet Y' ‘«. 

Unfortunately, media reality is quite different from the myth. The American media actually 
behave much more like an extension of the government, just as this lampoon poster by the 
independent news organization, Indymedia, suggests. Or perhaps another way to think about 
it is that the federal government has become a pawn of big corporations. To understand 
how the media actually work today, we need to take a closer look at history. 

Main Topics: 

Why. news organizations.cooperate with the 
federal: government. 
How-news censorship is‘achieved. 
How! propaganda'works to hide.important 
eVents and/reduce}public:curiosity- 
Potential ways to.circumvent UFO-related 
» ’A few.thoughts about “national’security.” 
6, Prospects forachieving a;. == 

I’ve divided my talk today into the following major topics: 

Why news organizations cooperate with the federal government. 

How news censorship is achieved. 

How propaganda works to hide important events and reduce public curiosity. 
Potential ways to circumvent UFO-related media deceptions. 

A few thoughts about “national security.” 

6. Prospects for achieving a more open, accountable federal government. 


| 1. Why do news organizations 

cooperate with the federal 

Let’s start with a look at why the big media organizations cooperate with the government. 
To understand this, we need to go back into the early years of the 20" century and examine 
how this relationship has evolved since that time. 


The News Media in WW I: 


> Americans initially aes 
opposed the war, - 
> British focused its ij 5 

America s 
» Pres. Wilson appoints ©” ee 

propaganda machine.on AD BRy 

progressive journalist 

George Cree! to create 

and manage the US: 

censorship and 

propaganda machine 

(Committee on Public 

Information - CPI) 

CPI enlists news “AR 


journalists to promote war, 
; i inept, Scales 

Although governments have attempted to control the news for all of history, the relationshi 
£ 1 Yee 

between the U.S. news media and the federal government grew much closer in World War 1. 

db 5 

The American people were at first strongly opposed to entering World War I, a fact that 

alarmed the British government because it was locked in a stalemate with Germany. To 

break out of this stalemate required changing American public opinion. The massive British 

propaganda machine was focused away from Europe and toward the U.S. 

The British first managed to enlist the help of President Wilson, who then appointed 
progressive journalist George Creel to set up a censorship and propaganda apparatus along 
the lines of what the British had already created. This organization was called the Committee 
on Public Information, or CPI. Journalist Creel staffed his organization with people from 

the news media, including many progressive journalists who had once opposed corruption in 
government and big business. This gave the organization instant credibility. Of course, it was 
also a massive sell-out by professional journalists and marked the beginning of the end of the 
free and independent press. 

Media in World War Il : 

After Pearl Harbor, journalists LONE 
and generals unte for “total war” ide A 

Bntain tutors U.S. Intelligence on When you Un itler 1 
uses of deception you ride with Hitle 5 es 
Propaganda & censorship now fis 

too sophisticated for single 


Office of Censorship administers 

news contro! 

Office of War Information (OVVI) 

administers war propaganda 

Leading media executives, 

journalists hired to censor news 

and create propaganda / 

VWViII consolidates the ° 
telationship between U.S. 3 Car-Sharing Club 

Military/intelligence and ieading | 
news becarimertsiy : = TODAY = dl 

The close working relationship between the news media and government grew even closer 
during World War Il, when journalists joined the military for “total war.” Once again, the 
British government helped teach Americans about the use of the media in war-time 
deceptions. By this time, the operation was so big that it could not be administered by one 
a rganization, so it was split into two, one controlling censorship and one for propaganda. 

Control of news was handled by the Office of Censorship, while propaganda was created 
and managed by the innocent-sounding Office of War Information. Once again, these 
organizauions were staffed by news media personnel, including top journalists and 
executives. This consolidated the working relationship between the news media and the 
federal government. America was never to have a completely free press again. 

The'Media'in the Cold War: 

> CIA given'taskiof.creating 
and distributing/propaganda 

> jLopimedia executives retain 
ties to‘national-secunty state 

> American|news media 
embrace: assumption that the 
U!S‘ faces'a!permanent 
terrorism; etc:) . 

> Revolving door develops 
> pee urcent Franka Wisnet 
uilds ia’ glo paganda 
imachinewwith! cooperation Of, 

Following World War II, the U.S. government focused on a new enemy: global communism. 
To fight the Cold War, a new organization was created to manage media content: the Central 
Intelligence Agency (CIA). Although many people think the CLA was created to gather 
information, managing censorship and propaganda were some of its most important tasks 
from the very start. Top media executives maintained their close relationship with the 
intelligence community, though unknown to American citizens. The media began to accept 
the idea that America faced a permanent hostile threat. A revolving door now existed 
between the media corporations and the new national-security state. The CIA’s Frank 
Wisner created a massive global propaganda machine with the covert cooperation of leading 
U.S. news organizations. This was sometimes referred to as “Wisner’s Wurlitzer,” because he 
bragged that he could make the news media play any tune he wanted them to play. 

Why was the CIA created? 

Recently declassified evidence 
suggests U.S. Naval Intelligence 
had been fully aware of the 
Japanese plan to attack Pearl 
Harbor. FDR pushed the Japanese 
into attacking to overcome anti-war 
sentiment in the U.S. 

if true, the public rationale for 
creating the CIA in 1947 was false. 

Was the CIA created partly to deal 
with the UFO crisis? 

Congress was sold on the idea of the Central Intelligence Agency by claiming it was needed 
to prevent another Pearl Harbor surprise. But recent scholarship suggests that Pearl Harbor 
was not a surprise to the U.S. intelligence community which had been reading Japanese 


codes and knew the attack was coming. Nothing was done to stop the attack because the 
U.S. government needed to overcome public opposition to entering the war. If one accepts 
this, then the public rationale for creating the CIA was false. There must have been other 
reasons for the CJA’s creation, and perhaps the UFO crisis was one of them. Was the U.S. 
government fighting another war, one that it didn’t want the American people to know 
about? It is interesting to note that Col. Philip J. Corso claimed before he died that the U.S. 
government used the Cold War as a device for hiding its UFO-related activities. | think this 
makes a great deal of sense. 

The Media and the. Iraq invasion. 

> American news organizations 
unquestioningly embrace the 
official rationale for war 

> Reporters join U.S. 
military forces, sacrificing any 
possibility of impartial reporting 

> By 2004, almost half the 
public believed 9/11 was cause 
for attacking {rag 

> Oil almost never mentioned in= = 
connection with war.despite’many 9" 
White House ties to oil Industry 

But let’s get back to media history again. You may recall that, in the buildup to the U.S. 
invasion of Iraq, the U.S. news media were extremely cooperative. Journalists voluntarily 
jointed military units so that any independent reporting about the war was essenually 
impossible. In short, the media are now playing the same role they played in World Wars | 

and II. 

The CIA's covert i 
relationship nGoxe wih the Central intelgence 
with the (era cones Coens Up 
American news 

atctelteWel-eeclaiiciae | 2 fi CLA AND THE MEDIA 
a big story in — 
the late 1970s. 

The covert ties between the U.S. media and the intelligence establishment became exposed 

for a brief time in the late 1970s. Articles appeared in the Columbia Journalism Review and 

later in Rolling Stone. Eventually, even the New York Times and other big news companies 
admitted they had been covertly working with the CIA. 

“I didnt raise an 
eyebrow about 
cooperating [with the 
CIA]. back then: 

— Sig Mickelson; 
CBS:TV. News 

Sig Michelson, the late director of CBS TV news, is quoted in his obituary saying, “I didn’t 
raise an eyebrow about cooperating with the CIA.” 

“Evidence of:GlA/ wire service collusion 
during’a)snational security” crisis: 
me ane mee (MTUTENA TIONAL serie ee cn 

Pressed on Chechiry 

ane aes 

CIA. Sought to Plant News on Cuba in '61] 

Further details continue to leak out. In March of 2001, the New York Times reported that 
the CIA had a covert relationship with the UPI and AP wire services to place propaganda 
stories directly on the international news wires. I’ll come back to the wire services later in 

connection with UFO events. 

Top media 
often have ties 
to the national- 
security state, 
either as 

or intelligence 

Although some people claim the media-government relationship ended in the 1970s, there 
are many reasons to doubt this. One is the media’s behavior prior to, and during the U.S. 
conquest of Iraq. Another is evidence that many top media executives spent their careers 
working in U.S. government propaganda operation. For example, Robert Coonrod, past 
president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, was a career propagandist before 
coming to CPB. 

National Public 

managed by 
Kevin Klose, a 
career U.S. 


Likewise, Kevin Klose, president and CEO of National Public Radio, also worked in U.S. 
government propaganda operations before taking the reins at NPR. Do leopards change 
their spots? 

Big media work for the 
government but the government 
also helps big media grow: 

sd Cy Number of corporations that control 
neerly all U.S. media: 
. tw nas 

Big media companies help the U.S. government manage public opinion and the government 
likewise helps big media companies grow larger and more capable of controlling the news. 
The propaganda machine thus grows ever stronger. 

2. HOw. is news censorship 

We’ve seen how the big media companies joined forces with big government. Now let’s take 
a closer look at how news censorship actually works. 

Theory of Deception: 
A two-step process 

Censorship: Closes off access to real-world events. 

“Witholt some form of censorship, propaganda In the strict sense of 
the word ts impossible; fet Sl there must 
beione, becren between the bic'and the event’ Access to the 
feal environment. must be tlmibec before’anyone can create a 
pseudo-environment that he thinks is wee or desirable ~ 

—Waler Lippmann 

IL. Propaganda: Inserts a carefully manufactured reality In place of 
actual events: 

Propaganda ts the: Groeten arm ofthe invisible 
rd Saas 

It is important to remember that fooling people using the media is a two-step process, of 
which censorship is just the first stage. Once people have been kept from learning what is 
actually happening, they can then be misdirected using propaganda. 

Common Methods of News 

Censorship at source (military censorship) 

Discreet contacts with publishers and media owners 
Recruitment of influential journalists 

Monitoring & interception of important news reports 
Lifetime secrecy agreements 

Surveillance of organizations and individuals 

Theft and confiscation of evidence 

Character assassination 

Threats (against individuals and organizations) 

Incarceration of dangerous or uncooperative individuals 
Physical assassination 



vie UY. 

If you study the history of censorship, you find out that there are many ways of controlling 
information. Here is a list of some of the more common censorship techniques. In my book, 
1 give examples of these techniques applied to managing news about UFOs. 

Censorship at source (military censorship) 

Discreet contacts with publishers and media owners 
Recruitment of influenual journalists 

Monitoring & interception of important news reports 
Lifetime secrecy agreements 

Surveillance of organizations and individuals 

Theft and confiscation of evidence 

Character assassination 

Threats (against individuals and organizations) 

Incarceration of dangerous or uncooperative individuals 
Physical assassination 

VV VY YW YY Vovey: 

U.S. Censorship in World War i 

1835; Naval Intelligence given task of censoring International cable, 
tadio and overseas telephone circuits; military Intelligence assigned 
censorship of overseas mail and telegraph lines 

Dec. 1840; Navy Secretary Frank Knox asks media to hold all ' 
unauthorized Navy news 

Dec. 7, 1841: News from Pearl Harbor censored to minimize shock 
to the public 

Dec. 1841: Byron Price, executive editor of Associate Press, sworn 
in a3 Director of Censorship (mall, cable, wireless, radio-telephone, 

(Price hires other leading ‘media executives to manage the massive 
enterprise, Including John H. Sorrels, executive editor of Scripps’ 5” 
Howard news agency, owner cf United Press imermational) tia 

Censorship planning for World War II actually began in 1935, some six years before Pear! 
Harbor. Note that Naval Intelligence was given a big role. Not incidentally, it has long been 
rumored that Naval Intelligence has played a big role in the UFO cover-up. Navy Secretary 
Frank Knox asked the American media to begin censoring all Navy news in December of 
1940. Did he know something was coming? After the Pearl Harbor attack, news reports 
were censored to minimize the shock to the American public. Within two days, Byron Price, 
executive editor of the Associated Press wire service, was sworn in as Director of 
Censorship. He later hired John Sorrels, executive editor of Scripps Howard and owner of 
the Associated Press wire service. Note the great importance placed on controlling the wire 
services. This helps us understand why so few major UFO stories ever make it onto the 
news wires. I’ll give some examples of this shortly. 



UFOs subject to wartime. censorship: 

Dec. 25,1944 Newsweek (pp. 22- 
23) reported that pilot sightings of 
anomalous silver-colored spheres 
(a.k.a. “foo fighters”) were being 
“heavily censored” by Supreme 
Allied Headquarters. 

I think it is very likely that a great deal of UFO activity was taking place during World War II 
but has been hidden from the public via military censorship. If any UFO crashes took place 
during that period, we can be certain the public would not have been told. Here ts a clip 
from Newsweek magazine for Christmas week, 1944. It says that reports by pilots of silver- 
colored spheres were being “heavily censored” by Supreme Allied Headquarters. (The photo 
was not published in Newsweek and comes from another source.) 

/Post World War Il Censorship 

» 1946: Atomic Energy Act 
ushers in‘era’of. “instant 
classification” of new’scientific 
1947: Controversial National 
Security Act'creates CIA 
1949: UKUSA Treaty creates 
global intelligence network 
1951: Invention Secrecy Act 
allows goverment to seize 
new inventions on “national 
security” grounds (DoD, DoE: 

Censorship expands to many. 
other areas of science 
1953: CIA's Robertson Panel 
orders debunking of UFOs 
Classification of government 
documents \begins ta 
mushroom outiof-control 

Whatever was happening with UFOs during the war, the post-war environment was not 
much more open. An array of oppressive new laws made certain much scientific and 
technical information was kept from public view. And, of course, the newly created CIA did 
not waste time getting involved in the UFO situation via the Robertson Panel. 


Six-months afterthe 
Robertson Panel/met: 

On June'12, 1953, Lt 
Robert Olsson, ‘an Air: 
Technical Intelligence 
Representative, told 
APRO's Coral Lorenzen: 

“We're going to\try to 7 
keep [UFO] reports outiof, 
the newspapers = cus 

Not long after the Robertson Panel made its recommendations to debunk UFOs, lower 
ranking intelligence officers knew the plan was to eliminate UFO stories from the news 
media. Corel Lorenzen reported in one of her books that she had been told on June 12, 1953 

that the U.S. government was going to try to keep UFO reports out of the newspapers. 

Censoring airline 
pilot reports 

A major public- 
relations ‘crisis: 
airline pilots 
reporting UFOs to 
newspapers |! 

In 1954, pilots 
were reporting 5- 
10:UFOs:per night! 

It was easy to understand why the government was so concerned about censoring UFO 
reports. It had become a major public-relations problem due to the high volume of reports 
from airline pilots — 5 to 10 UFO reports a night during 1954! 

One solution: 
JANAP 146 

eliminated further 

reporting of pilot 
sightings by 
making such 
reports Classified 

The government made UFO reports a security matter using JANAP-146. 

+) 12 

UFOs were 
added to the list 
of intelligence 
data pilots were 
required to 

Once reported, 
UFOs could not 
_ beidiscussed ~ 

UFOs were added to a list of phenomena pilots were required to report to intelligence. Once 
this was done, they were forbidden to talk to the media about it under the Espionage Laws. 

Airline’pilots — 
_ protested /Air,Force me 
'censorship in 1958 — ie 
~ but'withilittle effect 

jloday, airline 

» companies strongly 
discourage ‘thejr, pilots 
from discussing’ UFO 
sightings with:the 

) news media: Hence, 
pilot reports are now 
rare. even though 

they continue: 

Pilots protested Air Force censorship but ultimately lost the battle for their civil liberties. 
UFO censorship prevailed and remains in place. 

Wire Service Censorship: 

> Roswell case: “Do not transmit!” 

>» Denver AP Bureau “test” by reporter 
R. Roger Harkins during University of 

Colorado “study” 

» Many examples of vanishing UFO 
news reports from the U.S., Mexico, 
France, Brazil, and elsewhere 

» Contrary example: “Internet effect’ 


Here are some examples of UFO-related wire-service censorship. Many of you are probably 
aware of a claim by Lydia Sleppy that she was ordered to cease filing a story about the 
Roswell crash. This is completely credible based on what | have explained about the wire 
services’ historical censorship role. During the University of Colorado UFO study, a local 
reporter, R. Roger Harkins came to suspect C1A involvement in stage managing the 
investigation. After being requested to file a story about the study by the local AP bureau, he 
wrote one purposely linking the CIA to UFOs. As he expected, the story never made it onto 
the wires. And, of course, there are countless examples of major UFO stories that somehow 
vanished before making any news outside the region where they were first reported. A 
contrary example is how some UFO stories escape over the Internet while remaining 
invisible in the corporate media. 

3. How does propaganda 
work to. hide important 
events and reduce publi 
eel : 

Okay, we’ve covered censorship so let’s look at the other half of the media deception coin: 
propaganda. This is a lot like the Wizard of Oz. The main task is to create a totally fictional 

picture of what is takin 



Common Methods of Propaganda: 

Cover stories 

Damage or “spin” control 

Bogus investigations, documents, and reports 
Recruitment of influential people as spokespersons 

Use of group leaders to influence lower-ranking 

Front organizations 

Targeting of selected influential groups 
Psychological manipulation 

Rumors and misleading information (disinformation) 
Use of deep-cover agents to spread propaganda 
Films and TV programs produced under contract 
Books:and articles written under contract 

Just as Dorothy’s little dog Toto pulled aside the curtain to reveal how the Wizard of Oz 
created his illusions, we can pull back the curtain of history to see how propaganda creates 
modern media illusions. This is the bag of tricks that are typically used: 



I’ve already mentioned the CLA’s Robertson Panel and how it ordered UFOs to be 
debunked using a variety of propaganda methods. It is completely predictable that the CIA 

Cover stories 

Damage or “spin” control 

Bogus investigations, documents, and reports 
Recruitment of influential people as spokespersons 
Use of group leaders to influence lower-ranking members 
Front organizations 

Targeting of selected influenual groups 
Psychological manipulation 

Rumors and misleading information (disinformation) 
Use of deep-cover agents to spread propaganda 
Films and TV programs produced under contract 
Books and articles written under contract 

January 14-18, 1953: 

CIA's “Robertson Pane? 
meets and’almost 
immediately recommends 
aicovert mass'media 
program of “training and 

“The. ‘debunking’ aim would result in reduction in. public 
interestin.flying saucers’ which today evokes a strong 
psychological reaction: This education could be 
accomplished by mass media. such as television, 
motion pictures, and popular articles.” 


CIA January 14-18, 953 

would be involved with UFOs because it had all the best tools for deceiving the public about 
what was actually taking place. 


Dr. H:P. Robertson at/Panceton on the 
Einstein's) 70th birthday. 

Not many people know who Robertson was. He wasn’t some low-level public-relauons 
lackey. In fact, he was one of the nation’s top theoretical physicists and a high-level scientific 
intelligence officer during World War II. This gives some indication of how important the 
UFO problem really was. 

Dr. R.V. Jones, one of Britain’s leading experts 
on scientific intelligence and deception planning, 
played a behind-the-scenes role in both the 
Robertson Panel and the Condon.Commission. 

(Janes had become a-close friend of Dr. H.-P; 
Robertson during World War.) 

During World War 1], Robertson had become close friends with Dr. R.V. Jones, one of 
Britain’s leading scientific intelligence officers and an expert in the uses of deception. There 
is evidence that Dr. Jones played a behind-the-scenes role in both the Robertson Panel and 
the Condon Commission, two investigations whose conclusions appeared to have been pre- 


Personal letter from 
Thornton Page:to Fred 
Durant confirming CIA's 
role\in 1966:CBS 
UFOs, narrated by. Walter. 

Thirteen years after the 

Robertson Panel met, it 
was'still covertly 
treatmentiof, UFOs. 

How many/other cases 
rave gone undetected? 

We can say for certain that the Robertson Panel’s recommendations were carried out 
because of this very interesting letter discovered by Michael Swords in the Smithsonian 
archives. In this hand-written letter, Robertson Panel member Dr. Thornton Page relates 
how he helped organized the CBS television show about UFOs around the Robertson 
Panel’s conclusions. Now you should be able to see some of the puzzle pieces coming 
together into a coherent picture. The official (but false) story about UFOs, as presented via 
the always cooperative American news media, was being crafted by the CIA and other 
government agencies to fool people. 

Evidence for New York. Times / Robertson 
Panel cooperation: 

1). CIA wanted to suppress UFO news coverage 

2) Suppressing UFO-related news would require cooperation 
of major news services (UPI, AP, NYT, etc.) 

3) NYT publisher Arthur. Sulzberger’s policy was “to help the 
CIA whenever possible” 

4) NYT content analysis shows increasing anti-UFO reporting 

bias (Berry.College study) 

5) Chronic institutional amnesia (apparent inability of editors 
and reporters to recall basic historical facts, even from the 
NYT itself) 

6) Both CBS and iobal Gry i orc Hynek's bogus swamp-gas 

explanation (Michigan) w regional press scoffed 

7) Unwillingness to check UFO-related facts 

8) Unwillingness to correct UFO-related reporting errors 
9) Willingness to: report false CIA claims about UFOs 

10) Documented history:of cooperation with CIA for “national 
security” reasons 

Was CBS the only player in this covert game? I don’t think so. Although we don’t have the 

kind of smoking gun evidence that Thornton Page left behind, there are many circumstantial 

reasons to suspect that the New York Times had also playing a propaganda role regarding 

>» 1) CIA wanted to suppress UFO news coverage 

> 2) Suppressing UFO-related news would require cooperation of major news services 

(UPI, AP, NYT, etc.) 

3) NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger's policy was “to help the CIA whenever 





4) NYT content analysis shows increasing ani-UFO reporting bias (Berry College 

5) Chronic institutional amnesia (apparent inability of editors and reporters to recall 
basic historical facts, even from the NYT itself) 

6) Both CBS and NYT supported Hynek's bogus swamp-gas explanation (Michigan) 
while regional press scoffed 

7) Unwillingness to check UFO-related facts 

8) Unwillingness to correct UFO-related reporting errors 

9) Willingness to report false CIA claims about UFOs 

10) Documented history of cooperation with CIA for “national security” reasons 




Eisenhower attempts ~ jiemeemeeemeens 
, “* President Discounts 
to reassure American 

sc. ‘Saucer’ From Space 

public that flying vee! ere cog 
saucers were not © ‘. 
invading the earth 

from outer space: 

(New York Times; 
Dec. 16, 1954, front page) » 

yas | Costizeng ane 28, Colama > 

Ale EE ST 
Here’s an interesting 1954 clip from the front page of the NYT in which President 
Eisenhower says he’s been assured by the Air Force that we’re not being invaded by flying 
saucers from outer space. (Wording suggests plausible deniability?) 

Roswell Disinformation 

Se rs Tereeat ats 
‘Dish’ Neer Bornb Test Site 
Is Just « Weather Belloon’ 

Many of you are familiar with the various disinformation attempts by the U.S. government 
to hide whatever took place in New Mexico. 

More crash-related disinformation? 

1” (Properties clades he oe Vip 
PB grater dear ag ore 
New. Pare 2, Col. 4), 

In a previous talk, Ryan Wood presented some news clips containing what certainly 
appeared to be disinformation designed to confuse investigators about other possible UFO 

crashes. Specifically, names and other key details had been changed. This is probably more 
commonly used than many people think. 

In the'1960s and 1970s, 

major UFO stories 

Settee teed oo] UFOs Spotted’ at a aes 
nd‘sometimes n 

the: National Enquirer. And Missile Sites 

Mysterman CEOs New cear o¢ hovered ever (tT * 
cuctcar bead sorete arta of two Siraterit Ast prs un 



Two more years elapsed 


before UFO / nuclear site 
visits were reported by 
national media: (Four 
years for the news to 
travel from Montana to 
New York) 



I’d like to talk about another interesting method used to limit public curiosity about UFOs. 
In the 1960s and 1970s, about the only national newspaper to cover UFO news was the 
National Enquirer. Here’s a story about UFO activity over Minuteman missile silos and 
other military installations. Now, an educated person seeing this story might just laugh and 
go on with his business, thinking it was just made up to entertain the Enquirer’s low-brow 
readership. But, in reality, these events did take place and were completely ignored by the 

mainstream media at the time. I think the Enquirer has been used as a psychological warfare 
tool to hide the full scope of UFO activity. 


Chronology of the/National Enquirer: 

WWII: The influential deletes dp newspaper], = 
Progresso comes to the attention of.U/S intelligence fan © 
its suppor of Mussolinl/)(Publisher.Gene Pope)Srvis 
influential East-coast power, broker:) ; 

WWII: Office of Strategic Services (OSS) agents 
editorial staff of / Progresso to monitor;its}policles! 
1946: Publisher's son, Gene Po : 

MIT iat age ''‘engineering.”. 

> 4950: Death of Pope Sr. eparks family: 
control of i// Progresso) teens ; 

To see why, let’s review the history of the National Enquirer and its publisher, Gene Pope 








WWII: The influenual Italian-language newspaper // Progresso comes to the attention 
of U.S. Intelligence for its support of Mussolini. (Publisher Gene Pope Sr. is an 
influentia] East-coast power broker.) 

WWII: Office of Strategic Services (OSS) agents infiltrate editorial staff of I/ Progresso 
to monitor its policies. 

1946: Publisher's son, Gene Pope Jr., graduates from MIT at age 19 in engineering. 
1950: Death of Pope Sr. sparks family struggle for control of I/ Progresso. 

1951: Ousted Gene Pope Jr. joins “CIA's psychological warfare unit.” 

Chronology of the National Enquirer. 

1952: Gene Pope, now 25, leaves CIA pe parente New 
York Inquirer (later renamed National Enquirer) from Hearst 
empire for $75,000 using an “interest-free loan” for $20,000 
as down payment. Source of funding is unknown bul has 

been atiributed to mobster Frank Costello. fee denied this;) 
Costello worked for the OSS during WWII. Total funds‘needed 
to make newspaper profitable equal $250,000 ($1.6 million in 
2003 dollars). 

One of the Enquirer's first employees is Bill Bates, a former 
OSS officer. 

1950s: CIA spending lavishly on its expanding covert:network © 
of “media assets.” 

1953: CIA's Robertson Pane! calls for mass media program of 
training and debunking to discredit UFO reports; 

1952: Gene Pope, now 25, leaves CIA and purchases New York Inquirer (later 
renamed National Enquirer) from Hearst empire for $75,000 using an “interest-free 
loan” for $20,000 as down payment. Source of funding is unknown but has been 
attributed to mobster Frank Costello. (Pope denied this.) Costello worked for the 
OSS during WWII. Total funds needed to make newspaper profitable equal $250,000 
($1.6 million in 2003 dollars). 

One of the Enquirer's first employees is Bill Bates, a former OSS officer. 

1950s: CIA spending lavishly on its expanding covert network of “media assets.” 
1953: CIA's Robertson Panel calls for mass media program of training and 
debunking to discredit UFO reports. 

Chronology of the National Enquirer. 

> 1960s—\1970s; National Enquirer establishes a reputation for 
sensational UFO-related news coverage. Makes UFOs a 
faughingstock (although coverage ts often factual) and sets the pattern 
for, other tabloid coverage to\come! 

1970s: Melvin Laird, Nixon's Secretary of Defense, helps Pope get 
Enguirer.into Winn-Dide ‘grocery store chain. Pope’ comments to. 
Forbes reporter:-“It's' politics; one hand washes the other.~ 

1988: Gene'Pope, now. one of America's wealthiest men, dies, Former 
Defense)Secretary Laird gives eulogy: at/Pope's funeral, 

* 1960s — 1970s: National Enquirer establishes a reputation for sensational UFO-related 
news coverage. Makes UFOs a laughingstock (although coverage is often factual) and 
sets the pattern for other tabloid coverage to come. 

* 1970s: Melvin Laird, Nixon's Secretary of Defense, helps Pope get Enguirer into 
Winn-Dixie grocery store chain. Pope comments to Forbes reporter: “It's politics; one 
hand washes the other.” 

» 1988: Gene Pope, now one of America's wealthiest men, dies. Former Defense 
Secretary Laird gives eulogy at Pope's funeral. 

Evidence of CIA/ wire service collusion 
during a “national security” crisis: 

THe nei vowm Teves INTERNATIONAL S42 "094 Wace 

| Pressed on Chechnys 

> BANAT Bete ar 

Ape eee 
Or a Reon rd rey meeting, 
S Pem paved dome oe 

ok ot Ce 
Vea ae nd at ae ome 

] already talked about the role of the wire services in censoring news. But I want to stress 
that they also play an important role in distributing propaganda. 


Propaganda Theory: 

Robertson Panel 

CIA Media Assets 
(Wisner's Wurlitzer) 

4 Wire Services |) 

Let’s step back now and look at the big picture. All the news organizations in this chart have 
documented tes to the intelligence community. The ones in yellow, 1 have argued, have 
played a clear role in deceptively shaping public opinion about UFOs. I could probably make 
a similar argument for the others. 

Commando Solo: When all else | 
fails, override the medial ~ 

Here’s another, more high-tech way of deceiving people. This shows the Commando Solo 
psychological warfare aircraft. It reportedly has the ability to override local broadcasts and 
insert false broadcasts on top, with no one being the wiser. You can probably imagine how 
useful something like this might be following a UFO crash in which some details were 
leaking out over local broadcast stations! 


How to Hide a UFO Crash: 

Detect the UFO‘crash first'via global 
intelligence resources (radar networks, 
Echelon;-satellite surveillance, etc). 

Impose media censorship via standard 

methods previously described. 

, ‘Create “pseudo-environment” using 
*standard'propaganda resources. 
Mopjup,any loose'ends:and continue to 
Teinforce official denials and deceptions: 

~~ o 

Let’s consider what we have learned and how it could be used to manage news about a UFO 
crash. You could break the process down into four major steps: 
1. Detect the UFO crash first via global intelligence resources (radar networks, 
Echelon, satellite surveillance, etc). 
2. Impose media censorship via standard methods previously described. 
3. Create “pseudo-environment” using standard propaganda resources. 
4. Mop up any loose ends and continue to reinforce official denials and deceptions. 

] think you can now understand why such events could easily be hidden from the public. 

Assuming UFOs crashed 
at random, 
where would they. land? 

The world is sull a big place and, if UFOs crashed at random, they most likely would land in 
a remote area. Before news of such an event reached a mass audience, there would likely be 
ample time to intercept it. 


Maybe crashes are not random; 

“UFOs were seen more 
frequently around) * 
areas ‘vital to the 
defense of the'United 
aoe The Los : 

area, Oak'Ridgeand Cinna 
White'Sands Proving 
Ground rated high..Port 
areas, Strategic’Air 
Command bases; and? 
industrial areas Sanked = 

Of course, it may be that UFOs don’t crash at random. They may crash (or be shot down) 
close to where they congregate. In this case, it is slighdy more challenging but sull 
manageable. The likelihood that local news media hear about the event is probably greater. 

News: about extiaordinaty © 
canbe SAEMNS 

Even so, we know from history that extraordinary events that should have attracted 
attention are surprisingly easy to hide from the media and public. When the first atomic 
bomb was set off at the Trinity Site in New Mexico, it was pawned off on the press as an 
ammunition dump explosion that caused no loss of life — a completely effective cover story! 


Gan a'small group of. 
people successfully 
“conspire to foolithe 
entire: world? 

A meeting 'of the 

London Controlling 
Section (photo from 
Anthony Cave 

“Brown's Bodyguard. 
cof Lies) 1 

Some people are skepucal that such an important topic could be kept under wraps by a small 
group. They should know that this has been done before! The London Controlling Section 
consisted of a small group of very powerful aristocrats and military officials who pulled the 
wool over German intelligence during World War I. So the methods of deception have 
been tried and tested, and no doubt further perfected over the decades. 

4. Potential ways to 
circumvent UFO-related 
media deceptions. 

Is there any way to see through such well-planned and financed deceptions? It is not easy 
but what we have learned provides some tips and general observations. 


Anyone, given enough effort, can 
be fooled! Balance ‘skepticism and 
cynicism with an open. mind, 

First, always remember that anyone, no matter how streetwise and clever, can be fooled, 
given enough effort. Never let your ego cloud your vision. Balance skepticism and cynicism 
with an open mind. 

compromised than national median 
The evidence small- fown media. 

Recent UFO sightings 
become real mystery 

Another lesson is that regional media are less compromised than national media. They are 
more likely to provide clues about any possible UFO crashes. 

A UFO event reported by a 
questionable media source might 
have some basis in fact! 


Third, a UFO event reported by a seemingly questionable source may have some basis in 


Dont let authorities make you 
feel crazy for believing in 
_ impossible” things. 

It takes courage and strength to question the media-created pseudo-environment. Don’t let 
your instinctual desire for intellectual conformity be used against you. 

The Internet is a useful research 
tool but it is not immune to 
~censorshipyand propaganda. 

The Internet is useful but government and corporations are learning how to use it to censor 
and spin information. Be cautious. 

Follow the international media. 

Causa ‘bruja’ desmayo 
a policia de Guadalupe 



Follow the international media. They report many important stories that the U.S. media 
seldom tell us about. 1 know this because | live ] Canada. In some respects, the Canadian 
media are less controlled than the U.S. media. 

secrecy is Only one part of a 
larger problem, 

Finally, I sincerely think that UFO researchers need to work with other anti-secrecy 
organizations. UFO secrecy is just one part of a much larger problem in our society. We 
have potential allies in this fight and should seek them out and forge alliances. 

5. A few thoughts about 
“national security.” 

I would like to say a few things about this slippery notion of “National Security” that has 
come to dominate our lives and society, particularly under the Bush regime. 


‘In times of clear-and present danger, the courts 
shave quled. thateven the privileged rights ofthe 
rendment must yield to the public’ S: meer 

Over the years, many American have come to accept the idea, expressed here by President 
John F. Kennedy, that national security is always more important than our First Amendment 
rights. Americans need to be more skeptical of this notion. 

_ Who defines ‘national security’? 
> Transnational corporations 

> Oilicompanies 
> Wall Street firms and banking industries 

> The: military-industrial complex 

> The extremely wealthy 

> Organized criminal groups 

> The. intelligence community 

> Foreign countries (Britain, Israel) ~ 

The reason is that we don’t always know who defines national security. Those making this 
decision don’t always have the welfare of the American public in mind. 

Blind Faith is Dangerous 

Historically, those with the power to define 
“national security” have often done so to 
advance narrow commercial interests. 

Allen. Dulles, First CIA Director 


As author Tim Weiner explained in his recent book about the CIA, Legagy of Ashes, faith in 
the wisdom of the national security establishment has proven disastrous for America. 
Historically, those with the power to define “national security” have often done so to 
advance narrow commercial interests, not the wider interests of the public. 

Which is the greater threat?” 

> “Terrorists” who kill, perhaps va few) . 
Americans each year? ea 

> U.S. govemment secrecy which 
facilitated the loss of'trillions'of 
dollars, undermined oureconomy. 

We are now being told that we must give up our liberties for protection against terrorists. 
But which threat is more serious: 
» “Terrorists” who kill, perhaps, a few Americans each year? 
» US. government secrecy which has facilitated the loss of trillions of dollars, 
undermined our economy and democracy, and prevented us from knowing our true 

UFO Threats to ‘National Security’: 

> Physical 

1) Invasion (Marshall Chadwell memo; Edward Rupelt’s book, 
Eisenhower comments; Roswell?) 

2) Threats to safe air navigation 
3) Surveillance / interference with military facilities 

4) Psychological warfare / confusion of defense systems 

> Social 

1) Mass panic (Hadley Cantril & War of the Worlds) 
2) Culture shock (Carl Jung, 1960 Brookings report) 
3) Technology-transfer issues (economic & military status .quo) 

4) Legal fallout from the cover- 1B (Constitutional crisis; collapse of 
government, privatization of UFO technology) 

I have grouped perceived UFO threat to national security under two broad categories: 
physical and social. Over time, I have come to think that those who are keeping UFO secrets 
are doing it less to protect us than to advance their own commercial interests. In short, most 
of the secrecy may boil down to a few well-place people hoping to protect the economic 
status quo or make vast amounts of money — in short, corruption. 


‘Galactic Security’ Threats 
from the Human race: 

An ideology. of conquest and 

Aniappetite for extreme ~ 
violence;(55 million killed!in 
WW Il'alone) 

> A willingness to\destroy their. 
own biosphere and ‘climate 
Emerging space travel 

> Starting tojharness’ nuclear. 

Let’s look at the problem of security from a point of view outside our own society. Consider 
how the human race might appear to a more peaceful and advanced civilization that has 
already colonized this part of our galaxy. Here are some of the characteristics we humans 
have exhibited: 

An ideology of conquest and exploitation 

An appette for extreme violence (55 million killed in WW II alone) 

A willingness to destroy the biosphere and climate 

Emerging space travel capability 

Starting to harness nuclear and other cosmic energies for weapons applications 
> An exponenually exploding population 

Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? 


Possible Responses: 

> Immediate quarantine of their home planet 
(i.e., no further deep space travel allowed) 

> Monitoring and interference with nuclear 
and other major weapons programs 

>» Comprehensive program of behavior 
modification employing cultural and 
genetic reprogramming 

How might a more advanced civilization respond to the human threat? 

>» Immediate quarantine of their home planet (i-e., no further deep space travel 

Monitoring and interference with nuclear and other major weapons programs 
Comprehensive program of behavior modification employing cultural and genetic 



6. Prospects for achieving ae 
more open, accountable 
federal GovernMe His 

] would like to wrap up my talk by reflecting on the prospects of achieving a more open, 
accountable federal government. This is essential if we are ever to discover what our 
government knows about crashed UFOs. 

Two avenues of Opportn 

> New. media ‘eennolonee (niemet To 
etc.) © 

> Some event that triggers public outrage. a 
and sparks action for fundamental reform) 

On the whole, | would haves to say that the picture is not very promising at the moment. 
However, I see two avenues where change might be advanced. One is in the area of 
technology: the Internet and World Wide Web have temporarily broken the spell cast upon 
us by the corporate media. The other possibility is that some catalyzing political event will 

spark a popular uprising against government suppression and, along the way, facilitate 
greater transparency. 

New Media Opportunities: 

> Avenues to challenge the official story 

> Outlets for independent journalism (The 
Majestic Documents, Linda Howe's 
Earthfiles, etc.) 

+» Google News searches, etc. 
» Anonymous networking technology (Tor) 

> Direct Broadcasting: YouTube, Google 
video, etc. 

> Easier access to international media 


Here are some of the opportunities presented by new media: 


Avenues to challenge the official story 

Outlets for independent journalism (The Majestic Documents, Linda Howe’s 
Earthfiles, etc.) 

Google News searches, etc. 

Anonymous networking technology (Tor) 

Direct Broadcasting: YouTube, Google video, etc. 

Easier access to international media 

_ New Media Pitfalls: 

> Fragmentation of the mass audience ~ 
+ Easier government surveillance 
> Fighinoise level: lower quality standards 
‘Preferred service’ initiatives (Support ‘network 
"Greater Internet control by the Pentagon 
Government-sponsored disinformation, 
(Wikipedia) ere 
ominvestigative journalism" 

But here are some things to watch out for: 


l'ragmentation of the mass audience 

Easier government surveillance 

High noise level, lower quality standards 

‘Preferred service’ initiatives (Support ‘network neutrality!’) 
Greater Internet control by the Pentagon 
Government-sponsored disinformation (Wikipedia) 

Less funding for investigative journalism 

September 11, 2001: 
“The New Pearl Harbor’ 


You all know about this event. 

Polis Show A Skeptical Pub 

> Zogby International 'Poll)Aug,/30/:20047 Halt 
Yorkers'believe\U:S: leadersshad/foreknowledge 
impending 9-114 attacks‘and‘<consciously, failed? 
act; 66%'call for. new probe 7 | aye : 

> CNN Poll, Sept. 14, 2006: 44 percent 
blamed the Bush‘administrationja 

But you may not know how many Americans don’t accept the official story about what 

happened that day: 

*» Zogby International Poll, Aug. 30, 2004: Half of New Yorkers believe U.S. leaders 
had foreknowledge of impending 9-11 attacks and “consciously failed” to act; 66% 
call for new probe 

> CNN Poll, Sept. 11, 2006: 41 percent of respondents blamed the Bush 
administration a "great deal" or a "moderate amount" for the attacks 

> NYT/CBS Poll, Oct. 14, 2006: 84 percent reject official 9/11 story 

This, by itself is a hugely important story and one the American news media almost 
universally refuse to mention, because the implications are explosive. If the full story ever 
comes out, the U.S. government may face the righteous wrath of the American public. If 
channeled in the right way, this could lead to a more transparent government. 

Remember: People, when 
motivated, have the power 
to force real change. 

Although our country is growing more repressive, people, when motivated, have the power 
to force real change. Let’s not forget it. 


“The risks of no secrecy are the.nsks of 
democracy. * 

— Daniel/Ellsburg 


I like to close with this thought from someone who bravely decided that Americans needed 
to know the truth about the Vietnam War: 
“The risks of no secrecy are the risks of democracy.” 

— Daniel Ellsburg 


The Encylopedia of Flying Suacers by Vernon Bowen 

Dr. Robert M. Wood, PhD. 
Copyright © 2007 Robert M. Wood, PhD. 


Presented to the 
Fifth Annual Crash Retrieval 
November 10-11, 2007 
by Dr. Bob Wood 


= How to get to orbit in ten years? 

= 50 books later... 

« Amazing! They are clearly ET! 

= Let’s figure out how they work 

a The project...and Stan Friedman 

= The Special Operations Manual 1-01 
= Go see Tim Cooper...interesting? 

= And then came June 1999 


u Came in sealed 9 x 14 Jiffy mailer 
=u Received 6/6/99 by Tim Cooper 
= Return address Fort Meade 

= Sheets usually double-spaced, 


= How I became involved 

= The manuscript arrival 

= About author Vernon Bowen 

= What the book says 

= Markings on the returned book 
= Forensic testing and results 

= Some remarkable annotations 

= Who was “Ben”? 

= Editing the book — availability! 


Source Docs. Pages Class. 
= Jaime Shandera 2 8 

= Bill Moore i 

® Legionnaire via TC i 

= CIA archivist via TC 1 

= Cantwell via TC 6 

= Quillin via D. Berliner 1994 1 

= Tim Cooper/FOIA 1994 1 


= S-4 (mailed to TC) 
Totals 103 


Typed on an Avery /abel: 

Mr. Timothy S. Cooper 
PO Box 1206 

Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 

A stamp: 







. = Submitted to Blue 
Book in 1960 

= Bowen wrote 
children’s books 

= Three addresses 
are shown 

= Obvious red stamp 


= Vernon Bowen was an ad man, NYC 
= He went to public library often 

= Seemed like he had copied every 
article ever written in papers and 
magazines up until 1960 

= He was a good writer 
= He was “well-connected” 


= About 330 pages, some fragile 
= Clippings were falling off 

= Numbered upper right, green or 

= Text double-spaced, clippings sgl. 
= Red security markings added 

= Many annotations included 

= No cover letter 


= Vernon was active in a church 

= Secretary knew him, and son 

= One call and I was talking to him 

= Pat confirmed it was his dad 

= Knew the typewriter, had more 

= Had never seen manuscript 


= Arthur Jones, personal assistant to 
John D. Rockefeller 

= John Meuller, ret CEO RCA Comm. 

= George Romney, Pres. Am. Motors 

= W. Bay Irvine, Pres. Marietta Coll. 

= William Cleworth, Pres. Cleworth 

= Sam Ballard, Pres. Geyer, Morey, 
Maddern and Ballard 

= Vernon Myers, Publ. Look Magazine 



I. The Question 

II. The Start of It All 

III. The Heart of the Mystery 

IV. Charles Fort 

V. The Evidence of Legend 

VI. Similar Aerial Phenomena 

VII. The Sightings 

VIII. What Has Been Said about Flying Saucers 
IX. Visual Proof 

X. The Landings 

XI. Why Aren’t There More Landings? 
XII. The U.S. Air Force and Flying Saucers 
XIII. The Possibilities of Hoax 

XIV. The Other Side of the Coin 

XV. Conclusions 



a“...when I 
awoke, I was 
back in the 
lake and they 
were gone.” 

= “Yeah, right. 

Wan T Ane nee 
wr lad rE Ay vs 
F<) i eA 

Raymond the Lunatic and his far-tetched tale 
of nie abouction 

VII. The Sightings: newspaper 
reports from 1808 through 1954 
VIII. What Has Been Said about 
Flying Saucers: abstract of articles 
in magazines and books, ending in 

IX. Visual Proof: reference to dozens 
of photographs, including the note 
by “Ben” 



I. The Question: Introduces the 
controversy, offers 30 choices for 
what they might be. 

II. The Start of It All: June/July 
1947, varied shapes, numerous 
reports; Mantell’s death, NOT new. 

III. The Heart of the Mystery: starts 
in 222 B.C.; ships dropping stuff, 
taking people—see Fort next 


IV. Charles Fort: strange unknown 
craft, unknown lights, voices; cites 
the four classic books by him 

V. The Evidence of Legend: folk tales 
from Hawaii, Canadian Indians, 
Hindus, Greeks, Irish, Bible, giants 
in history, dwarfs 

VI. Similar Aerial Phenomena: will-o- 
the-wisp, Brown Mountain Lights, 
foo fighters, fireballs of southwest. 


X. The Landings: starts at 1909, confirms 
1947 cases in NM, 1950 Texas/ Mexican 
border, Brush Creek, brings out confirmed 
hoaxes too 

XI. Why Aren't There More Landings?: 
explores anti-matter speculation 

XII. The U.S. Air Force and Flying Saucers: 
not a criticism but...AF must investigate, 
need not tell all, relates many detailed 
reports, media problems, could be 
coverup of it’s own ignorance. 

“I assure you, madam, if any such creatures as 

you describe really existed, we would be the first 
to know about it!” 


BLONDIE &, Uean Yo 


Sar aboCTaD BY Sac 
$ RGROO™ Seer eS 


(At one time, CIA employees were 
controlling some of the stories in 
the National Inquirer) 










= “NOFORN DISSEM.” is a common caveat 
= “EYES ONLY” is also a common caveat 
= Declassification “ORADA” is unknown 

XIII. The Possibilities of Hoax: will 
to believe, hoaxer motives, science 
fiction, cults, anomalous qualities 

XIV. The Other Side of the Coin: 

looks at the Soviet capabilities, 
worries about the Cold War 

XV. Conclusions: What are they? “I 
think that they are ours — or will 


= Bowen had typed mum 

all flying saucer SS ee er 

= He pasted them in 
with glue, now old 

= In retyping, we 
have put all 

m= He was very 


= All pages were stamped with red ink 

= Title page was stamped TOP 

= Most pages stamped CONFIDENTIAL 

= TS pages started with the “US Air 
Force” Chapter 

= There were numerous pen notations 



caveat up to p. 

= Redaction was 
made in this case 
by Bowen 

= Good example of 
the inks that can 
be dated 

stamp, unique 


= Watermark is 
known, Vernon NY 

= Typewriter is 1939 

=“Burned” pages 
watermark is Eagle, 
shield, arrows 


> re 

= Ribbon type . 
consistent with era = 

Aten be Bk Be nemet hee poe 

=Pencils from 1950s —: 

Date oy ae 


Performed by Speckin Forensic 
Laboratories, Okemos MI 

= Inks: thin layer chromatography (TLC) 
= Pencils: chemical and microscopic 
= Watermark comparison: no match 
Performed by James Black 
= Typewriter was 1939 Underwood 
= Watermark was S.E.&M. Vernon, NY 


He nailed the watermark and the 

Some of the pages in the 334 page manuscript nave a watermark 
which says “Royal Writing" in script-style writing. Lockwood's 
Directory indicates this watermark was manufactured by the S. 
E. & MM. Vernon, Incorporated, paper company, whose address is 
listed as 65 Duane, New York 7, New York. Other pages have 
another watermark which is circular shaped but otherwise 
difficult to visualize, Stcill other pages have no watermark. 

Tho font of the typewriter which produced the 334 page document 
was identified as matching an Underwood Portable. The exemplar 
in my reference collection was typewritten on an Underwood 
Porteble typewriter manufactured in 1939. Identification of 
the typefont required a survey of several hundred typewriter 
exemplars. Excepting the Undervood Portable, none of the 
culled exemplars matched. 


= Ballpoint inks were either 1961 
or 1977 earliest 

Dr. Wood 
January 30, 200) 
Page 3 

The ball point inks were chemically analyzed as well as microscopically. The inks were 
Than compared to a standard reference library in order to determine a first date of 
commercial availability The writing on page 188 is consistent with ink manufactured by 
the Bic pen company for the first time in 1977. The ink an pages 189, 190, 288, and the 
cover also matches this same formulation first made in 1977 

recent (after 1962) :: 

plaaahe peas penta opaavenrenrp stereos) in 196). 

Lacon ailores The ink on pages 187, 221, 222, and 285 is consistent with ink that was first formulated 

gg See pete oe oes me eee seers it te 


= Ben’s note (p. 188) 

= “Submitted to Project Blue Book” (p. 

= “New Mexico 1947 cases” (p. 190) 
= Kilgallen comments (p. 288) 


=“I hope DM keeps his big mouth 
shut.” (p. 285) 


= Ball point 1961: certainly Bowen 
= Felt tip 1962: Early government 
"1977 ball point: 
—Remarks by Ben 
—New Mexico 1947 cases 
—Extensive underlining 


= “Fakes? Real? Make up your own 

= “Written in 1954. Maybe should 
never be used. If so, should be 
brought up to date.” 

= “As a semi-official recognition of the 
extraterrestrial theory, Captain E. J. 

a “,..have reportedly seen these...” 

(All of these written by Vernon Bowen) 


= “Blue Book Files” = post-1962 felt tip ink 
= “Written in 1954” = post-1961 ball point ink 


S ukrwcsSdo Trnttet Was Beak (IS 

Unclase prec Loud Gu ie-aDuatich 


= Ball point 1977 ink 


“WRITTEN IN 1954” 

= “Evaluated by Project Blue Book” redacted 
= “Today, it reads like ancient history” 

a Distinctive VB initials. Vernon Bowen copyright? 



= The SECRET report by Twining was 
dated September 23, 1947. 

= The TOP SECRET White Hot report 
was dated September 24, 1947 


= “And again, in her column 
Broadway Bulletin Award, Miss 
Kilgallen stated that “a Harvard 
professor is telling his classes 
that he can prove that there are 
people on other planets.” 

= One reviewer: "Highly dubious 
source of information” 

= Another: "What is DM doing?” 



s cf super inesat thet dg pach: ” c 
re CRE NA ce 

up the srentect etery singe Crrict, rite « 

US vielte in (lying seacers, Clicnte inte « 
conversations with Vermaians, Sarticn:, Yercurians, faturoiane 
and Interplsnetary fewrians. wy 4 Fores © 

= MOON DUST felt tip post-1962 ink 


“Ray Palmer, writing in the book on 
which he collaborated with Kenneth 
Arnold, said that the original prints of 
photographs published in 
newspapers are practically 
impossible to obtain. The 
newspapers have “forgotten” the 
addresses of the photographers who 
took them, 

It doesn’t make any difference.” 
“Wrong. 001 has prints.” 


“Such reasoning might lead to the 
making of another question: Are 
Major Keyhoe, Ray Palmer, Kenneth 
Arnold, George Adamski, Harold T. 
Wilkinson, Donald E. Menzel, Frank 
Scully —and all other writers on the 
subject of saucers — counter 
espionage agents for the 

Comment: "I hope DM keeps his big 
mouth shut” (in pencil) 

Pare sas TO MENZEL! 


(compare farmer Trent's photos with the photograph 
taken by Guiseppe Grasso...) 

“Good comparisons...Photos were analyzed at NPIC and 
show similar characteristics of those seen in N.M. 
Photos in White Hot folder not available as they are TS 
Restricted Data. AS-2 requires a letter of authority 
before removing. Must have Majestic review before 
visiting blue room facility. 

Suggest you call Nate for eoreemens to W.P. Would also 
recommend prior approval from Van before you make 
official inquiries. Wish I could of more help to you in 
your follow-up investigation. 

“P.S. I will be at ADC for awhile. Why don’t you visit and 
we'll show you around?” 


= Hired a transcription service 

= Retained paragraphing 

= Corrected a very few spelling errors 

= Included editorial corrections 

= Omitted security caveats 

= Did not require line for line 

= Proofread the final product 


= “Photos were 
analyzed at NPIC” 

a “White Hot”... are 
TS Restricted Data 

= “blue room facility” 

a “recommend prior 
approval from Van” 

= Cannot match Ben 
Chidlaw (d. 1977) 

= 1977 ball point ink 


= How I became involved 

= The manuscript arrival 

= About author Vernon Bowen 

= What the book says 

= Markings on the returned book 
= Forensic testing and results 

= Some remarkable annotations 

= Who was “Ben”? 

= Editing the book — availability! 

by A. Vernon Bowen 

Edited by Dr. Bob Wood and 
Ryan Wood 

Including a preface and an 
authentication appendix 
is available for $20 



After the Retrievals: 

The Covert Program to Replicate Alien Technology 
Richard M. Dolan 

Copyright 2007 Richard M. Dolan 

The Secrecy Iceberg = 

Y Riess m 10 Repiicate 
Aha) Technology =: 

Rictiged NiDolan ‘ 

f Public & Declassified Documents 

am 1952 CIA (Cr 
a UFOs not natural, 
= TS-SCI: Top Secret - Sensitive = TS-SCI: Li Pepe a Sensitive 
Compartmented information Compartment: 

. ed Information 
= SAP: Special Access Programs 

= USAP: Unacknowledged SAP 
“Waived USAP” 

= ACCM: Altemative or 
Compensatory Control Measures 

= Private Contractors & Chques 

a ‘Them 

What These Documents Tell Us 

= UFO phenomenon is real 

a Involves apparent technology. 
eee hee) = = Affects national security and many nations. 
lo aon D sen lee = Significant interest by military authorities. 

= Origins: unknown 
= Interceptions and military close encounters a 
constant feature. 

m= Likelihood of crash recovery (Moon Dust, etc.) 

What They Do Not Tell Us Exploring the Deeper Levels of Secrecy 

Do we make UFOs? @ “Secret dassification systems 

If so, where? within seerct elassificauon 

Why? systems.” 

Where is the program hidden? —James Bamford 

Who is in control? easeaves cxstarnees 

How expensive is it? BODY OF 

Where is the money coming from? SECRETS = 

How long do they plan to keep this secret? om SET UFOs: “the most highly classified subject in the United States 

Are aliens living among us? ra) government.” Wibert Smith, 1950 

Do aliens interact in some way with the human power structure? Mn’ Asigdeedierhatind iikibonsd step in thes 
investigation should be @ substantial effort towards the 
acquisition of as much as possible of this technology whch 

would without doubt be of grest value to us.“ Wilbert Smith, 


Formal Classification System Special, Access BSR (Ae) 


= Confidential ) < eRe 

= Secret 
m Top Secret 

= Top Secret Sensitive Compartmented isformalice cr SSC) 
clearance — information buried with TS material; Introduced > 

to stop higher ranking officers from snooping into TS files. 

SAPs as Private Property 

= SAPs typically dominated by private industry.“ 

= Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop, McDonnell Douglas, TR, 
Rockwell, Bechtel, SAIC, Decision-Science Appi cations - 
(DSA; Inc.), etc. 

» Virtually impossible to get information about these pecs, 
a= “Proprietary privilege.” 


“Ordinary” USAPs 

m= Reported to closed sessions in Congress, just like 

a Some info available to certain committees. 
= Congress is often ignored. 

. Estimated 150 3 of) 

be ‘read|in;¥specially/ 

Waived USAPs — Deep Black 

= SecDef can “waive” especially sensitive USAPS 
= Exempt from standard Congressional reporting. 
= Only oral briefing. : 

= Simply that the program exists — no details. 

a Usually to committee chair and ranking member, 
maybe “one or two” others. 

» Congress gets no information. 

Nasty USAPs 

= Not always related to high-tech. 
im Late 01\or- early 02; President’authorizes' Pentagon to.” 

create USAP. for clandestine special forces team to. kidnap * ~ 

“ orassassinate “high value’ Al Qaeda operatives ame 
in the world: 
‘a Set up secret interrogation centers iniallied countries; 
gis unconstrained by legal limits of public. disclosure. 
ur, Hersh, Chain of Command, 2004 > 

poccrecy. Out of Control 

“= 2005 - Chief of Naval Operations directs wholesale review 
~of.compartmentalization. ~~ 
= Internal Navy audit reveals excessive’ 
compartmentalization: 5° 
= Often to prevent oversight of “potentially controversial or 
» .even illegal activities.” 
= New regulation now mandates “appropriate oversight”. of 

ACCMs—oversight by the Navy, that is. 
Willan ML Arkin "More Compartmented Programs,” Washington Post, 1/13/05 

Trillions ... Vanish 

= Deputy Inspector General Robert Lieberman of the Pentagon 

in 2001 

= $4.4 trillion in “adjustments” to the Pentagon's books had to 

be cooked to compile the required financial statements 

= $1.1 trillion of that amount “could not be supported by reliable 


# In other words, “more than $1 trillion was simply gone and no 

one can be sure of when, where or to whom the money 

(Insight Magazine, Kelly Patricia O'Meara September 3, 2001) 


“Alternative or Compensatory Control Measures” 
= Easier fo establish and less formal than SAPs. 
= No special clearance required, no NDA. 
= No Congressional reporting. 
= Same security standards, “need to know’ remains key. 
= Hundreds established since 9/11. 

a Used in 2002 to restrict access to and knowledge of 
lraq'war planning. 

Trillion$ Missing 

1994 law requiring fedcral government to account in a 
; business-like way for its moncy. 
m 1998: $3.4 trillion - Washington Times 
= 1999: $2.3 trillion - Congressional hearings 
= 2000:.$1.1 trillion- Congressional hearings 
= 2001: $2.6 trillion - Congressional hearings 
# 2002: Over $1 trillion—San Francisco Chronicle 

Money Laundering 

m= Catherine Austin Fitts 

a Large banks and contractors diverting and 
laundering billions of dollars every day from public 
and undisclosed funds. 



Crash Retrievals: What to Do? 

= If you were President 

= Keep it pecretl ie pth 
w MJ-122 #. ahs 

Crash Retrievals - Going Private 

# Ifyou acquired such technology, you would HAVE to find 
a way to get it to private industry. ‘ 

s This would require some form of giving up “ownership” to 
corporations. 5 yh 

= Especially so when your own goverment is dominated © RON SOC Davate Be 
by the leaders of industry and finance. = From where? 

A er ha advisors by the Council on Foreign Relations 

= Helps with secrecy, too. 

What is “The Program” All About? 

I's about making UFOs 

Studying alien bodies; conducting biotech research. 

About developing a secrel space program. 

Using free money to conduct research and provide security 
Making money from acquired technology 

Hiding most of this from the U.S. military itself. 

Using the U.S. military to protect their “stuff.” 

Studying Technology and Bodies 

s Agreat deal of,testimony 
s Leonard Stringfield 
# Senator Barry Goldwater — 
' =) Dr.;Robert Sarbacher, 
= Dr: Eric Walker 
« Bob Lazar 
= Ben'Rich 
iu \Col. Philip'Corso) 
‘= Dr. Edgar, Mitchell) 

_Mitchell, 1997 

"= Back engineered technology in the hands of a select 
~~ ‘group of individuals, formerly govemment, 

intelligence, under private sector control,” 

im Perhaps originally with some sort of oversight by 

"+ military or. government. at ea 

= Technology. does not appear fo be in our military. 
"arsenals. ; 

= Inthe hands of a clandestine group. 

Anonymous private leaks 

= Senior government scientist: Confirmation of alien 
technology and “at least one body” at deep, deep levels 
of secrecy. 

= Senior business executive: interviewed 4-Star General 
(former JCS) in 1990s. Confirmed MJ-12 type group; 
generational conflict in leadership. 

Edgar Mitchell - 1997 

= “| also think that the prevalence in the modem era of 
so many events — the sightings, the continual 
mutilation events, the so-called abduction events — 
that we are looking at likely reverse engineered 
technology in the hands of humans that are not under 
govemment control or any type of high level control 

Disclosure Project Witnesses 

« Claim that certain waived USAPs act as cover for UFO-ET 
related projects, 

= (Some) black triangles have been developed in USAPs. 

w My guess: TR3-A. Black Manta. 

= Observed discs amiving and leaving Palmdale in the middle 
of night and a black disc being maintenanced. 

= [nan emergency situation,.a sensifive Deep Black Program 
could be revealed fo the public, while the program behind it 
remains undiscovered. 

Vice Admiral Thomas R. Wilson 

a Head of Intelligence (J-2) of JCS 
in 1997 

a Director of DIA, 1999-2002 
» Since 2002. has been a Senior 

VP with ATK: “An advanced 
weapon and space systems 

a Met with Steven Greer and Edgar 

Mitchell in 1997 about ET-related 


Lat. sy 
4 Vig, 

s Otar 
> ohio ator? 

4 . o 4 v 
- ss +) Deen hae . eth” he ee 
. és aa a We « Es ase y “( ty P 
te : v Mwy 

; ~ 5 : seen thee? Sons 
One question: what wou } Sos ie ae Se a 
used for? a ; he 

Antelope Valley - Makes Them 

Lockheed Martin Helendale Avionics Facility - claims of huge 
underground capacities. 
Northrop Grumman Advanced Systems Division. Tejon RCS 
Facility, The Anthill”. An electromagnetic research facility in the 
Tehachapi Mountains. “Classic” flying saucers have been seen 
hovering over this facility. (Ours or theirs?) 
~ McDonnell Douglas Phantom Works. Gray Butte RCS Facility. 
~ Most of the U.S. black budget aircraft projecis. 

tadise undersr tacos 

ie + ean’ 

“Absolutely, positively, they exist” The Nellis UFO — Nov. 1994 

James Goodall, journalist One Groom Lake source: 

for Jane's Defense, AWST, “Absolutely, positively, (UFOs) 

Interavia. exist.” P 
Many interviews through the Another source (1985-1986): : | , 
1980s and early 1990s. “We have things out there that ; 

At least 8 black programs are literally out of this world... 

flying out of Groom Lake, (Color a eatons 
including a silent triangle. higaben 

Better than Star Trek or Inside Nellis Test Range (leaked to Hard Copy) 
Zh. a 5 Ing you can see in the — 15 ft mph and 9-10 ft. thick. 
a ow speed of about 15-20 mph. 
asl . seal High speed of about 500 mph. 
Right angle turn at about 140 mph. 
Highly flexible — possibly shape shifting to some extent. 
Similar or same sightings elsewhere, esp. Central & South America. 


Secret Space Program — Why? 

= Secret transportation —\to Moon or Mars? 
_= Related toanomalies‘on Mars?) 
~ = Secret relations with ET? 

Jeff Challender 

a http: / [projectprove: com. : 
. Recorded’ many, ‘anomalies. 
- from’ NASA and elsewhere. 

; Dicd\October 4, 2007,» 

(C) 2005 Tht Challender 


Gary McKinnon 

Looking for proof of a UFO cover-up. 

Hacks various agencies for seven years, 
on and off. = 

names under the heading “Non-Terrestrial 

Finds Gst of ‘leet-to-fieet transfers’. and list 
rig toeie 3 Looks them up; not U.S. 

Cannot remember the names. 
Arrested In November 2002. ~ 
(Still) in danger of extradition to US. 
Faces U.S: imprisonment. 

STS-114, 8/6/05 

= Event captured by Jeff Challender 
= show object in space doing a U-turn. 

(C) 2005 Jeff Challender 



STS-116 - Dec. 18, 2006 

® Actual motion 3 ¥2 minutes. Object makes 
“double turn.” fei sea walk by astronauts. 

Ax jomalies - Strong Evidence as 

for SecretSpac ce Progra 

= Ifthey are ET, then Space anomie’ 
reason why, there would be‘a secret spaces 

= If the anomalies are “ours,” that is proof of a 
secret space program. 

- STS-116.- - = Dec 18, 2006 

UFO and Alien Imagery in Advertising 

Peter Robbins 
Copyright 2007 Peter Robbins 

For decades now, alien and UFO-related subject matter have proven themselves to 
be perennial favorites with the advertising industry in their mission to sell us everything and 
anything imaginable. But is there more at work here than meets the eye? | approached this 
subject with the same attitude I would try to bring to any investigation, to keep an open 
mind and to follow the evidence through to its most logical conclusion, be it anomalous or 
mundane. Such inquiries can lead to your establishing some fact or idea you were actually in 
search of. Investigations can also lead to findings you weren’t expecting, hoping for, or 
necessarily even wanted, but that’s part of the nature of research. | began work on this paper 
vaguely expecting to confirm one set of data points, but in the end found myself subscribing 
to the other. I hope this paper will create some debate and exchange of ideas on this matter. 

Two opposing attitudes prevail in this particular case. The first is that UFO and 
alien-related imagery in advertising is part of a sweeping governmental plan to secure and 
utilize the cooperation of leaders in the private sector, including the advertising industry, to 
assist in a program designed to gradually acclimatize the public to this other reality. Varied 
bona fide Post War documents, reports and otherwise declassified materials confirm the fact 
that from at least 1947 on, many of the world’s leading military, intelligence and political 
leaders took the matter of UFOs seriously enough to contemplate the social, political, 
economic and theological implications of disclosing the truth. 

At the other end of the spectrum are those who maintain that no official effort is in 
place, or for that matter, needs to be. Madison Avenue and regular numbers of its clients, 
large and small, know that UFOs sell and need no governmental coaxing to mount an alien- 
related ad campaign. Such companies and individuals have run and re-run the numbers and 
know that millions of potential consumers have an abiding interest in UFOs. The overall 
effect of such print and broadcast ads they feel, is to placate society by keeping up an 
unrelentingly tongue-in-cheek series of takes on the nature of extraterrestriality, demeaning 
the subject to one degree or another at every turn. 

The first position begs a series of questions. Are some captains of industry privy to 
classified knowledge about the UFO phenomenon through their connections with 
government insiders, and does this knowledge ever filter through in advertisements for their 
products? Which companies are using this imagery in their advertising? Does there seem to 
be some sort of conspiracy to use such themes to increase the public’s awareness and 
acceptance of an alien presence on Earth? What products and marketing segments are the 
most widely used? Do otherwise innocent ads for technological products and services 
covertly refer to government secrets of crashed hardware and abductions? Does the study of 
such commercial endeavors help us to understand the nature of the phenomenon? 





* Guaranteed lowest Fula) fate OWA 

*-e Dall weekly OS aalithly veatals 



“S84 wo ae Creormer 9 cee ED ee 

There are certain places where we shou/d expect to see aliens and UFOs helping 
promote products, services and events. Roswell, New Mexico, for example, during the 60 
anniversary of the 1947 UFO incident. A number of such ads appeared in the July issue of 
The Roswell Daily Record’s monthly magazine, [ison. The first was for a conference week 
event called the Alien Motorcycle Rally. It featured a motorcycle-riding alien. The next took 
a more subtle approach and stated, “people come from great distances to shop at Roswell 
Livestock Farm Supply.” The darkening ‘ET’ish horizon suggests they may wo/ all be people, 
and that they’re coming from great distances indeed. On another page, the city’s Hyundai 
dealership proudly displayed a UFO with the word ‘Hyundai’ emblazoned as their logo. Not 
to be outdone, the competition at Roswell Toyota sported an almost identical logo, but their 
cars were being hawked by a smiling, waving little green alien with a UFO on its T-shirt. 

The following group of promotions all employ the term ‘UFO,’ but not in its 
common, understood form. In March of 1994 the Australian weekly New Idea ran a two-page 
spread promoting some of the county’s more exotic exports — fruits in this case: the truly 
unusual-looking Jackfruit, Kiwano, Starfruit and Rambutan. The ad, dually sponsored by the 
Safeway Supermarket chain and Woolworths, proclaimed “Have we been invaded by UFO’s 
(Unusual Fruit Objects)?” The accompanying text begins and ends predictably. “After a visit 
to the ‘Blue Mountain Fruit Company,’ you could be forgiven for thinking you’d had an 
extraterrestrial experience,” and “So next time you pick up some apples, oranges and 
bananas ... check out our range of UFO’s. It makes shopping with the Fresh Food People 
an experience that’s out of this world!” Bear in mind that Australia is a country with a high 
incidence of credible UFO sighting reports, respectable press coverage of same, and a strong 
public interest in the subject. 

Another ad is accompanied by what seems to be a UFO photo. Just below it the 
advertiser, Upchurch Scientific Filtering Company, proclaims, “Now you can see a real 
UFO, too!” An ‘ultimate filtering object,’ that is. 

In 1976 the Merritt Food Company encouraged retailers to begin stocking their new Mr. 
Shivvers’ brand product, which “makes hard landing in frozen novelty cases ... and sales 
In this case UFO stands for Unidentified Frozen Object — “already a stellar 




attraction in every area where they’ve been sighted. ... All reports confirm that it is 
extraterrestrially tasty.” 

An advertisement placed by the State of Kansas’s Department of Industrial 
Development civic offering asks, “If you’re beginning to think the perfect place to locate 
your business is on another planet, get back down to earth,” and invites us to locate our 
business there for UFO — “Unbelievably Fantastic Opportunities.” 

The French aerospace company, Intertechnique, manufactures products for commercial 
and military aircraft. In their version of things, UFO is an abbreviation for “Unescapable 
Flying Object.’ And while not an advertisement per se, A 1990 article from The Houston 
Chronicle had a little fun at the expense of fashion designers who are at it again with a new 
season of ‘Unusual Fashion Objects.’ A more compelling question that seems to irregularly 
play on the minds of some sponsors and/or the advertising executives involved is, why are 
they here? 

+ ae Re oe kee oe 

We know why theyre here. 

The rector ens ten on tee rere 

In the early 1990s the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Columbia ran a series 
of highly successful advertisements in Time, Newsweek and other major national magazines. In 
the most memorable, the top four fifths of the page was taken up by a grainy black and 
white snapshot of a fuzzy, disc-shaped craft hovering just above a rooftop with treetops 
visible in the background. The text was simple and to the point: “We know why they’re 
here.” For the Columbian coffee, of course. The fake UFO photo resonated with an 
authenticity missing from most UFO-themed ads. 


Medical technology is not immune from the lure of alien sales-beings either. In a 1999 
trade ad from Gene Therapy Systems, green aliens are seen floating down from their 
hovering craft. One holds an out-of-focus implement in its hand, possibly a syringe. Why 
have they come to Earth? The boldest text answers the question, “We are here for 
GenePORTER 2.” And we thought it was for the coffee. The remaining playful copy 
worked the ET wordplay shamelessly with lines such as “Alienated by hard to transfect cell 
lines? GenePORTER has out-of-this-world results. ... Order today and make contact with 
the next generation of transfection reagent.” Even the ad’s bullet points are little UFOs. 

Another reason for visitations was put forward by the tech corporation ASML. In a 1998 
ad in Evectronic News, a large pair of alien eyes stare out at the viewer. The copy states that 
ASML is “Imaging for a more advanced civilization.” “Where will they turn up next?,” we’re 
asked, then admonished to “be alert,” and to “Stay tuned to this channel.” And why are 
these aliens visiting us? “They’re looking for the most advanced imaging system on earth.” 

Enviro-Spray Systems, Inc., a subsidiary of the Grow Group Corporation, put forward 
another thesis. In their 1985 IWal/ Street Journal ad, a pointy-headed alien has disembarked 
from its flying saucer to inform a bemused Earthling that ““We’ve come to learn more about 
your Enviro-Spray.” 

However, the definitive reason for extraterrestrial visitauons may have more to do 
with Earth’s cows than anything else, just ask America’s Beef Producers. In this case, a full 
page image of a grilled steak is accompanied by the lead line, “Why space aliens steal our 



The 1981 film “ET” so insinuated itself into American, then world culture, that its little 
long-necked star went on to become as recognized and beloved a worldwide icon as Mickey 
Mouse. His appeal to children is undeniable and his ability to sell products has not dimmed 
over the years. Children were the target audience of this marketing campaign, sparked by the 


film’s 2002 theatrical re-release. This is a box of specially marked “ET” Nabisco Graham 

A similarly marketed package of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese offered an instant win 
contest. The copy also admonished kids and their parents to “See the Movie ONLY in 
theatres.” Kraft’s parent company, KF Holdings, also owns Nabisco, among other 

‘Allie’ was a cheerfully unthreatening alien who offered “a magical world of learning” on 
the “Allie’s Playhouse” CD-ROM. I don’t know what areas of learning it emphasized, but 
the educational product was aimed at 3 to 8 vear olds and formulated for public as well as 
Montessori school children. 

For children looking for an extraterrestrially-themed sweet that’s acceptable to their 
health-conscious parents, look no further than Sarah’s Galactic Gummies. The all-natural 

alien-shaped gummies were fortified with vitamins and minerals. 

700 KT GA SO, CL De 

ree rn re ee a) 

ee Se Ek eT 
LEDF es remount aero fe 

Ufology’s fiftieth anniversary saw a glut of related publications as well as all manner of 
branded products including this chewy sweet from England. “Alien Chewits” hit the stores 
the summer of ’97 as a ‘limited edition’ candy. The wrappers featured a gray alien head with 
either yellow or red beams emanating from its eyes. The label included the warning that 
“Aliens are out there now.” 


The box containing Space Duck Pops is illustrated with a helmeted duck floating out in 
space, a flying saucer nearby. We’re told he is a “Mild mannered duck by day, intergalactic 
super hero by night.” Truth in advertising is not this product’s strongest suit and the candy 
pops themselves have nothing in common with the bold looking space duck pictured. These 
smiling, bonneted milk chocolate ducks on lolly pop sticks would have been more in 
character stepping from the pages of a Mother Goose tale rather than from a UFO. It led 
me to suspect the manufacturers may have felt they could move more of these cutesy 
confections if they sold them in unrelated outer space theme packaging. 

The Gund Corporation is one of America’s premier manufacturers of quality stuffed 
animals, and the addition of a new teddy bear is appropriate cause for a new ad campaign. 
The line’s loveable addition is named Admiral Bird and he arrived in stores wearing aviator 
goggles. Considering all the ways such a character product could have been promoted, they 
chose to introduce him as an ‘unidentified flying Gund.’ 


“Woel is pice is ala yaa 
Beez Ob We groerd os an 
arive wicane? balls gia ta 

the cazicra Dor bnew por te 
ve etionns af thes Vay ebephart” 

In 1992 an alien-related advertising campaign was mounted by the Japanese brewer and 
whiskey manufacturer, Suntory. Its focus was a new mixed drink. The non-human entity 
pictured is a shiny dark grey with a number of external worm-like veins and an animal’s 
snout. He, or it, also possesses three-fingered hands with suction cup fingers and offers us a 
‘thumb’ up gesture while happily holding a glass and sucking down a yellow cocktail through 
a straw. The ad is laid out as a two-page spread and takes up almost half of the bottom of 

each face page. The illustration is accompanied by the disgusting slogan, “Nothing in this 
world tastes like an alien secretion.” On the right is the product, Suntory MIDORI melon 
liqueur, and a glass labeled “Midori Alien Secretion.” I don’t know if the idea for this ad 
campaign originated within Suntory or with their American advertising agency, but I’m going 
to guess it was a failure. Will any of you be ordering an alien secretion at the bar later this 
evening? This ad had fairly wide placement. This one appeared in the film magazine, Premier. 

Harpoon Beer, a subdivision of New England’s Hefeweizen Beer Corporation, branded 
one of its products with the name “UFO Unfiltered Wheat Beer.’ The label sports a series of 
speed lines circling the globe, below which are the three capital red letters, UFO. And what 
goes with beer better than pizza? A company called Freschetta Pizza offered a dollar off the 
cost of its highly identifiable disc-shaped object if we presented an attached coupon when 
making our purchase. Their motto? “Try one and you'll believe.” 



ING B LS eee Arges ree, 

RR Adee tarot 

A year after introducing their version of the Carvel Company’s famous Flying Saucer ice 
cream sandwich in 1976, retailers carrying Merritt Foods’ ‘Unidentified Frozen Objects’ were 
invited to promote the product with appropriately illustrated in-store display cards. 

There was once a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth and tobacco companies proudly 
advertised their products in print and broadcast venues of every type and description. A 
1976 effort from Phillip Morris saw wide placement in many major periodicals. Not terribly 
well known at the time, even among UFO researchers, was the allegation that aliens enjoyed 
smoking, specifically Saratoga 120s, just as much as their nicotine-addicted human 
counterparts. And what wonderful cigarettes they must have been. In the ad, set in front of 
the Capitol Building, an unseen space visitor delays leaving its craft to make official contact 
in order to finish its cigarette. 


Callard & Bowser is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest confection companies and 
Altoids Mints are one of their greatest successes. In a variation on their wonderful, ongoing 
ad series, a 1950s clad spaceman bravely faces his fear of the “Attack of the little green 

The carefree manner in which the English language is sometimes put through the 
wringer in non-English-speaking countries is nicely embodied in this package of instant soba 
noodles from Japan. The product’s full name is “Kashin brand, King of UFO, Sauce A 
Pore, Y2K Yakisoba (spiced pork flavor).” We can only guess at the origin and meaning of 
the term “King of UFO, but the Y2K product was of course manufactured in 2000. 

While we do not know if aliens keep pets, we do know advertisers do not spare our cats 
and dogs from alien-themed ads and promotions. In 1984 the pet food giant Purina 
sponsored “Meow Off 7,” their “search for the “universal meow.” In the ad a cat looks on 
as a huge, Close Encounters chandelier-style craft hovers above its house. The copy is as 
light-hearted as the prize is serious: “If your cat has the best meow in the universe, ... Meow 
Mix will appoint him Ambassador from Earth and his favorite Earthling will win $50,000. 

A 1985 follow-up coupon was illustrated with a bag of Meow Mix atop the same lighting 
fixture craft and offered the consumer “Out-of-this-world savings on the universal favorite” 
which “Tastes so good cats all over the universe ask for it by name.” 

Agency: lanited Minds, Mexico 
Client: Sony Vaio Latin America 
Product: Vaio Tx Notebook 
Creative Director: Mike Wolfsohn 
Art Director: Jules Fox 
Copywriter: Jason Carter 
Photographer: Stuart Hall 

New Friskies Vitality. Now with vitamins, 

Hard to see, but there is a dog holding the UFO. 

Credit: DOB, Brusscis 
Via: Goodness 


But even a cat with the best meow in the universe must defer to the dog in this 
wonderful ad from Friskies. While difficult to see, an extraordinarily powerful little dog is 
just visible at the lower left with a massive UFO gripped firmly in its teeth. How was he or 
she able to accomplish this incredible feat? Simple. “New Friskies Vitality. Now with 


Its not just hard products which employ UFO and alien imagery to assist in their 
marketing. Information services are involved as well. In the fall of 2000 an e-business 
performance company called Visual Insights sent out an expensively produced mass mailing 
to companies selling products from websites. 1 was working for such a company at the time. 
The mailing arrived at our offices in an oversized opaque envelope and contained a four 
page, four color prospectus printed on high quality cardstock, in 3-D, along with a pair of 3- 
D glasses. The cover was a send-up of the supermarket tabloid, The National Enquirer, in this 
case, the “National eQuirer — the busybody of eBusiness.” Its lead line, accompanied by a 
green, hovering flying saucer, set the tone immediately: UFO’s USA URL!” The cover 
graphics included two pairs of legs and feet, one pair in blue suede shoes, the other in a tub 
full of concrete. The caption read, “Elvis still emails Jimmy Hoffa!” The headline inside, 
“We didn’t believe it either.” While the image of a UFO is employed to spearhead this 
company’s ability to sell its services, it also reminds the reader that the actual subject of 
UFOs is silly-by-association. 

Throughout 1989, the year the Soviet Union began to disintegrate, the New York Times 
repeatedly ran a small box ad encouraging newsstand readers to subscribe to the paper. The 
simple sketch showed a smiling man with an attaché case standing in a doorway looking out, 
seemingly into space. The Earth in seen in the distance with a small flying saucer wending its 
way above the planet. The drawing is captioned “Current events at your front door” and was 
accompanied by an 800 number. As a regular T7es reader I estimated that the diminutive ad 
ran between fifty and one hundred times that year. 

In 2006 the distinguished UFO writer and lecturer Timothy Good photographed a 
poster at the Hong Kong International Airport, its intention, to promote the Airport 
Express. In it a silvery UFO hovers inside an airport corridor while the banner copy asks, 
“Impressed? Amaze elite travelers on the Airport Express!” The saucer is shown projecting a 
circular beam of light onto the floor below containing the statement, “Showcasing the 

In this public service advertisement from the city of Singapore, a man at an outdoor café 
reacts in shock as he stares at a silvery alien that has just fallen from the sky, bashing the 
umbrella and empty chair of the table he is seated at. The lesson: “Atmospheric pollution 
affects everyone.” In another public service advertisement, this one from Great Britain, 
aliens — illegal and otherwise, are admonished to “Learn English — the most popular 
language in the universe.” 


GLOBAL | LINK™ Worldwide Calling Card 
1. Press 1 800 788-2102 from a touch-tone telephone. 

2. Press personal identification number: 

To call a number in the U.S., Canada or the Caribbean, press [}; 
press area code and telephone number. 

To make an international call, press 9) & 4); 
pfess country code, city code and telephone number. 

To make another call, do not hang up. Press [*). 

©1004 Poraisa: Naw Staxidc'¢t Press 1800 864-3311 for cuscomer 
service and card reactivation 
information. Telecommunications 
transmission is provided by 
Peoples Telephone Company, Inc. 

One of the most popular and highly visible print ads of 1992 employed an alien to sell its 
services. This cute, non-threatening little green man with yellow cat’s eyes peered at you 
from the page while holding up his American Express Card. The text was pure Madison 
Avenue at its best: “You're right off the plane. They don’t know you from Adam. And you 
expect to be recognized as a respected, reasonable person of the world. Non-threatening as 
he might appear, the subtext seems to be that aliens are people too and should be respected 
as such. At least if they have an American Express Card. Time, Newsweek, U.S. News ¢> World 
Report, and other significant national weekly and monthly magazines carried the ad. 

In 1994 the Global Link Corporation used a classic image of a UFO to sell their 
information services. They had issued a series of Worldwide Calling Cards, one of which 
featured a too-good-to-be-true sixties era photograph of a hovering flying saucer. It was, to 
good to be true. Despite the fact that the photo had long been discredited as a fraud within 
the UFO research community, | doubt it had much impact on the sales or popularity of such 
a novel item to the general public. 


In 2004 the city of Austin, Texas employed a particularly striking image of a UFO ina 
particularly civic cause: trying to help solve their transit problem. In doing so, the Capital 
Metro ad team composed a clever ad, but one that embraced a major negative cliché, that 
having an interest in UFOs is weird. The photograph shows a commuter-sized flying saucer 
sitting in a parking lot at dusk. Its entry way is open and its interior glowing. The picture is 
capuoned, “The Weirdest way to win works” and goes on to say, “Need an excuse to be 
weird? Capital Metro is sponsoring the “Weirdest Commute Contest.’ ... Be creative and use 
alternate ways to commute to help improve the air and traffic congestion.”” While this 
campaign may have proved to be an asset to local traffic congestion, it also served to 
reinforce a truly demeaning ufological stereotype. 


Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation placed an alien-themed ad in a 2000 issue of the 
Ekectronic Engineering Times. \t promoted openings in the company for engineers and managers 
and featured a sharp-edged illustration of out of focus aliens, the one in the foreground 
looking somewhat malevolent. The only text even remotely relating to the graphic is the 
lead-in: “Stretching boundaries, expanding opportuniues, making connections.” 

An imposing, and somewhat ambiguous alien head dominated a layout for the German 
tech corporation INFICON. The ad promoted their Sensor Integration and Analysis System, 
which was designed to capture, organize and analyze data. “It has superior intellect, performs 
diagnostic probes, and,” with a nod to ET, “can even phone home if there’s a problem.” 



romminemer MEG 


In 2003, the Japanese computer giant NEC used UFOs to help sell their products and 
services in the United States. The text noted that NEC is Japan’s number one brand for 
digital cameras, advanced gaming functions and business networking. The ad appeared in 
Time, Newsweek, U.S. News ¢ World Report, and Business Week. The photo-quality illustration 
depicted a handsome twenty-something intently checking his cell phone in front of a large 
picture window at a modern airport. Through the window we can see planes on the ground 
and a line of streamlined disc-shaped craft hovering just above the tarmac. A vision of the 
future? The text tells us that “The average person will spend 5,880 minutes a year on our cell 
phone, leaving 519,720 (minutes) to save the universe.” 

In a related advertisement, two of the Fujitsu Corporation’s ‘Life Book Talking Tablet’ 
PCs are seen floating in space with their extended screen’s reminiscent of a satellite’s solar 
displays. Fujitsu’s computers are “Taking Tablet PC reliability to the ends of the Earth. And 


In the 1990s the U-Haul Corporation launched a program to promote themselves via 
state-themed murals on the sides of their rental vehicles. Apparently someone in 
management was aware of the fiftieth anniversary of Roswell and in 1997 the company 
decided to use both alien and UFO imagery on their New Mexico-themed trucks and vans. 
The final product was unveiled in the city of Roswell on January 5, 1998 with the mayor and 
other town dignitaries in attendance. These vehicles feature a fairly lurid graphic of a crashed 
saucer sticking out of an impact crater with a big-eyed alien in the foreground. The 
popularity of this advertising campaign remains high and depending upon availability, you 
can still rent a Roswell-themed truck or van from some U-Haul affiliates. 


LL __£_£_ 

The Roswell anniversary was not lost on the distillers of Absolut Vodka either. In 1997 
the company’s advertising agency gave us yet another terrifically original offering in their 
ongoing series of print ads. ‘Absolut Roswell’ depicted a vodka bottle-shaped mother ship 
moving though the sky at sunset. In doing so, the distiller acknowledged the events of 1947, 
poked a little fun at them, and likely sold a lot of vodka. 

Like most conventional Earth beers, Alien Ale is sold by the carton. But unlike other six 
packs, this one conspiratorially notes, “You are holding the beer Uncle Sam has been trying 
to keep under wraps for 50 years. Finally, you can taste the Alien Amber experience and join 
the multitude of believers. This is your mission. Good luck.” Brewed in New Mexico, of 


“Don’t miss the shot,” a 1989 ad from General Electric and Sanyo, admonished 
photographers. “Always be ready to capture that special image.” The illustration shows a 
sharp-as-a-tack Bob Lazar-style flying saucer passing over a vacationer standing on a rock 
ledge. The man is standing next to a green-faced alien who is extending his right hand, 
seemingly in friendship, and holding his camera aloft. The product being promoted is 
“Enloop Longer Storage Life” rechargeable batteries which promise “Breakthrough 
technology” that allows them to maintain an 85% charge, even after sitting in a drawer for a 
year. The ad appeared in Popular Science magazine, among others. 

“Whenever unidentfied signals pass your way, Digital Signal Processing captures them 
more clearly.” In a trade publication ad from the 1990s Cubic Communication, Inc. 
employed an unambiguous graphic to suggest in no uncertain terms that their new VXI 
Module Receiver may be the product of back-engineered alien technology. In another simple 
yet powerful layout, a late model hand held communication device, its display glowing green, 
is suspended above a pastoral landscape at dusk. Is it descended from alien technology? 
Large white letters spelling out the Fox Mulder mantra, “I WANT TO BELIEVE,” suggest 
it just might be. From 


One of the first abduction-related advertisements I’m aware of dates back to 1976 when 
the subject was hardly a blip on the radar of ufology or of popular culture. In it, a shocked 
camper looks on from the entrance of his tent as his friend blithely pours himself a cup of 
coffee, oblivious to the giant robotic clamp about to close on him. The clamp is attached to 
a mechanical arm which extends down from a giant UFO hovering above. The camper’s last 
words prior to being snatched? “My insurance company? New England Life, of course. 
Why?” Their financial services and disability insurance are “out of this world” as well. 

Early this year a similar abduction themed ad appeared in one of England’s largest 
national tabloids promoting the services of the Royal Insurance company’s motor policy. As 
a couple helplessly watches their car being draw up into a large UFO, the woman says 
“You'd better ring the Royal.” Accompanying copy underscores the anxiety inherent in an 
alien abduction: “Its pouring with rain, you’re miles from anywhere and your car has just 
disappeared into thin air. Then you see strange lights coming through the trees toward you. 
Aliens? More than likely it will be our 24-hour Rescue Service.” 


This beautiful image of cows stepping from a UFO into a cornfield is from SONY. Even 
though the farm couple is obviously shaken by this disembarkation, they can record it with 
confidence because their Digital 8 Handicam “brings clarity to even this situation.” 

a Caiacorder. comes hiliy loaded with 

Sowory Stick mesila. And 2 even 

Change the way you see the world, 

Oqwyess Qerer at or Des 68 oh ee or Se ae on Hees @ le 

Kmart shoppers know that the chain store’s way of announcing sales is the appearance 
of a blue electric light at the appropriate product display. So it followed that an illustration of 


a hovering alien craft firing a blue beam of light down to the ground was used in this 2001 
advertising campaign. But knowingly or unknowingly, the ad agency responsible choose an 
image long associated with some UFO abductions, the best known being Travis Walton’s 
experience with a blue beam of light in 1975. As such, this ad may have proved counter 
productive with a segment of their customers. It is questionable whether legitimate 
abductees would have flocked to a sale promoted by such a highly charged image and a 
catchphrase like, “The blue light is back.” 



Selde SAU Meee tommy saline 

One of the very best variations on the UFO abduction theme was an ad placed by 
AT&T’s cellular phone division, technology that was still something of a luxury item when it 
appeared in 1992. This beautifully rendered illustration depicted a glowing, fully articulated 
flying saucer as it hovers above a golf cart at dusk. The cart is enveloped in a white light 
from above and is just beginning to rise off the green as its two occupants stare up in 
wonder. The man closest to us about to speak into his cell. The operative slogan? “At times 
like this, whose cellular phone would you rather own?” AT&T’s, of course, because their 
products are “Dependable beyond the ordinary.” The ad saw wide distribution and appeared 
in Time, Newsweek, US News ¢» World Report, as well as other leading national periodicals. 

It was an Australian company however that was responsible for the most child-like 
depiction of human and vehicle abduction that I’m aware of. In it, alien craft appearing to be 
made of lighting fixtures (because they most likely ave lighting fixtures) shine blue-white 
beams down onto a table top world of plastic trees and artificial snow. As one of the beams 
draws a helpless little plastic figure up toward its underside, the other lighting fixture, 1 mean 


UFO, is beginning to lift the cab of a streamlined electric train off of its tracks. Two toy 
eyewitnesses look on from the sidelines. The advertiser, Connex Railway Timetable Updates, 
offers a unique notification service: “Whatever the delay, we'll text you right away.” 


Extraterrestrial ad themes are prevalent throughout broadcast media as well as print. 
Numerous television commercials made here and abroad have run such storylines for years. 
Time allowing, 1 hope to show some examples from the States, as well as from England and 

One of the more thought-provoking applications of the alien related theme appeared 
in a pair of TV commercials broadcast in 1989. Neither employed an alien or a UFO, 
choosing instead to rely on the spoken word. They were carried on CNN and other leading 
networks and introduced the country to the term EBE, an acronym for “extraterrestrial 
biological entity.’ The pair of Levi Strauss ads were filmed in a grainy black and white with a 
handheld camera focused on the crotch area of a nwenty-something in random conversation 
with an unseen party. The product being advertised, the company’s Dockers pants. Both 
versions of the commercial used the same voice-over dialogue. The relevant excerpt begins 
with one voice saying “Does anyone believe in UFOs?” Affirmative background consensus 
follows. It then says, “America is hosting EBEs!” “What are EBEs?” a second voice asks. 
“BE s are extraterrestrial beings and America is hosung them!” “Ooooh, eebees geebees,”’ is 
the group response. 

At this time, 1989, the term was one familiar to serious students of ufology and few 
others. It appeared in the so-called Eisenhower Briefing Document of 1952, a paper which 
didn’t see the public light of day unul 1987. But the term EBE was coined in 1947 and its 
origin warrants a brief digression. 

Detlev W. Bronk was an internationally respected physiologist and biophysicist 
whose main field of research was neurophysiology. In the 1940s he was chairman of the 
National Research Council and a member of the Medical Advisory Board of the Atomic 
Energy Commission. During World War II Bronk was put in charge of a biology-related 
research committee of the Office of Scientific Research and Development under Dr. 
Vannevar Bush. The two had served on other scientific committees together prior to the war 
and Bush had great respect for Dr. Bronk’s work. In 1947 he was appointed to be a member 
of the Scienufic Advisory Committee of the Brookhaven National Laboratory along with Dr. 
Edward U. Condon. Condon headed the University of Colorado’s now-infamous Scientific 
Study of Unidentified Flying Objects in the 1960s. In 1949 Bronk was named president of 
Johns Hopkins University, and later, president of Rockefeller University. 

Bronk’s distinguished background would have made him an ideal choice to head the 
autopsy team of the bodies of non-human entities recovered from the Roswell crash field. 
Quoting from the briefing paper, “A similar analysis of the four dead occupants was 
arranged by Dr. Bronk. It was the tentative conclusion of this group (30 November 1947) 
that although these creatures are human-like in appearance, the biological and evolutionary 
processes responsible for their development has apparently been quite different from those 
observed or postulated in homo-sapiens. Dr Bronk’s team has suggested the term “Extra- 
terrestrial Biological Entities”, or “EBEs”’, be adapted as the standard term of reference for 
these creatures unul such time as a more definitive designation can be agreed upon.” This 
brings us back to the Levi-Strauss television ads. 


At the time they ran, the corporation’s CEO was a man named Bob Haas. 
Concurrent with Mr. Haas’s leadership position at Levi Strauss, he was a serving member of 
the Board of Trustees of the public policy think tank, the Brookings Institution. The 
Institute’s involvement with the UFO question is documented at least as far back as 1960 
when, at the request of NASA, they published a report entitled “Proposed Studies on the 
Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs.” It was authored by Brookings’ Donald N. 
Michael and noted that, “Anthropological files contain many examples of societies, sure of 
their place in the universe, which have disintegrated when they had to associate with 
previously unfamiliar societies espousing different ideas and different life ways; others that 
survived such an experience usually did so by paying the price of changes in values and 
attitudes and behavior.” The New York Times covered the release of this report under the 
headline, “Report Says Earth’s Civilization Might Topple If Faced by a Race of Superior 

Drawing this parallel made me think long and hard on the implications of a 
classified/ad industry alliance and ] continued to study the information I’d amassed. | don’t 
know if Mr. Haas became aware of the seriousness or implications associated with disclosure 
through his privileged position at the Brookings Institution, and as a result made a decision 
to, or was asked to include the EBE reference in a Dockers’ television ad campaign. | cannot 
say that Mr. Haas ever read “Proposed Studies on the Peaceful Space Activities for Human 
Affairs,” or any related paper or UFO book, through his work at the Brookings Instituuon 
or otherwise. I don’t even know if he had an interest in the subject. Perhaps the EBEs idea 
originated with an advertising executive whose hobby happened to be ufology, or who 
learned of the term from a friend, or, or, or. And while Levi Strauss did introduce the term 
into commercial and popular culture, the ad refers to EBEs as ‘extraterrestrial beings,’ not 
‘extraterrestrial biological entities,’ the term Dr. Bronk’s team is credited with inventing. 
This, if anything, makes the commercial’s significance just a bit more tenuous. While its 
tempting to speculate that such a chain of information points the way to a shadowy 
conspiracy bent on controlling our alien-related perceptions and normalizing society’s 
attitudes toward these other intelligences, 1 was seeing no evidence of such a program. 

So to our original questions. Are some captains of industry privy to classified 
knowledge about the UFO phenomenon through their connections with government 
insiders? Of course. Can we establish that they’re working together on some UFO-related 
propaganda operation? Not with any information I’ve been able to establish. Has any true 
insider knowledge ever filtered through in advertisements? Pop culture references to various 
aspects of ufology have appeared in some upscale ads, but no actual insider knowledge has 
ever been alluded to that I’m aware of 

Which companies are using this imagery in their advertising? All types and sizes of 
companies. Some of the largest have campaigns which suggest at alien abduction, crashes 
and retrievals and back engineering, but always with a wink and/or a nod. Does there seem 
to be some sort of conspiracy in play which is employing such themes to increase the 
public’s awareness and acceptance of an alien presence on Earth? Not that ’ve come across. 
What products and marketing segments are the most widely used? Just about all of them, 
though I found the ads run by information services, 
technology, and medical companies to be the most thought provoking. 

What we are seeing | think, is an advertising industry driven to sell by any means 
imaginable, and UFOs and aliens have proven to be a tried-and-true focus for an ad 
campaign aimed at a broad segment of consumers. They watch the same television programs 
we do and make it their business to pick up on trends and topics, all of which feed into their 


creative hopper and result in yet another treatment of the ET ad theme. The government 
does not need to intercede in the work the ad industry is involved in, unless they want the 
public to take UFOs and aliens more seriously. Does the study of such commercial 
endeavors help us to understand the nature of the phenomenon? Not as much as they help 
us to understand human nature. In this case, its alien and UFO reality in advertising vs. 
UFO and alien reality for rea/, making it a kind of cosmic approach avoidance conflict: I’m 
fascinated by the subject but can’t allow myself to take it seriously. UFO and alien-related 
ads allow me to do both. 

Is there a covert effort in place to assist the public in making what will very likely be 
a profoundly traumatic transition in our understanding of the universe and our place in it? I 
don’t think so, but sometimes I wish that there were one. Be assured though that UFO and 
alien-related ads will continue to visit the pages and screens of our newspapers, magazines, 
TVs and websites for a long time to come. Their overt, and/or covert mission? To sell 
products and services as they continue to assure the public that UFOs and aliens are real — in 
advertisements and commercials. 

* * * * References * * * * 

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November, 1952, pages 2, 4 

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With special thanks to Timothy Good, Nick Pope, John O’Donnell, Lou Robinson, Ruben J. 
Uriarte and Ryan Wood 


A Close Encounter With Whistleblower Gary McKinnon 

Matthew Williams 
Copyright 2007 Mattew Williams 

This is a transcript of an October 2007 interview with Gary McKinnon and Matthew 

MW: Basically if 1 could start with name and age. How you got into computers is a good 
place to start. 

GM: Age is 41. 
MW: How did you start in being interested in technology and computers? 

GM: Well Atari games console firstly and playing games and then Atari brought out one that 
you could program and it had the basic programming language so you could learn how to 
program games. It had a cartridge slot in the top and a membrane keypad. That was my first 
attempt at programming and then J learned assembler language. Then there was the Atari ST 
and you could do music on that. Then about 1994 1 got my first PC. 

MW: What prompted you to get into a job in computers, were you good at school. 

GM: No I was crap academically, I had one O’ Level in English and a few CSE’s but 
someone said to me one day, your very good at computers why don’t you do some sort of 
course at it and you can make some good money out of it. As I didn’t have any qualifications 
to speak of I did a Mature Students access course to get on a degree course but | was really 
crap at high level maths so they bumped me down to the HND course but | was still having 
trouble with the high level maths up to a certain point. 1 failed the HND as well. 

I had loads of practical experience. The first job I got was installation and configuration and 
engineering and I was upgrading from Windows 3.11 to Windows 95 and to Windows NT. 
Once you have done one job as a contractor you get more jobs and more experience. So | 
did it all by experience rather than qualifications. 

MW: When would you say you finished in your degree course? 

GM: 1991 was the access course and I stuck it till 93 and got my first job in 94 which was 
for Alphagen which was a MOD supplier amongst other things. At the time none of this 
stuff was in my mind. They were providing hardware to DERA. 

MW: I take it you were living in London at this time. Have you always lived in London? 

GM: I was born in Glasgow and left there when I was six and a half. 



MW: So your school and HND was all gained in London. 
GM: University of North of London. Holloway Road. 

MW: How did you get on at school as a background, its interesting for me to know what 
sort Of person a you are, how did you get on with people at school etc, did you have many 

(1 took out word hacker here replaced with person— as you wouldn’t have been a hacker 
back then) 

GM: I wasn’t very academic at school and | loved playing the clown. 
MW: I was much the same. 

GM: I was always anti authoritarian. | loved people though, had lot of friends. I am not quite 
as gregarious and as outgoing as | used to be. 

MW: Were you into social activities or sports? 

GM: I was crap at football but I loved running, athletics and trampolining and stuff. 
MW: Did you win any prizes. 

GM: I remember winning the highest pole vault once but I didn’t get into any events really. 

MW/: Is there any reason that you didn’t do well at your O’Level stage at school? Any illness 
or things that held you back? 

GM: I think it was me mainly. When we were in Glasgow the education system was much 
better than it is in England I think. When I was six I was doing fractions. I came down here 
and we were reading Peter and Jane books and so I began to be lazy and I was told that I 
was bright and I think I kind of believed that and stopped trying. I started to enjoy the social 
aspect of school and not the academic aspect. 

MW: I used to like messing around. I found it more invigorating than the lessons. 1 am not 
saying that about you | am saying that about me. What about Girlfriends did you have any at 

GM: No that all started after school, teenager years. 

MW’: What was your family situation like when younger, did they take an interest in your 

GM: My parents split up, that’s why my mum came down to London and lived with my step 
dad. Yeah, I remember them sitting me down and making sure I did my homework. So that 

is probably why I did get one O’Level. 

MW: Did you not do well at computers at school? 


GM: They didn’t have any computers at school, unfortunately. 

MW Well I think you may find they had them but as with many schools 1 have encountered 
they hid them away and made sure the kids didn’t get on them. That’s changed a lot now but 
back in my day kids weren’t deemed worthy to go on them. Often teachers had secret 
stashes of computers. Was your skill on computers mainly honed by you outside of school? 

GM: Yeah I don’t think they even had any computer studies at that time. They just started 
that in my later years at secondary school. 

MW: I find it interesting that you could do well at a skill you were interested in such as 
computers all by yourself but you hadn’t done so well at academic subjects. You weren’t 
interested in subjects so much? 

GM: Well I joined the one school because it said on their prospectus that they did sword 
fencing and J really wanted to do that, sounds childish but 1 was a child. When | got there | 
found that the entire sword fencing equipment was in the cupboard and they didn’t do 
sword fencing anymore and so they were lying in their prospectus. However | love language 
and | love reading and my other qualifications were French, Art, Maths and Physics. So 1 
was interested I’m some but | have this problem where if 1 am not fully interested it just 
won’t suck. It’s being lazy perhaps because you should still be able to apply yourself to 
remember something even if it doesn’t interest you if you know it’s going to be of use to you 
or enhance your life. 

MW: How about teacher motivation, if you like a teacher you learn better. Did you find this 
the case? 

GM: Yeah my Physics teacher was great 
MW: Did you learn much about History or World Politics at school. 

GM: Funnily enough in the first year and second year at secondary school there was an 
amazing teacher named Mr Elkington who was an amazing history teacher. He wanted us to 
go out and find burial mounds of the Beaker people and taught us about Buddica and told us 
that she was in fact called Buddica and not Bodicea, and medieval history. He died whilst we 
were at school. We then did modern history later on but | found it incredibly boring as it just 
all seemed to be about politics. 1 loved Roman history. 

MW: I know you have an interest in UFOs from the information in the media about your 
going into computers to look for hidden information on UFOs. Did you gather this interest 
whilst young or older — what started your interest off? 

GM: My stepfather was from Falkirk which is quite near Bonnybridge and he had dreams 
about UFOs constantly as a child and had seen one once. 1 remember that this heightened 
mv interest. When I was about 12 or 14 years of age I joined BUFORA, The British UFO 
Research Association. I don’t remember specifically reading any books or seeing anything on 
television about the subject. It must have been my step dad’s interest which caused me to 
become interested. That’s quite a young age to join BUFORA between 12 and 14. 1 used to 


get a monthly newsletter and we didn’t have access to the internet in those days. It was hard 
for a kid on pocket money to go buying expensive hardback books. 
MW: Had you read any UFO books 
GM: No 1 don’t think I read any UFO books. 

MW: Were you a reader of other books. How did you follow TV, did you used to watch Sci- 
fi series? 

GM: Yes I was an avid reader. | think my stepfather interest in Sci-fi meant that I had access 
to books by Isaac Asimov and Harry Harrison. 

MW’: Just out interest which types of things do you like, Romantic stuff? 

GM: Definitely not romantic stuff. Although having said that I have got more into stories 
about people that are real life, things that are above and beyond the call of duty. There was a 
story about a woman who went around Bosnia and she was endangering her life. I can’t 
remember what it is called now. I do like a lot of modern sci-fi. 1 do like a lot of book on 
real subjects. 1 am a real admirer of the military strangely enough and the people involved in 
that. I have a lot of respect for them. 

MW’: Did you like any specific things about the military. This was at the age of teenager? 

GM: Yes, teenager. Back then | was more interested in the machinery, very boyish I guess, 
guns and tanks. 

MW: Did you ever consider joining the military. 

GM: Yes I did and the police force. I was talked out of that by my parents who told me to 
get a real job first as they said it was a three to five year period in the military when you join 
up before you can get out. My dads’ dad, my granddad was an American GI who came over 

here during the war and got involved with my grandmother and then disappeared again. It 
might be in my blood in a way. 

MW: Do you have any close family who are military or police? 

GM: No 

MW: Any famous or well respected family members of note? I’m just curious. 

GM: Not that I know of. There might be some ancient Celtic fighting connections perhaps. 
The only link with the military was my Grandmother and my Grandfather disappeared off 
and so my dad was an illegitimate child which in those days was unspeakable, very 

“oooooh”’. If I did get extradited perhaps it would be like I was just “going home” in some 
way. (laughs) 

MW: Have you got many brothers or sisters. 


GM: Yes, 1 was an only child to my parents but when my dad remarried he had a daughter, 
my half sister. Then he remarried a third time and I’ve now got 3 half brothers. 

MW: Has anyone close to you ever got into trouble, got criminal records or have you got a 
clean slate sensible family around you? 

GM: Yeah they are pretty unmarked. One of my cousins was a bit unruly when he was 
younger but that’s all. 

MW: So back in school days did you get into any serious trouble for things you did. 

GM: Yeah I got into trouble for ripping up loads of exercise books and sticking the bits on 
the intake fan of the chemistry lab and turning it on when the teacher came in. Mostly in 
trouble for pranks. 

MW: Were you bullied at all? 

GM: I was bullied until 1 fought back. It took me quite a while though, which was about 1 
year of bullying. Which is quite a long time and felt bad at the time and some bad things 
happened to me. 

MW: How did you find the transition from school like going into your first job? Was it easy 
for you? 

GM: Yeah it was ok because to me it was all just people. 1 don’t know if it was because I 
was an only child, ] was always feeling very secure. My parents were very loving and I felt 
well loved, so 1 had a good emotional grounding I suppose. 

MW: Did your parents have good jobs were you well off? 

GM: Not at first in London we didn’t have very much and parents had shop jobs. We didn’t 
own our own place back so not particularly well off. A stable back ground though. 

MW: In your jobs did you get paid a lot. 

GM: Not much but I got into labouring for a while and even hairdressing which was crap 
money but was fun. I had had a lot of jobs and compared to those the computer work was 
well paid. 

MW: Did you progress in your job. 

GM: I did start doing well but then I seemed to come into competition with a lot of newly 
qualified Microsoft Certified engineers. Still I had the experience, which counts because you 
can get someone who has done all the exams in the world but still hasn’t got the practical 
experience. The highest I got was Systems Administrator which I had been after for a while 
and meant I was in charge of 50 users. I loved that because I was chatting to the telecoms 
guys, the sales guys. I enjoyed that because you feel like your work is underpinning everyone 



because computers are important to everyone. | really enjoyed that. 

MW’: So a Systems Administrator is the person who controls access to people’s machines 
and decide what they can do and which bits they can see, creates user names and passwords 
accounts for people to get in. 

GM: That’s an aspect of it. More importantly I was looking for ways to ease the workflow. 
Also I used to set up remote dial-in so managers could access the computers from outside 
the office. I used to try and impart enthusiasm to people so they weren’t afraid of computers 
so they could use them as a tool. 

MW: Did you work as a trainer in teaching people computers. 

GM: Yes, very casual training, I wasn’t up there with a whiteboard in a classroom scenario. It 
was one on one. Say a telecom engineer might need to know how to use a particular piece of 
software when he was out and about, sort of thing. 

MW: Would you job involve any element of security work. 

GM: We were connected to the internet through Demon Internet but we didn’t host our 
own web server so there wasn’t a great need for security. We had ISDN at the ume. I was in 
charge of security so 1 would get people to change their passwords on a monthly basis. 

MW: Were you the only person involved in this type of work, did the buck stop with you. 

GM: Yes I was the only one. However it was a legacy job in that there had been someone 
there before me and he had run off with a lot of stuff from the company in some form of 
dispute so most of the systems were already set up by that person and I was just keeping 
them running more than anything. 

MW: Would you have been concerned for intrusions into your system? 

GM: Yes well the director who disappeared and stole loads of hardware had left lots of 
backdoors into the system for himself and the current directors were very worried that he 
would be able to gain access. So I did do a big clean up job and I had to analyse his PC to 
make sure there were no ways he could get in and change the passwords. That’s one thing I 
did like about computer security is the challenge that this is your castle and you have to lock 
all the gates and pull back the drawbridge. 

MW: Did you take security seriously on your systems or did you assume everything was 

GM: I took it seriously but I didn’t think there was much chance of us being a target, which 
when I think about now is silly because people would say well why would someone want to 
access my machine. I would tell people that any computer can be used as a jump point for 
people to be able to send out data from and make it anonymous, make it look like it came 
from that machine. It might be misused for credit card fraud. Although I did take security 
seriously we didn’t actually have any threats, but we did have the usual virus problems. 


MW: Was it when you were working at this company that you first got your interest in 
looking for UFO data on the Internet. 

GM: Yes it was in 1999 when I first joined the company and | was looking for stuff then. 
MW: Did you stay a BUFORA member? 

GM: No stopped paying my membership after a few years. 

MW: Can you describe the way you looked for UFO documents online. 

GM: The internet was a real revolution when it became easily available for people because 
now instead of paying £20 for a book you could just go on the Internet and download it and 
view it on screen. ] am not sure why the interested resurfaced..... Well actually 1 remember 
there was a chap ] met who mentioned suppressed technologies. Whereas before hand | had 
been interested in UFOs as a phenomena, his angle was that UFOs had been captured and 
reverse engineered and we had all this technology available to a covert few who were outside 
the government. He was the same chap who introduced me to the “Disclosure Project” 
(run by Steven Greer). 

MW: Did you meet this person via the internet? 

GM: No J met him in real life, through a job where | was doing internet tech support; this 
was in a different earlier job, not the systems admin job. | kept in touch with him and 
because he knew a lot more about the subject than I did he was my guru so to speak. | 
researched what | was told via the net. You could download electronic copies of books. 
MW: What grade of computer were you using to access this stuff. 

GM: Back then a 386 PC. 

MW: Was any of this stuff back in those days illicit? 

GM: No at first I was checking out publicly accessible stuff. 1 remember seeing some 
documents relating to medical information at Bethesda Hospital. 

MW: This was where Secretary of Defence James Forestall committed suicide and is 
featured in the X-Files a lot. 

GM: Funnily enough | was reading about him the other day as his son is still alive and is 

trying to get some form of reinvestigation so justice can be done. As at the time his family 
didn’t even know what their father was doing for the military. 

MW: ] seem to remember something about his diaries not being released, classified for 

reasons of national security. (MW note: I have since now found reference that the diaries 
are printed in full) 



MW: Where did you get the idea to go looking for harder to find sensitive UFO information 
on the internet? 

GM: I based most of my research on information that was given out by the disclosure 
project (Steven Greer) and some from documents relating to the Matthew Bevan case. There 
was a list of supposed UFO hackers who had died and a list of sites they had been trying to 
get into. There were names of companies like TRW and Raytheon and Lockheed. In fact I 
might not be remembering TRW correctly. Anyhow I was reading about the disclosure 
project and I was fascinated because at the time they had 300 expert witnesses all of which 
were ex military, ex government, radar controllers and air traffic controllers all the way up to 
Strategic air command people - men and women who were able to decide whether to launch 
nuclear missiles. When they come out and say these things why the hell shouldn’t we believe 

1 began to get really angry about it. If such serious people were saying that we had such 
advanced technology then we could put it to good use, we could irrigate dry areas of the 
Sahara, do all sorts of things with that free energy. So I used the information from the 
disclosure project witnesses mainly to do what | termed further research. 

I wasn’t trying to uncover anything about the hackers’ deaths. I was thinking however that if 
they really were killed then there must be something there worth looking at, coupled with 
the witnesses from the disclosure project. 

MW’: Did you make any efforts to validate the information was real provided by the 
disclosure project and the information about the hackers. 

GM: That’s what I was doing, not just the IPs (Internet addresses) as well as to trying to find 
out what the entire network | was on was created for. 

MW: Did you find out if the hackers who were supposed to have been killed were real? 
GM: I didn’t try to research the hackers at all. 

MW: Can you say how you went about doing the work of looking into these systems for the 

GM: Yes sure. You can FTP (Note: File Transfer Protocol — rudimentary way to look at 
remote machine folders and files). Lots of the FTP and Telnets (Telnet — rudimentary way to 
access computers via commands). I read through lots of pages and watched many hours of 
the disclosure project and whenever anyone mentioned a place name I wrote this down, or a 
building at a certain place. I harvested little nuggets of data. For example Donna Hare in the 
disclosure project. She was a NASA photographic expert who prepared mission slides and 
photographic slides. She said that in building 8 of Johnson Space Centre there was a place 
that she found out from a colleague who had a top secret clearance, was an area that they 
weren’t supposed to have wandered into where they regularly airbrushed out images of 
UFOs from high resolution satellite photography, because they are so frequently caught on 
film and before the images are then sold onto to Universities. 



Using my blank password scanning technique | got into Johnson Space centre really easily, as 
there were blank passwords everywhere. In a network of machines the administrators have a 
comment field where you can see the function of the machine and its location and you can 
write whatever you want, such as this is the file server or this is the print server and this is in 
building 8 floor 3, whatever. So I stripped out all the comment fields that had building 8 in 
them and did my blank password scanning technique for all those machines and lo and 
behold the machines there had raw and processed folders in them. These images were over 
200 megabytes and I was on a 56k dialup connection and also these images were in a 
proprietary NASA image format. So there wouldn’t be much | could have done with them 
unless | had the software to view them. 

This was my best and worst moment in it all and | still think back with anger because of the 
way things went. ] mean what she said was there was there. I] wanted to see the images and | 
had to see them, I had to know! But transferring those files at that size would have taken 
days so I had an idea. I would look at it on their screen. | did it by taking graphical control of 
their desktop and turning the colour right down so that it could transfer to my pe quickly. 1 
saw probably about the top two thirds of this picture and I saw what looked like the earths 
hemisphere with woolly clouds but then the structure started to appear and it started to 
reveal the body of what at first looked like a satellite but then as it revealed more | realised 
that this looked very different and 1 was on to something. There didn’t appear to be any 
seams or rivets and no telemetry, no aerials. Just then | saw the mouse move on the screen 
and it went down to the lower part of the screen and next chose the disconnect command 
and that was it, that was me out of NASA. 

Hats off to NASA they did close off my method of entry in practically no time at all in 
nearly all of their systems. It was a horrible moment though because it was “eureka” and 
then instantly | got caught. I think I might have got the time zones confused or something 
because somebody was actually awake and in the office at the time and they had seen what I 
was doing. I would have loved to have got a good look at them, to have been able to have 
downloaded that whole folder. 

MW: A shame you had not got those files. Can you tell me did you consider what you were 
doing back then in accessing these files to be wrong or illegal. 

GM: It didn’t feel illegal, not back then. Well I knew it was illegal but at the time just because 
it was illegal doesn’t make it wrong is what I was thinking. Also I thought it was for the 
greater public good and that I was in the right. I thought crikey this free energy stuff is 

MW: Are you familiar with the term Honeypot, i.e. some systems may be left on the internet 

by governments or agencies in order to lure people in with tempting or either fake 
information so they can track them down. 

GM: I know about honeypots and these systems certainly weren’t. The machine log on and 
log off times were all correct and being a systems administrator I could tell that things were 

MW: You are sure you would know the difference. 



GM: Oh yeah! You wouldn't be threatened with 70 years in prison and 1.75 million dollars 
in fines for gaining entry to a honeypot! 

MW: What would a honeypot contain that might be different to a real system. 

GM: A honeypot would be very isolated and you would find yourself on a small subset of 
the network. You wouldn’t be able to access many other machines from the one you first 
gained a foothold into. There would be documents on there probably some fake email 
addresses. If 1 was doing one | would transplant a history from another machine onto this 
one so it would appear to have a length “up-time” to make it look like people had been 
working on it. However because I was on a military network I could then access other 
military networks with a address and I would look like 1 was coming from the same 
type of network. I knew | wasn’t enclosed, which is the essence of a honeypot, they want to 
keep you in one place and watch you. 

MW: So even though NASA at Johnson building 8, we know that NASA does military tasks 
like putting stuff in space. So was the NASA site military or public. 

GM: The NASA stuff was public and some of the other stuff was military. 
MW: Would honeypots really only apply to military systems? 

GM: No Iam sure NASA does it as well. NASA network addresses all end in (dot).gov and 
are government sites. They are supposedly public but infact they are not really they are 
military organisation really. I’m sure NASA does honeypotting as well. 

MW’: Do these sites warn you as you log on of potential illegality of unauthorised access or 
any such similar measures to tell you how these systems should or shouldn’t be used. 

GM: Well the way I did it initially was through the consoles so there are no graphics and 
because I knew it was the administrators account and the password was blank. I would type 
NETUSE then a certain share name on the machine and then password was blank. One I 
was logged in to that machine with Administrator level access | could remotely install 
software on that machine which gave me graphical control. On some machines you would 
find people already logged on so you didn’t get that front screen. Sometimes you would get a 
logon screen with “This is the property of NASA”. It’s amazing though because under 
federal guidelines they should all be like that. You have to let someone know that they could 
be trespassing otherwise that person may not realise they have committed a crime. A lot of 
those machines didn’t conform to the federal guidelines and had no warnings in place. 

MW: So in some respects one could through quite easy methods wander into these machines 
without hindrance and be looking around without realising you were doing very much 

GM: If you hadn’t spent all night scanning them for the blank passwords in the first place... 

this is obviously a deliberate act. It’s not exactly something you could just happen upon by 


MW: Well 1 am thinking well you could drive into a military base by mistake if the gates were 
open and there were no signs saying Military Base keep out. You could even get to see things 
you weren’t supposed to but how would one know unless someone came up and said, you 
aren’t meant to be here. 1 could see your looking around like trying lots of gates, and finding 
one open and going in for a look... was it your fault that these gates were left unlocked with 
no warming signs on them. 

GM: I see your point it’s a good analogy. 

MW: If one just takes a look and does not harm is this a problem. Is that what you are being 
charged with? Or are you being charged with alterations, defacement and damage? 

GM: I have been charged with intentional malicious damage on every machine I was on. 
MW: Arte you able to talk about some of this... is it going to harm your case? 

GM: No it’s ok. 

MW’: So what sort of damage? 

GM: Well they have kind of redefined damage. Well on one level they have said “impairing 
the machines ability to perform its normal function” which is rubbish because all I did was 

log on and install my remote control software which doesn’t actually inhibit the machines 
ability to function in any way. 

Then they go on to say “damage by alteration of data” which refers to the act of installing 
the remote control software, but I haven’t actually damaged their data in any way by doing 
sO, it is an addition to the machine not a damage to their data. I have altered the image of the 
machine because by installing the software it is not the machine it was before but I have not 
destroyed data or decrypted data. 

MW: So your actions merely appended to or added to the machines purpose, it didn’t 
damage any of their files. 

Considering you didn’t know you weren’t meant to be there would there be any kind of valid 
case for saying that someone could have any reason to be looking around as you were in any 
normal circumstances. 

GM: There’s no way you could innocently stumble upon it. 

MW: Do playpen type machines exist where somebody could log in run a bit of software at 
someone else’s machines time or expense? Do such things exist? 

GM: There are on Unix machines access via shell accounts to do things. They do exist. 

ASE Ra oO eee these systems randomly or would you need prior knowledge 
and arrangement to use them. 



GM: You would need to know about them in advance and have been given an account on 
them via the owners. 

MW’: Do you think that it makes a difference that you did this in the US rather than the UK. 
1 know that some hackers such as Matthew Bevan (alias KUJI) I have spoken to choose to 
hack overseas sites because the risk of trouble to the hacker getting caught was considered 
less if you hack overseas. 

GM: It seems sensible but | wasn’t really aware of that mechanism at the ume. I chose US 
sites because it was my understanding that their military and defence contractors had the 
closest links to the UFO subject. 

MW’: Yeah | think hacker lore says “Never hack your own country”. 

If you were to let people know you had been into these sites and warn them later on that 
they had a security hole would you think this would have meant that your presence there was 
such a problem? | did hear that you had let some network administrators know you had been 

GM: Yes, I always used to set a password when I went in to these sites so that nobody else 
could get in the same way I had done and bother my little operation. Once I had realised 
that this place was of no viable use I would leave a note on the system administrators 

MW: What sort of note did you leave them? 
GM: I was telling them “Sort your security out”. 

MW: So you did warn them. Do you think people read them and realise there had been a 
breach of security. 

GM: Well I actually left it open in their WordPad (word processor) so it would be the first 
thing they saw in the morning. 

MW: You didn’t leave any details of who you were? 

GM: Oh god no. Later on when Afghanistan happened, | started leaving more politically 
orientated messages for them. 

They brought out part of one of my statements and it was part of it which made me look 
really bad. 1 would sometimes start off by saying that 911 was an inside job and that there 
was a deliberate stand down of American air defence. | also used to say that it was no fault 
of American service men or women but the fault of government or covert operations 
working inside the government. The bit they released from my messages which makes me 
look bad is from the very end which says “I will continue to disrupt at the very highest 
level.” by which I meant leaving these messages. I was accused of taking down the entire 
military district of Washington, which one man in his bedroom cannot do, I would expect, 



MW: Is there any evidence which has been presented to prove you did in fact take down the 
entire military district of Washington? 

GM: No, none. 
MW’: So how could leaving messages like that take their entire district network down? Is that 

GM: Hmmm... I don’t think it could. Ermm, it was my way of trying to communicate with 
those people I felt were the wrongdoers. | was letting them know | had been there and was 

searching for something and I would find something. 1 may have been a little bit drunk when 
1 left those messages. It wasn’t a good idea really. 

MW: So drink was an element in your motivation. You would work during the day and then 
come home maybe have a drink and do some hacking? 

GM: Well I wasn’t drinking every ume | hacked. On that particular occasion | referred to | 
did leave a particularly long political diatribe. 

MW: Was it the drink that made you a bit more animated in your message to them and do 
you regret that? 

GM: Well it was very egotistical. 1 didn’t regret it at the ume but I regret it now because of 
how it can look wrong. 

MW: I’m sul interested how a note left to a system admin can bring down the entire military 
network in Washington! 

GM: Yeah and if it had really happened then why wasn’t it in the news. It had gone down 
then surely something big would have happened or something might have gone wrong. 

MW: Did you follow the news to see if perhaps it was reported on? 

GM: I didn’t but ] do remember somewhere like Fort Knox or Fort Belvoir these were 
massive systems of something like 5000 PCs and ] remember when I was looking there one 
of those that I saw a military cyber security newsletter saying that they had tracked down and 
stopped a hacker intruding into their network and it was around the same sort of time that I 
was there.... 1 wondered if this was me as it was the same time and was the same network. 

MW: Did you look for much information like that? 

GM: No not really because 1 was maintaining such a quiet presence at the time | didn’t think 
there was any way I would be caught. 

MW: So no proof you managed to cripple the Washington system. 

GM: When I was arrested in 2002 and the three years between my rearrest I was allowed 




internet access. I did not see anything that referred to this alleged incident. 

MW: Could it be proven that they military have perhaps exaggerated against you and is 
making up these claims for getting you extradited. 

GM: That’s the unfortunate thing is that because it is an extradition hearing they can only 
deal with the extradition law and can’t deal with anything to do with the actual charges. I am 
not even allowed to speak at these things. You can’t defend. However the prosecution can 
and they are allowed to say “he’s done this and that” and you aren’t allowed to argue those 

MW: So the prosecution are allowed to make their claim against you and you are not allowed 
to defend yourself in this hearing. 

GM: Exactly! 

MW: Ramsey Clark is some ones whose name comes to mind. He is a former Attorney 
General which is a high ranking legal position and he served under Nixon I believe. He is 
now a very big human rights advocate and helps people with awkward cases that need his 
type of presence to be able to make things happen. He may be able to help you with your 
case as I know he has helped represent UFO witness Larry Warren to help him get his 
passport back when the US govt alleged he was harming national security by speaking about 
the Bentwaters UFO incident. After Mr Clark intervened the passport was given back. 
Perhaps he could help you before you even get to the US. Perhaps even try to dissolve the 
case before you get called to be extradited. Perhaps people like Steven Greer might be able 
to suggest extra help you could get. 

GM: Steve Greer offered to come to speak at the extradition hearing as an expert witness. I 
am not sure it would have been something the court would like having someone talking 
about UFOs at an extradition hearing. 

MW: Well I am not so sure seeing as it is a fundamental part of the case before them, why 
someone would be motivated to do this sort of computer activity that you did... and to hear 
from an expert witness that the UFO subject is taken very seriously from a gathering 
credible evidence point of view might lead someone like yourself to want to look in places 
that maybe one shouldn’t. However it would probably be your lawyers who would advise on 
if it would be good or bad for your case. I think it might help to show that your intentions 
were UFO related with research in mind and not malicious or terrorist in nature. 

I assume you would like to work in computers again. 

GM: Yes 

MW: What are the current penalties against you if you did get extradited to the US? 
GM: 60 years imprisonment and 1.5 million dollars in fines. 

MW: That’s crazy. Where would someone convicted of a crime get 1.5 million dollars if 

their life has been ruined? Where would you get 1.5 million dollars if you worked every day 
of your life? So is it a fine or 60 years? 

GM: Actually I think its both. 

MW: So you'll be able to find 1.5 million dollars whilst spending the rest of your natural life 
in prison? How does that work. | think the US authorities are completely unrealistic in their 
sentencing procedures. 

GM: Its all on a points system as well... it’s all just mad. 
MW: So how are you managing for money at the moment? 

GM: I have had some offers that have said if you come out of all this clean then we will 
employ you in security. | have also had film offers and book offers but they are holding back 
until it pans out. They don’t want to give me a £15,000 advance until they know that | am 
going to be able to work with them because | may be off to America. It’s working out again 
though at the moment because | am living with somebody who has a job and together with 
my housing benefit money and unemployment benefit its enough to get by. However there 
was a 5 year period where | was just living in a double room which you get used to but isn’t 
ideal. My dad would say (in Scottish accent) “It’s your own stupid fault kid!” (Laughs) 

MW: Can you tell us any more about the Extradition system. 

GM: There is a man who is British and who runs an online gambling system and the 
Americans have their online gambling systems and because of probably jealousy the 
Americans have arranged to have the British man arrested because the federal government 
isn’t making any tax from his gambling venture. They arrested him and not the citizens for 
breaking American law. He stands to be extradited under the new fast track system however 
this is meant to be a system for dealing with Terrorists. 

They have also used the new law on the “Natwest Three”. They have also extradited a man 
for some type of price fixing charges but at the time the man dine this it was legal, but the 
extradition act is retrospective so the Americans have decided to try and arrest him for it 
even though it was 10 years ago and wasn't illegal at the time. They are just using the system 
for these means and its being completely misused. 

MW: Isn’t it the case that if it wasn’t illegal years ago to do a thing just because they change 
the law now doesn’t mean you committed a crime back then. That’s how I thought the law 

GM: Indeed. The Natwest three case had the people involved having to pay 1 million dollars 
bail, I think only two of them could afford this because they were fairly well off. They are 
extradited to the US now. They are not allowed contact with each other unless a solicitor is 
present. They have these electronic monitoring tags on them. They are not allowed any UK 
witnesses. They are in a terrible situation. 


Flying Saucers-For Real! 
(The secret truth behind U.S. built flying wing disc aircraft) 

By Jack D. Pickett and Michael H. Schratt 
Copyright 2007 All Rights Rerserved. 

Computer generated Illustrations by Michael H. Schratt, Chuck Biddlecom and Gino Marcomini 

(Illustration #1) 


© cee oe tes 4 oo ee 

NOTE: The pictures used in this article are computer generated forensic composite 
illustrations. These illustrations were specifically created to give the general public a 
technically accurate representation of what these historically significant aircraft 
looked like. Since the actual aircraft and official USAF photos are still classified, this 
article and the associated illustrations represent the most accurate historical account 
now in the public domain. 

What you are about to read is stil] classified “TOP SECRET” by the United States Air 
Force. Now, after 60 years, the true story of the U.S. involvement into the design and 
constructon of “Flying Saucers” can now finally come to light. This is not your run-of-the- 
mill “light in the sky” saucer story. In this case, the dates, names, and locations of very 
specific personnel and hardware can now be idenufied, which point to a very “terrestrial” 
explanation for many of the “UFO” sightings beginning since 1947. Please note: The images 
used in this article are computer generated forensic composite illustrations based on the 
actual testimony, drawings, letters, and detailed descriptions of Jack Pickett and Warren 
Botz. The illustrations were designed to give the general public the most accurate depictions 
ever created of these most unusual historical special purpose aircraft. A very strict scientific 
approach was used in the creation of these images. The process was identical to that of the 
federal government when they are trying to create a composite forensic sketch of a particular 

(retired U.S. Naval combat veteran Jack Pickett is pictured above and to the left) 

THE REAL STORY: The case for U'S. built flying wing disc aircraft (aka flying 
saucers) begins with an unprecedented true account by Mr. Jack D. Pickett (retired WWII 
naval combat veteran and publisher). During the 1960’s, and on into 1972, Jack Pickett and 
his business associate Harold Baker published for the Air Force certain house-organ 
magazines (club-calendar-events) for NCO and Officer’s Club facilities for several military 
bases in Florida. It was 1967 when the Adjutant General’s Office at MacDill AFB (T: ampa 
Florida) proposed a front cover, and two-and-a-half page article within. The subject was 
Vintage, Historical or Experimental aircraft. 


THEY DO EXIST: Jack and Harold learned that some experimental jet aircraft 
were being stored at the base salvage/scrap-yard (see picture 2, illustration 3 & 4). These 
particular aircraft had already been decommissioned/declassified, and were parked directly 
outside, and NOT in a hangar. In September of 1967, both Jack and Harold drove together 
to where these aircraft were being parked. Upon arriving at the chain link fence, which 
surrounded the perimeter of the base near the scrap-yard, Jack first saw the most awe- 
inspiring aircraft ever built. Jack’s initial thought was: “My gosh! Those are Flying Saucers! 
Those things really do exist.” There, parked outside on a taxi-way near the base scrap-yard, 
were four flying wing discs, measuring 20, 40, 70 and 116 feet in diameter (see arrow 
MacDill AFB aerial photo #2). Jack recalled that the chain link fence was only 50 feet from 
were the discs were parked. Because they were the last remaining of their model, the Master 
Sergeant of the Non-Commissioned Officer’s Club telephoned the Adjutant General’s 
Office for permission for Polaroid photographs to be taken, even though all of the ures were 
completely flat down to their wheel rims. The Master Sergeant stated to Jack that he was not 
sure what these aircraft were for, but thought they might be some sort of “test” aircraft. The 
General’s Office suggested that Jack use higher quality official Air Force photographs 
available at the Adjutant General’s library at MacDill. Apparently, the Air Force wanted to 
make a good impression, and did not want to release photos of these aircraft with flat ures 
and at least one sagging landing gear strut (see sub-heading Large Disc). Jack was also 
informed that it would not take long to bring these aircraft back up to “flying status”. Jack 
Pickett was issued for his article, the highest security clearance ever given to any civilian 
publisher due to his prior work with SAC/TAC/Navy/Army bases. Under armed military 
guard, Jack was personally shown literally hundreds of official U.S.A.F. photographs of these 
aircraft in formation flight, on the tarmac, and was shown portions of motion picture 
footage of these aircraft in flight (see aerial photos/illustrations 12-20, and USAF conference 
table photo depiction). Jack was allowed to select those photographs best suited for the up- 
coming NCO Club newsletter article, and obtain additional detailed information concerning 
the discs. It’s important to note, that these four aircraft are NOT to be confused with the 
well known Avro VZ-9 Avrocar, Chance Vought V-173 “Flying Pancake”, Project Silverbug, 
or the Chance Vought XF5U-1. 

(Illustration #2) 




E ae W 


(Illustration #4) 



STATIONED AT MacDILL AFB- 1967 wiv". Sa Aron 8 | 

Am (eau cont | 

a fy | ae a we | 

eee Se rat “nar Sp ay | 

See ~“ | 
a . oe / \ 

eee | 


fy | 
Sete a = “ 

| een ie 
i y f 

Pe $$ APPROX 20° ——A ar \ iY / 


(STATIONED AT MacDILL AFB- 1967) iiss, ieuemnens 

wan CIO 

(ALSO SEEN AT WPAFB HANGAR #4 - 1978) = yr 
CEE 2S : 
= ae 
“i ve << 
ALO} “On cama ‘S 

APPROX, 116’ 

(MBLC eee ussiyegsaces co7) 

(illustration #5 & #6) 



(illustration #9) 

(Illustration #10) 

DESCRIPTIONS OF THE DISCS: Authors special note: It’s important to note 
that when describing the outward appearance of these aircraft, all aviauon researchers and 
historians should 100% discard all of their pre-conceived ideas of what an aircraft should 
look like. When Jack first saw the official USAF photos of these aircraft, he was amazed, and 
immediately asked questions regarding how large, and how many of these aircraft were built. 
Jack also inquired about the flight performance (altitude and cruise speed) for these aircraft. 
Some of the in-flight photos clearly showed the discs being escorted by an F-84F 
Thunderstreak (swept-wing) interceptor aircraft (illustration #11, 14-17). A few of the in- 
flight photos also appeared to show F-80 Shooting Star, F-86 Saber and F-100 Super Saber 
jet aircraft. Some of the photos that Jack was shown included 50 aircraft flying in formation. 
Author’s special note: The specific USAF squadron that flew chase for these discs carried 
the unique designation “FLITAFF” (Fighter Long-range Tactical Air-command Future 
Forces) see illustrations 21 & 22. This support group (SG) was at one ume stationed at 
Carswell AFB (Fort Worth Texas), than later transferred to James Connolly AFB (Waco 
Texas). Indeed, “FLITAFF” was actually painted on a hangar at James Connolly AFB. 
Looking head on, they appeared as the classic so-called “Flying Saucer” shape, very similar 
to two saucers stacked one over the other (see illustration #7). The pilot/crew compartment 
appearing as a bubble shaped contour located directly in the middle of the top of the disc. 
There was nothing forward of the pilot’s compartment other than the sloping surface. That 
compartment featured a “spinal fairing” that ran from the canopy, and tapered back towards 
the trailing edge of the disc, narrowing down to a very high vertical tail. The small 20’ 
diameter craft (see illustration #5) had a crew of one, with an air-intake on both sides of the 
pilot’s compartment, and two exhaust ports at the aft lower portion of the disc. The air- 


intakes could best be described as looking very similar to that of a Harrier or Douglas A-7 
Skyhawk. This aircraft also employed control surfaces along the circumference of the disc. 
Jack also recalled that all four aircraft had a small black “non-slip” walk-way that ran along 
the length of the fuselage, leading up to the pilot/crew compartment. According to Jack, the 
smaller disc seemed to incorporate a sort of magnifying/enlarging optical sight, which was 
directly embedded into the 1-1/2 to 2” thick canopy windows, which may also have been 
used as a flat armored glass windscreen. The standard Air Force insignia, and the designation 
“XPERIMENTAL” followed by “USAF”, was visibly printed starting immediately behind 
the windows of the compartment on towards the tail. On the upper surface of the vertical 
stabilizer, there was the identification “U.L.” which stood for “Unlimited Altitude”. Jack was 
informed that the discs had considerable various uses. The O.1.C. permitted Jack to actually 
kick the tires of the smaller 40’ craft, while the O.1.C. stood nearby and snapped a photo in 
the process. The 40’ disc featured a hinged canopy that flipped up to allow entry for the 
pilot. All four discs were polished aluminum silver in color, with the aircraft skin seams and 
rivets Clearly visible. Jack recalled that the aircraft “skin” was in good condition, and did not 
show signs of excessive oxidized wear. He was also permitted to run his hand along the edge 
of the smaller discs. Amazingly, each aircraft was so exceedingly streamlined that it appeared 
as though each craft were made out of one piece. The discs themselves, regardless of size, all 
had tricycle landing gear. The size of the aircraft, determined how many wheels on each. The 
20’ and 40’ discs incorporated a single wheel on all three landing gear struts, while the 70° 
diameter version used dual wheels all around. When Jack was permitted to walk around these 
discs, it was clear to him that both the 20’ and 40” diameter craft were of single pilot design, 
while the 70° craft was a two seat tandem model. Jack also recalled that on the very forward 
leading edge of all of the discs, there appeared to be a “retractable slotted window”, which 
may have been used to improve pilot visibility during approach to landing. For whatever 
reason, the top entry hatch of the small 20° diameter disc was left open, leaving it exposed to 
the elements. According to the O.1.C. (Officer in charge) of MacDill, all four aircraft had 
been flown in, and then immediately parked outside at the scrap-yard. The O.1.C. also 

informed Jack that not one person had ever been allowed to enter any of the discs since they 

(illustration #11) 


(Illustration #13) 


laa, = 


| ie 


(Illustration #14) 


(Illustration #22) 





(Illustration #23) 

THE LARGE DISC: Measuring 116 feet in diameter (comparable to the 
wingspan of a B-47 Stratojet), and standing 12’ off of the ground, (much higher near the 
edge) the largest of the four discs must have been a sight to behold (see illustration #1, #6 & 
#10 background). The O.1.C. permitted Jack to walk under and around this aircraft, but was 
soon told to come out from under it due to possible safety issues. Jack specifically noted that 
the port main landing gear of the large craft was partially collapsed, causing the aircraft to 
lean to the left. Each main landing gear consisted of 6 wheels, measuring 5’ in diameter. 
Incredibly, the nose gear had 32 wheels which measured 2-1/2 to 3 feet in diameter (see 
illustration #25 & #26). Indeed, Jack recalled that “the front landing gear had more wheels 
than I had ever seen on any aircraft before”. The fact that this large aircraft utilized muluple 
nose wheels on the nose gear indicates that it was only intended to be operated from hard 
surface runways. Although all of the tires on this craft were flat, Jack noted that they did not 
appear exceptionally worn. A door was located on the port side of the craft, for access to the 
crew compartment. Immediately behind the door, were three oblong rectangular shaped 
windows that ran along both sides of the fuselage (see illustration #23). These may have 


been stations for the flight engineer, navigator, and weapon systems operator. The extreme 
forward section of the crew compartment looked like the nose of a Curtiss C-46 transport 
aircraft. The large craft employed two air-intakes on both sides of the crew compartment, 
and four exhaust ports at the aft bottom end of the craft (see illustration #7 & illustration 
#24). The air intakes blended beautifully into the sides of the fuselage and upper portion of 
the disc. It was clear that the crew compartment had room for a pilot and co-pilot who sat 
side-by side. The main cabin/fuselage appeared very similar to that of a Douglas DC-6 
passenger airliner, with enough room for a central isle, and two seats on either side. The 
upper portion of the vertical stabilizer had the designation “U.S.” which stood for “Upper 





(illustration #25) 





(Illustration #26) 

Jack specifically recalls that the unusually high vertical stabilizer was “higher than shopping 
mall parking lot lights” (see illustration #25, #26 & #28 also see model photo #1 & 2) It 
was evident that the main landing gear retracted inside the main body of the disc, with the 
gear moving up and away from the centerline of the aircraft. The nose gear retracted to the 
rear and up inside the bottom of the disc. Flight control surfaces were located along the 
circumference of the disc, similar to the 20’ model. Jack remembers seeing what may have 
been bomb bay doors located on the bottom surface of the disc. These may have been used 
for the release of 10’ diameter in-flight radio controlled flying wing disc bomb drones. 
Indeed, Jack remembers seeing flying wing disc drones in various stages of disrepair at the 
scrap-yard, near the four discs. These bombs were capable of being delivered with “pin- 
point” accuracy decades before Lockheed F-117 Stealth Fighters dropped “smart bombs” on 
Iraq during the Gulf War. This indicates that the primary mission for this aircraft may have 
been that of a long range reconnaissance bomber. All of the evidence indicates that the 
special mission of the smaller manned discs, was that of a high speed, high altitude espionage 
platform. The O.1.C. also informed Jack that this aircraft had “nuclear capabilities”. Jack was 
told that this aircraft regularly over-flew Russia after WWII, but was told: “you can’t print 
that”. It was obvious to Jack that this large craft would totally do away for the need of long 
range bombers, escort fighter aircraft, refueling aircraft, support crews, and air bases. What 
would be the point of manufacturing additional support aircraft, when you had an aircraft 
that could “do it all”? Of course this would not sit well with the military industrial complex 


which stands to make billions of dollars manufacturing ordinary run-of-mill support aircraft. 
This specific point was brought home during President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s farewell 
address to the nation delivered on January 17", 1961. President Eisenhower stated that “In 
the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, 
whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the 
disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” This he knew from personal 
experience, and was well aware that when the military and defense contractors “slept 
together” bad things happen. 

(Illustration #27) 

AIRCRAFT PERFORMANCE: When Jack asked the O.1.C. if these were the 
Flying Saucers everybody was reporting, he was given an affirmative reply. It’s clear that 
what was being reported in the news media as “Flying Saucers” was one of the smaller craft, 
specifically the 40’ diameter model (see illustration #5 foreground, #10, #8, & #9). The 
overall logistics and tremendous costs involved in manufacturing the giant 116’ model may 
have prevented it from being produced in great quantity (see illustration #12, #27, #28). 
Jack Pickett was never briefed on the exact propulsion system utilized by the four craft, or 
who specifically built these aircraft. Jack also inquired why they had been discontinued, and 
was told that it had to do with maneuverability problems, and that the U.S.A.F. now had 
“better ones”. Author’s special note: Although the following important point seems difficult 
if not impossible to believe, it has been included into this article for historical purposes. In 
regards to the specific performance of these aircraft, Jack was told directly by the O.1.C. that 
“sve could fly so fast as to attain sufficient altitude to be classified as achieving space flight’. 
This is consistent with the official USAF classification that space flight begins at an altitude 
of 50 miles, or approximately 265,000 feet. For Jack’s article, the O.1.C. told him that he 
could state that these aircraft could “exceed mach 1”, a very conservative under-statement to 


say the least. This leaves the very real possibility that these jet disc aircraft employed a 
secondary propulsion system which might have been associated with the USAF NEPA 
(Nuclear Energy for Propulsion of Aircraft) program. Jack inquired how these aircraft could 
avoid burning up while descending from such high altitudes. He was told that during re- 
entry these aircraft “skip” across the upper poruon of the atmosphere, thereby slowing 
down and dissipating the extreme heat (similar to a flat rock when thrown across a body of 
water). Jack was also told by the O.1.C. that “had we had different power source engines, we 
could have gone into orbit” (orbital flight requires 17,500 mph, 25,000 to reach the moon 
and planets). Jack was also told that these aircraft were more secret than the “Manhattan 
Project”. Author’s special note: Those that are skeptical of the realiry of man-made flying 
saucers would do well to review the sighting made by former Mercury Seven astronaut and 
test pilot Gordon Cooper. During 1951 in Europe, Gordon Cooper and his squadron-mates 
attempted to intercept a group of silver saucer shaped craft. Flying their F-86 Saber jets at 
45,000 feet, they were unable to catch the discs. Gordon Cooper reported that the discs were 
flying much higher, and traveling far to fast to be intercepted by his F-86. Colonel Cooper 
recalled that these discs were seen in flying formations of four and sixteen. 

(Illustration #28) 

THE PROPOSED ARTICLE: The four disc shaped experimental aircraft were 
never featured in the October 1967 issue of “NCO Club News”. Coincidentally, while 
putting that article together, there was a UFO/Flying Saucer sighting which occurred directly 
over downtown Miami. That particular aircraft Jack was told, originated from Avon Park 
Air Force Range located 100 miles Southeast of MacDill AFB. Avon Park consisted of 
runways far too short for the operation of conventional high speed, horizontal take-off 
aircraft. Only “harrier type” or VTOL aircraft would be ideally suited for operations at this 
facility. Jack learned that this new prototype developed a propulsion system malfunction, 
which caused it to drop down to “tree-top level’. The crew was desperately trying to keep 
the craft airborne long enough to clear Miami so that they could crash land offshore into the 
Atlantic Ocean. Eventually, the flight crew regained control of the aircraft, which quickly 
turned straight up, and departed the Miami area at a tremendous speed. It’s entirely possible 
that a more advanced prototype VTOL variant (possibly Project Silverbug) of the original 


stead Sor FOS 

2 Ovtit Ins 

four discs stored at MacDill was responsible for the over-fly of Miami (see Avro Silverbug 
Illustration). Immediately after the Miami over-fly, Jack bought a copy of the Tampa Tribune 
morning edition (which carried an article on the sighting), and brought this sighting, which 
took place approximately on September 20th of 1967 to the attention of the O.1.C. at 
MacDill, who personally felt that he should make a request to higher Air Force authority for 
the clearance needed for publication at that time (this sighting was also reported in the 
Miami Herald). The O.1.C. specifically told Jack “Yes, 1] know about that aircraft”. This was 
now the making of the biggest and most decisive “catch 22” that the U.S.A.P. ever found 
itself in. On one hand, the Air Force was standing on the door-step ready to officially release 
information pertaining to the four discs parked at the scrap-yard which had already been 
decommissioned/declassified. On the other hand, Jack was told: “he U.S. Air Force would 
never admit that aircraft ever existed, never? (referring to the aircraft that took off from Avon 
Park, and was responsible for the Miami sighting). Jack was specifically told that it would be 
in the “better interest of the Air Force” to delay publication of his article. Jack was seated 
across the desk from the O.1.C. during their meeting. The O.1.C. also possessed the official 
U.S. Air Force stamp which was ready to go on the back of each of the photos Jack had 
picked out earlier. Due to the fact that the Air Force had changed their mind, the O.1.C. 
began taking back the photos. At this exact point, the official declassification of these 
incredible discs was officially terminated. Jack was later told that “Nobody will ever see these 
aircraft again, until they re-appear as U.S. space craff (possible replacement for current space 
shuttle). Author’s special note: During the time that Jack was examining the discs at the 
scrap-yard, he noticed a hangar nearby. When Jack asked the O.1.C. what was in that hangar, 
he replied “I’m not going to tell you what’s in that hangar”. Speculating about the contents 
of this restricted hangar would be outside the scope of this article. However, it now appears 
that for what-ever reason MacDill AFB was chosen as a sort of “clearing house” storage 
facility for Ultra Top Secret Experimental aircraft. 

(Avro Silverbug Illustration) 




THE CANADIAN CONNECTION: During WWII, Germany had become 
the undisputed leader in highly advanced aircraft technology. The Me-262 jet interceptor, 
Horten flying wings, and the Me-163 rocket powered aircraft were decades ahead of allied 
designs. Indeed, the Germans were so advanced, that in 1944 they flew a six engine long 
range bomber undetected 11 miles up the coast of New York City as a “trial run”. Under the 
direction of Dr. Walter Dornberger, the man in charge of operations at Peenemunde, and 
Dr. Wernher von Braun’s boss, a secret saucer program was started at the BMW /Heinkel 
factory in Dresden in 1943. This design team was headed by Dr. Richard Miethe, who 
worked for the BMW rocket division in Berlin. Dr Miethe’s team was ultimately responsible 
for the manufacture of the incredible discs that Jack Pickett saw at MacDill AFB in 1967. It 
can now be revealed, that these discs had been originally built in Germany in the fall of 1943, 
with the first flight occurring during the spring of 1944. After the close of WWII, many 
German aeronautical engineers were sent to White Sands Missile Range under “Operation 
Paperclip”. The remaining group of scientists, were captured by the Russians. It can now be 
revealed that the Soviets reached the German plant in Breslau before the Americans, and 
quickly dismantled many factories, rebuilding them in Russia. It’s clear now that the Soviet 
Union had their own saucer program (derived from captured German scientist) which 
explains many of the over-flights in the United States. Dr. Richard Miethe was sent to Fort 
Bliss, and later worked at Wright Patterson AFB. Eventually, Dr. Miethe went to work for 
John C. Frost of the Avro Aircraft Company (a subsidiary of Hawker Siddeley) in Malton 
Ontario Canada. 

Mr. Frost was a gifted aircraft designer from England, who headed up Avro’s “special 
projects group” in 1952. Avro was currently working on at least 16 different “Flying Saucer” 
proposals, (see illustration #29 and #30) including project “Y” and project “Y2” (aka 
“Project Silverbug”). Project Silverbug was a design for a supersonic VTOL flying disc. By 
1953, John Frost and his team had completed most of the “paper studies” on these highly 
unusual aircraft. The only problem facing Mr. Frost, was the overwhelming costs involved in 
the development of these designs. It quickly became clear that only one country was capable 
of providing the necessary “financial backing” to “foot the bill” for Avro’s flying saucer 
programs. USAF Lt. General Donald L. Putt had been briefed on the incredible 
performance specifications of these aircraft, and visited the Avro Canada plant on 
September 16, 1953. Not wanting this incredible technology to be acquired by any other 
nation, the U.S.A.F. officially took over and financed Avro’s saucer program in late 1954. 
This allowed the Air Force to “farm out” their own saucer program on foreign soil, while at 
the same time keeping the project strategically close to the United States. By 1955, Dr. 
Miethe had completed construction of the disc shaped aircraft he had originally built in 
Germany in 1944. These were the exact aircraft reported as “flying Saucers” in the U.S. 
during 1947. The first test flight of this USAF/Avro disc, occurred in Malton in 1955, with 
additional test flights taking place at Edwards AFB. Now we know who built the “Flying 
Saucers” that Jack Pickett saw at MacDill AFB in 1967. Mystery solved! 


| PRE-Y "PANCAKE ‘Lf { Sams \' a as ; “p ITAL aTPASANLTAI rE At AS 
i Woe | 
| PROJECT-Y (Y-1) = 
' “AVRO ACE" wa \ 
— LCREW 2,400 kph ae. ee (13,000 Ib) 
| 1,300 mph ) AT 4 
5 (100,000 ft) 
PROJECT-Y fh \\ 
VERSION Soe § eas 7 : h } } NK 
2 CREW ‘a i 







10m. (33 th) 0702 ky 
(20,000 Ib) 


PROJECT-Y2 oo | 
TEST AIKCRAFT \\ ae 4os ; ; ee 
MACH 94 SO 4 

PROJECT-1794 | 
1 CREW 1 PNEUMATIC AS VIPER (6) 10.75 m. (35.3 FT.) 12.383 KG, 
MACH 4 DAMPED R.R. RB-108 (4) (27,300 LB) 
AT (100,000 FT.) (ARTIFICIALLY) 


(illustration #29) 


MACH 1.74 
AT 25,900 m 
($5,000 fly 



} 2CREW 
MACH 1.74 
AT (85,000 fiy 


606 A FIRST 


AT (65,000 tt) 


606 A 

| MACH 22 

(362 mph.) 

(480 mph.) 











PNUEMATIC ORPHEUS (6) Is 6m (61 hs (112,000 Ib) 
DAMPED SOAR (20) 14. 76m. (35.3 &.) {26.000 iby 
UNKNOWN AS VIPER (6) 5.84 m. (29 ft.) 8539 ke. 
(20,000 tb} 
(JT11-B2-58} (65.500 15 ) 
MECHANICAL J69 T9 (3) $486 m. (18 ft) 2,495 kz 
(S,S00 Ib.) 
MECHANICAL GE J85 (2) 6.1m, 20f) 4,400 kg. 
(9,700 Ib.) 
MECHANICAL GE J85 (2) 7.47 m (24.5 &) 4.400 kg. 
{9,700 fd.) 
(Illustration #30) 


MYSTERY OF THE LONG RUNWAY: During the close of WW/II, General 
Patton’s army came upon a very unusual find at a captured German facility in France (near 
the V1 and V2 launch sites). Author’s special note: This finding was described in Patton’s 
biography which included specific data and photos, and also in an official document known 
as the “Patton memo” which was shown to Jack Pickett. In fact, General Patton specifically 
warned the U.S. military of unbelievable facilities being found. General Patton described 
coming upon a huge runway that was 200 feet wide, 11,300 feet long, and was made of 
concrete which was 14 feet thick. The memo stated that the runway was built by the 
Germans using thousands of slave laborers, and took several years to complete. It was his 
written opinion that the construction materials and labor force “surpassed that of the great 
pyramids” (his words). The runway incorporated a unique feature at the far end. An upward 
turned “ski slope” was built into the runway to allow larger aircraft with heavy cargo loads to 
take off more easily. This “ski slope” feature was later incorporated into the designs of 
British and Russian aircraft carriers. The U.S. constructed such a runway in 1972 for our 
incoming and outgoing SECRET horizontal take off and landing space craft at Hunter Army 
Airfield (Savannah GA.) which was never officially closed. In 1972 Jack Pickett visited this 
facility and contacted the Officer in charge. Jack stood at one end of the runway, and was 
informed by the O.LC. that the other end of the runway (which was five miles away) was 
“off limits”. It would seem that this runway also included the “ski slope” feature that was 
used on the German orginal. The O.1.C. than dropped a bombshell. He spoke about our 
secret spacecraft delivering cargo to and from the moon and planets, or “where ever else we go in 
outer space”. Author’s special note: This statement is consistent with the comments made by 
Ben Rich, (former head of the famed Lockheed SkunkWorks, and Kelly Johnson’s right 
hand man). During a cocktail party just prior to his death, Ben Rich pulled a few of his close 
associates aside, and stated: “you know, we already have the technology to travel among the 
stars, but it’s so wrapped up in deep black projects that it would take an act of GOD to get it 
Out to the public”. 

doesn’t end in 1967. Jack was informed that the four discs parked at the scrap area were the 
very last of their kind, and were awaiting orders to either be scrapped or flown/transported 
to Offutt AFB for storage for the yet-to-be-completed Air Force Museum. This brings us to 
Mr. Warren Botz (see picture #31). Warren is a retired WWII P-40 Warhawk Flying Tigers 
pilot, with over 30,000 hours of flight time in 119 different types of aircraft. In September of 
1978, Warren was attending a reunion with his fellow pilots and their wives, at Wright 
Patterson AFB. A medium size group of about 62 people including Warren, were 
transported by bus across the base to where the restoration hangar is located. It’s here that 
various older aircraft are processed, and made ready for the Air Force Museum. Arriving at 
hangar #4, the group departed the bus, and began walking through each of the hangars by 
way of a connecting doorway. Warren momentarily departed from his group, and managed 
to walk through the door of hangar #4 bay “E” (see picture #32, 33, & hangar #4 top view 
illustration). Taking up the entire hangar, was the identical craft Jack Pickett saw at MacDill 
AFB in 1967. Through telephone conversations with Mr. Botz, it became apparent that what 
he saw the large 116’ diameter craft (see illustration #35). Warren was only in this hangar for 
about two minutes, but was able to confirm many of the details mentioned by Jack Pickett 
12 years earlier. Mr Botz clearly temembets seeing the tricycle landing gear, along with the 
very high vertical tail. Warren also recalled that the main landing gear strut “looked as thick 
as a telephone pole”. The nose gear strut was very similar in appearance to that of a French 


Supersonic Concord. Warren recalls seeing what looked like “venetian blinds”, or “thrust 
vectoring vanes” inside the exhaust ports. He also recalled seeing “landing gear strut 
scissors”. These devices are used to prevent the gear strut shafts from popping out of their 
cylinders. Calling upon his extensive aviation background, Warren was able to determine that 
this U.S. built flying saucer incorporated a “split rudder” system. This control surface 
arrangement utilizes “aerodynamic boost” to help aid in full deflection of the rudder (similar 
to that of a Schweizer 2-33 glider). Warren was in this hangar for about two minutes, when a 
security guard who was stationed near the corner of the hangar “intercepted” him as he was 
walking towards one of the main landing gear struts. At that point, Warren was politely 
“escorted” out of the hangar. As he was leaving, Warren was able to look back and get one 
final look at this “Monster” (his exact word) of an aircraft. In fact, after seeing the 
illustrations used for this article, Warren declared: “that’s the exact aircraft I saw at Wright 
Patterson AFB”. Warren also described that when he entered the hangar where the large disc 
was being kept, it was parked nose first in the hangar. He went on to describe how the 
aircraft was towed into the hangar. At first glance, it would appear that the tail was too tall to 
fit through the hangar opening. Through the use of a special wheeled ramp, the aircraft is 
rolled inside (see illustration #34). 

Author’s special note: During a telephone interview with Warren Botz, he described 
the long cabin section as “looking like half of a fuselage”. A very important point I never 
revealed to Warren, but which Jack Pickett stated to me earlier. Jack described the fuselage 
as looking like someone cut a DC-6 in half horizontally along the centerline, and then 
“dropped” this section directly on the top portion of the disc. 

Status update March 15, 2004: e-mail received from “Rufus Tallwalker” who stated 
that he was a salesman calling on the base in 1967, and came upon these USAF jet disc 
aircraft. In his words, he “thought it was strange that the Air Force really did have flying 
saucers, but denied their existence”. 

Status update April 20, 2004: Telephone discussion with Mr. James Frank Stokan 
(retired Lockheed Skunk Works senior propulsion systems engineer) who specifically stated 
that he indeed was familiar with this aircraft, and in his words, he would: “need to check 
with Lockheed to find out what security classification they were under”. 

Status update August 28, 2004: email received from Rupert Trinidad (former 
Lockheed Skunk works engineer). Per e-mail and telephone discussion, Mr. Rupert described 
a syndicated 2 hour radio broadcast that he heard during 1947, 1948, or 1949. During the 
broadcast, which was heard in Albuquerque New Mexico, a man was interviewed who 
sounded very excited, and stated that he knew the truth behind the secret of flying saucers. 
This man stated that they were a Top Secret air force weapon, and that it was these aircraft 
that were responsible for all of the ridiculous science fiction stories of “alien spacecraft”, and 
“little green men.”. He also stated that they came in different sizes, and had “air force 
makings” on them. These statements are consistent with comments made by Jack Pickett, 
and Warren Botz. 




(Picture #32) 

(Picture #33) 


SAF NEPA program) 

(Hangar #4 bay “E” lower level reported to be the location of the U 

(llustration #34) 



Nf ee SS SS SS 
a , _ —f — ae - -_ —_—, —_— 
t cy c _ cz cy of c ry 7 v ft mt | 
| | | | 
a == A USAF - 
U | Ne f 
| \ | f ' 
| | | | No 
Pf | | | Teer | 
) | =. es | oS } OiSC | 
=Fareeree | peraneree= aman § seca amt A ty Varn 

(c) 2006 by Fantastic Plastic Models 

Mado oxciushvety lor Fantastic Plastic Modots by 
Anigrand Craftswerk, Hong Kong 

Flying Disc! 

Top-Secret Jet-Powered jf 
Reconalssance Alrcran 

* 16 Picces 
“ Vacutform Canopy 
“Landing Goor 
* Decals 

(Pet Ragen ant tenant An All-Resin Hobby Kit for Moderate to Experienced Modelers 
Not Recommended for Children Under 14 - Contains Smail Pieces 


The time has come for the U.S.A.F. to fully declassify and release into public domain, the 
technical details, photos, and motion picture/newsreel footage pertaining to these specific 
aircraft. Any potential threat to National Security has now been far out-weighed by the economic 
and environmental benefits derived from the propulsion systems employed on these aircraft. 
Indeed, we can no longer as a civilization, go on using obsolete solid and liquid rockets to 
achieve space flight. There is a “better way” to access space. It’s now time for the military 
industrial complex, and the highest level of U.S. leadership to finally admit that “the game is up”, 
and that the American people, and the world, demand a full disclosure regarding highly classified 
aerospace vehicles and propulsion systems. Only then, can we all take our rightful place among 
the stars, and fully reach our potential to discover new worlds, just over the horizon. 

Please direct all correspondence to: Michael H. Schratt 
215 Lake Shore Dr. 
Crystal Lake IL, 60014 

Phone: 815-814-2145 


Elk Mountain Wyoming UFO Crash 

By Cameron DeBow 
Copyright 2007 

The percentage of Unidentified Arial Phenomena (UAP) reported is a fraction of the actual 
incidents occurring around the globe regularly. Communication technology has been pushing 
this number steadily upward in recent years. But there seems to be a clear pattern of 
multinational entities creating an information vacuum to conceal the facts about theses 

The occurrence UAP crashes on Earth is not often, but seems to be consistent. These 
incidences have occurred throughout human history. Finding the supporting evidence for 
those incidences has been a daunting task for those involved. 

Unidentified Arial Phenomena impacts cannot slip in-between the cracks for several reasons. 
It is part of our history as human beings on Earth, and will likely become very important 
modern archeological digs. These impact sites will also eventually provide evidence to the 
world that this phenomenon is real and that we have never been alone in the cosmos. There 
is also the potential for advanced technology discoveries that might help address global 
issues facing humanity today. Like the shipwreck hunters, the modern UFO crash salvage 
retrievers could get a nice bounty, deservingly for their efforts. As you can see perusing this 
path is a win-win for all of us. 

Herein is a single incident wherein an information vacuum was implemented and successful 
sealed for over 30 years until I met Joe Hoover and got his statement. The interview has 
been slightly tweaked for readability. 

Joe: It was in the summer. It was in late summer and I can remember because the Aspen 
trees were changing color. And we were in a place called “the Pretty Place,” which is up in 
Hog Park, Wyoming. We were all just sitting around roasting weenies and marshmallows, 
and my mom was cooking some fish that we had caught out of the stream. It was towards 
the evening, because you could see the red clouds and the sun wasn’t quite down yet. 

We saw a streak come across the horizon. The ball that was in the front was really, really 
bright. It was a white light. It streaked into a yellowish-orange blue, to a orange-yellowish. 
It crossed the horizon from as far as we could see and it didn’t leave a lot of smoke, you 
could see the trail, but it was gone in a matter of a few minutes. Crossing the horizon about 
that fast (quick hand motion gesturing how fast). We could see it hit Elk Mountain, which 
was almost directly north from where we were. My dad owned a construction company, a 
logging company, and in case of a fire, my dad always had to go out and fight the fire; his 
company. My dad said “oh crap,” and he got us all together and we headed into town. In 
my dad’s pick-up he had a short-wave radio and before we even got back into town, which is 
about a two hour drive away, a real windy dirt road, my dad got the call on the short wave 
radio: “Gather up all your guys and your equipment and stage them at the bottom of Elk 


Mountain.” Soon my dad was up there fighting the fire, and they fought the fire for about a 
week or so. Eventually, some military guys came to the door and said that my dad had been a 
part of a flash-over where the fire skipped over him and they didn’t think he was alive. My 
mom was crying and I have five sisters and we were all crying, you know wondering what to 
do. And nobody would tell us anything. All of sudden a few days later, they brought my dad 
to us. He dad had gotten underneath the tractor as the flash-over occurred. His hair was all 
burnt, he had a little burns on his face, but he was alive, so we were all happy. | think it was 
the next day, there was a whole bunch of military trucks that had shown up in town, and we 
only had two paved streets. They had blocked everything off but everybody could still stand 
on the sidewalk. We saw two trucks sitting next to each other, low bed trucks, you know that 
carry big construction equipment, but they were sitting side by side with this big lump on it, 
covered with a tarp. They had guys standing on top of it to pick up the power lines so they 
could fit underneath. 

DeBow: Can you tell us about the shape of the lump? 

Joe: You know, the closest of my recollection, would be to say that is was kind of ege- 
shaped. It was bigger towards the back of it than from the front. What we could see from 
the top, it kind of looked egg-shaped. 

DeBow: What year approximately are you going to estimate this event occurred? 

Joe: I am trying to think back. It had to have been 72 or 73, somewhere right around in 
there. I can’t remember exactly how old I was. You know back in Wyoming, who cares what 
day it is, what time it is, in a little-bitty town. 

DeBow: So how would you describe the scenery around where this incident occurred? 

Joe: Well it was an emergency to get up there. But you could see the fire was actually 
growing to a pretty good size, because we could see it from our house. Elk Mountain kind 
of sticks out of the canyon down there like a sore thumb, because there are no other 
mountains around it for quite a ways. And we could see the fire, you know the smoke, | 
shouldn’t say the fire—the smoke—we could see the smoke coming off the mountain. And 
my guess would be the south-east side of the mountain that we could see was on fire—at 
least that was where the smoke was coming from. 

DeBow: Did other people in the town have an idea that something strange was going on? 

Joe: Everybody in the town knew that there was something crazy going on. You know, that 
particular time of the year, it was not unusual to get what we call and “evening squall.” When 
the sun starts to set, the heat from the canyon floor raises and the clouds get all black and 
start lighting and thunder and all that stuff. But this particular day there wasn’t anything but 
a few clouds. Little, pillowy-clouds, not like when there is thunder and lightning. 

DeBow: Did the local sheriff's department or police department ever talk about what 
happened after the event? 


Joe: No, nobody did. Not even my dad. My dad didn’t say anything, in fact, I never even 
noticed my dad ever even being scared before. When he came home he always would talk 
about the events of the day, to all of us, because we would all eat at the kitchen table. So 
when he did finally come home, we were all happy, and my mom made our favorite: which 
was pinto beans, fried potatoes, cornbread, and macaroni & cheese. That was our favorite 
and that was kind of our celebration for my dad coming home because we all thought we 
were going to be burying my dad. 

DeBow: He was scared? 

Joe: Yeah my dad was scared. You know my dad hunted bear and, my dad don’t get scared. I 
wish I was half the man my dad is, but my dad doesn’t get scared. He always has a level 
head. He just seems to know what to do in any situation, regardless. He has been taking me 
hunting with him since as long as I can remember. | can’t remember not going hunting with 
my father, at least in Wyoming. 

DeBow: Talk about his composure after this event. 

Joe: He was a/oof. That would be the best way to explain it. He was aloof. He didn’t talk a 
whole lot. He would watch TV and eat dinner instead of eating with us. It wasn’t very long. 

He got over it. 
DeBow: And when the newspaper article finally came out, what did it say about the event? 

Joe: That it was a lightning strike. It was The Carbon County Times and when it finally came 
out almost two weeks after this thing happened, the whole confusion, whatever confusion 
was in the massive fire was there. They didn’t say why the town was closed down; they just 
said it was closed because of the inconvenience because of the size of the fire. But it wasn’t 
that big of a fire. Maybe 1,200 acres, tops. 

DeBow: How many other witnesses saw this fireball from the sky? 

Joe: You know I really don’t know. When we saw the streak come across the sky, there 
would be three of my sisters that I know that were old enough to remember, actually only 
two, Tammy and Teresa, Leanne was still just a baby and Marie wasn’t born yet. So there 
was my sisters, my mom, and my dad. That I know of. 

DeBow: So nobody else in town ever said that they saw the same fireball? 

Joe: Where the town in located, if you are actually walking through the little town or cleaning 
up in your backyard, or whatever, you may not have seen it because the town is lower than 
the plains that are around it. Where we were at, we had (that is one of the reasons we called 
it “the pretty place”) because you have a straight shot of high desert, little rolling knolls, and 
all of a sudden here is this mountain sticking up out of the middle of nowhere—no other 
mountains—just this one that sticks up right out of the middle. 

DeBow: Let’s talk about how after the fire you said you saw the vehicles rolling into town 
with the logos on the vehicles. 


ama seen Eee eee Bi a hs ee 

Joe: When we got back to town, we hadn’t seen anything yet. But once my dad had gotten 
everything gathered up, my mom, because of the situation took us down to this little ice 
cream place that made corn dogs and ice cream and stuff. My mom was trying to get our 
minds off of my dad going off to fight the fire. By the ume we got down there and got our 
ice cream and were heading back, we saw the military vehicles coming into town, there were 
only a few of them. They were not army trucks, but they were camouflaged. There were also 
a couple of black cars that were shiny. I saw a sticker on the door. It either said NASA or 

DeBow: How many vehicles had this logo that you thought was NASA. 

Joe: To me, back then, it seemed like a whole bunch, but right now what is in my head it was 
probably 6 or 7. A couple of them being, how to explain it, like a step-van. There were a 
couple coming through with a big patch on the side of it. Now | am saying that | remember 
it was NASA but back then I didn’t know what ] was looking at, 1 was just a kid. 

DeBow: Let’s talk a little bit about the black-out: the phones, TV, the postal, that is a very 
interesting part of this. 

Joe: When we saw the vehicles we were still down at the, I guess we would call it a Dairy 
Queen, that is everybody else here would know it as, it wasn’t a Dairy Queen, it was just a 
little hamburger and ice cream place. When we were on our way back to the house, my 
mom had to sit at the street. Like I said there were only two paved streets in the town, and 
we had to come out to the one main highway that comes through town and turn to go down 
to where our street was. And we were there, as a kid it seemed like forever, but it was about 
45 minutes to an hour, because there were some military people there. Finally they motioned 
us through and we went on home. But there were military people who were on the streets 
and what looked like military cars. ] remember seeing the camouflage cars and the black cars. 

DeBow: Do you remember what branch of the military they were? 

Joe: I couldn’t even tell you. There was nothing that said army, nothing that said anything. 
Except for NASA, if I remember properly, on a few of those cars that came into town. 

DeBow: Go ahead and talk about the media blackout. 

Joe: It almost happened, like I said, as soon as those cars showed up. It happened right then. 
There was no phone contact out. When you picked up the phone it was static. Not even 
busy tone, just static. Of course the town was on a party-line back then. Our block shared 
one line. It was like that for about two weeks. The newspaper came about three times a 
week, and we didn’t get a newspaper from then on. There were no newspapers. None. 

DeBow: How about the TV? 
Joe: No, no TY, just static, that was it. The TVs were nothing but static. We only got three 

channels and all three channels were out...what else are five kids sitting inside a house, you 
know what can you do? No mail, the mail was closed up. Then, I remember going riding on 


our bicycles with some of my friends, and the post office, which wasn’t very big, was closed 
up. Maybe about 10 days, somewhere around there. And all of the mail my mom had 
attempted to send during the long ordeal came back undelivered and opened. 

DeBow: Where there any other oddities that occurred around that whole situation and time 

Joe: Just the amount of aircraft coming in and out. We did have outside of town, there is a 
place called “the Old Baldy Club.” For the town that we lived in we had a pretty good sized 
airport, as far as the runway goes. Lucille Ball and people like that had vacation cabins at the 
Old Baldy Club. And all of a sudden we heard a lot of aircraft and stuff coming out of that 
small airport. So that was kind of a weird thing. 

DeBow: So tell us about the time frame: so the fire gets put out, and tell me about the fire. 
Joe: As soon as the military showed up the aircraft was there, right around the same ume. 

DeBow: So this is right after the fire got put out? 

Joe: No, before the fire was out. They continued to fight the fire that was up there because 
that is prime timber land, we could actually see the fire from or house, if we went up on the 
roof, over the trees, you could see the fire. There was one area where there were flames, 
where you could see the smoke coming out. The rest of the perimeter of the mountain was 
going out pretty quick. I mean it was going on for a week. We thought my dad was dead for 

a week before he showed up. 

DeBow: The way your dad was so “aloof,” do you think he might have seen something 
strange and someone told him not to talk about it? 

Joe: I don’t think he saw anything because he wasn’t the only one really that was being aloof. 
My friends Kevin and Paul from school said there dads, who worked for my dad, they said 
the same thing. Normally when they would fight a fire, they would say, “I was plowing trees 
here” and “made this area,” and then all of a sudden this one—they didn’t want to talk about 
anything about the fire. Nothing. Don’t say a word. You know usually they say they “plowed 
this stuff” and “put the fire out here” and “it didn’t jump my line,” you know, it is a bragging 
thing. Kevin and Paul and I, we said it was the first time our dads came back and didn’t say 
anything. Nothing. Whether or not they had a good time, whether or not they were heroes. 
Nothing. Nothing. One other thing is that when my dad said he was up there fighting the 
fire, he said the only way he was able to survive was that he knew he was in a flash-fire and it 
was going to go up over him, so he dug a hole with a Dozer, and got down underneath the 
belly pan and took all his survival stuff and the sleeping bag and that was where he stayed. 
Because of the steel of the machine, but the heat was still intense, it burned his skin, you 
know, and the hair on his face. 

DeBow: you said there have been fires up there before. Does the military always show up or 
was this the only time? 


Joe: This was the only time that ] can ever recall that the military ever showed up. My dad 
had fought; he was the primary contractor up there for fighting fires. He was a logger—he 
knows the woods. He always talked about his fires when he got back and this was the only 
one he never did. We saw a lot of fires up there, but never had the military ever showed up 
for another fire. And especially this one, it wasn’t that big of a fire. 

DeBow: So finally the newspaper finally published a story two weeks later? 

Joe: It was about two weeks later, “he Carbon County News, went around town. Opened it up, 
and about two pages back in a small article it said that lightning or possibly a meteor had set 
the mountain on fire, and that was it. A paragraph about this big (Small square hand 
motion). Nothing said about the phones being shut off, the TV, not being able to go out of 
town. We couldn’t go out of town. They had the road blocked off. The military had the road 
blocked off. We couldn’t go in or out of the town period. For a two-week period or at least 

ten days. The military had our town so that we couldn’t go out, no communications, no TV, 
no nothing. 

DeBow: So was there anyone else that thought there was something strange going on? 

Joe: You know what | can recall back then, really, I couldn’t tell you. There was just a small 
group of boys and we could really care less about the rest of the school. I remember my 
mom on the phone saying “this is totally ridiculous for a forest fire, they shut the town down 
and we can’t even get mail.” 1 remember hearing stuff like that. We still had our dads when 
everything was finally done and over, when the military was leaving, there was a motorcade 
that came down the main highway, through the center part of town and there were two low- 
bed trucks, big trucks, driving, and they weren’t hooked together, but close to being hooked 
together, but they were side by side. And my dad had a low-bed because of the logging 
company, to transfer his heavy equipment. That low bed trailer, my dad could put his biggest 
D-9 Dozer on it and it would kind of flatten out, the low bed trailer, you know because they 
were made to flex. These were two trucks side by side with this thing on it and, you know 
the little ceramic things they put down the center of the highway? This thing was hitting 
those. That was how far the belly of this low-bed was sagged. So whatever it was weighed a 
heck of a lot of weight. Looking back as a kid ] never thought anything of it. But as an adult, 
and being an operator, I can say that thing had to have weighed a massive amount of weight. 
A lot of weight. I couldn’t even guess, but I will tell you what, it would be more than a 657 
Cat Scrapper or a D-11R and those machines are a couple hundred thousand pounds. I mean 
there are big cranes I have seen having to be taken apart, but I have never seen anything 
completely flatten out the deck of a low-bed. Usually a low-bed trailer may sag, but this thing 
was dragging on the ground. So whatever it was, it was heavy and it wasn’t nearly as big as 
any of the construction equipment IJ have seen. 

We felt the militaries prompt appearance to the incidence site rose questions. Upon further 
investigation our research uncovered that during that time period there was a military nuclear 
explosion seismic listing post within a relatively short distance of the impact site. Thus giving 
them immediate data on the exact impact location and enabling them to secure the area. 


Around that time period the local county newspaper featured a story about how the biggest 
helicopter in the world was in this nearby town. This town was near the location of the 
military listing post with a population less than a few hundred people. 

Research on this case has barley scratched the surface. More witnesses are being pursued and 
we will continue to uncover what we can about this incident. 

Cameron DeBow Perspective on UFO Crashes in 1999 

The biggest area of speculation, rumor and misinformation regarding UFOs revolve around 
stated crashes. According to many people and former military personnel, UFO crashes have 
frequently occurred on the planet. Reports have come in from dozens of countries and 
from here in the United States. Strangely enough The Fire Fighter’s handbook (Fire 
Officer’s Guide To Disaster Control, second edition, (c)1992 William M. Kramer and 
Charles Bahme, ISBN#0912212268) has 14 pages dedicated to how to control a disaster 
when a flying saucer crashes. Check out Chapter 13 which is entitled “Enemy Attack and 
UFO Potential.” To have knowledge of how to do this they must have had some real 
instance to reference, or how could they print such information on how to extinguish a 
burning flying saucer. If it is true that alien space crafts have crashed, it suggests that many 
governments could currently have advanced technology and Extraterrestrial Biological 
Entities (EBEs) in their possession. 

The truth sometimes is stranger than fiction, but truth always seems to work its way to the 
surface, and if the stories herein are true, billions of us have been deceived. A deception of 
this scale would have to be a calculated and well orchestrated effort—a major international 
conspiracy of sorts. This is hard to believe when so many world governments don’t get 
along. Maybe by concealing this information governments feel they can keep the advanced 
technology secret from other nations and use it for their own advancements, which is an 
understandable scenario. Harder to fathom is the possibility that aliens are actually behind 
the giant cover-up, fearing their own agendas would be exposed. In this scenario, the aliens 
are using our world governments as pawns and manipulating officials as their front men in 
return for promises of giving humans advanced technology. 

Here’s a summary of a few stories and interesting bits about alleged, claimed and stated 
UFO crashes. One of the best known is the Roswell incident. Many credible witnesses to 
this have come forward in the last few years, all with parts of the puzzle that have too many 
parallels to dismiss. A business known as American Computer Company has made claims 
that the Roswell crash wreckage led Bell scientists to discover the transistor, laser and 
integrated circuits. 

Here are stories that have not had the media publicity or attention that the Roswell incident 
got, but should. This first one I personally dug up, which was on my TV show originally and 
now here it is finally in print. In the summer of 1971, at Elk Mountain, Wyoming, Joe and 
his family were camping and they saw an orangish-blue light streak across the evening sky. It 


crossed the horizon in a matter of seconds. They all witnessed it impact into Elk Mountain 
and blow up a cloud a debris into the air. Within about 10 minutes it started smoking and 
they could see it had started a fire. His father, having heavy equipment and being in the 
logging trade, immediately got the family home and took his equipment to the area. The fire 
moved quickly, nearly killing Joe’s father and destroying his bulldozer that he burrowed 
under in the nick of time. This fire storm took two weeks to contain. By the next morning 
the military had shown up and blocked Highway 130 in the nearby town of Saratoga and 
quarantined the town allowing nobody to come or go. Within a few hours the telephones, 
televisions, radios and two-way CBs were dead throughout the town; snow and static were 
all they could get. The next day swarms of NASA vehicles started showing up in cars, 
trucks, even limousines with NASA insignias. The town had been chaos for nwo weeks, but 
this one day was particularly chaotic. Joe noticed a crowd of people gathering at the corner. 
Curious, he went over to see two big trucks with flat bed trailers side by side. It had this 
huge oblong egg-shaped lump on it under tarps and nets; it was so big and heavy it caused 
the trailer to scrape the ground. They even had to lift the power lines for it on their way 
through town. The townspeople got no mail until the ordeal was over and it had been 
opened. During the ordeal there was no communication going in or out of the town, no 
newspapers, no nothing. After the ordeal, the newspapers only reported the incident as a 
fire—nothing else. 

At 1:45 P.M. on August 17,1995 in the province of Salta, Argentina, hundreds of people 
witnessed the free fall of a flying aircraft. The object was described as a big silver tube- 
shaped craft, and it apparently crossed the sky until it crashed and exploded. Many of the 
witnesses describe seeing a column of white smoke produced by the UFO coming from the 
impact site. One person had video footage of burning vegetation at an elevation of 
approximately. 3,000 feet. The burning apparently continued until the next day. 
Descriptions included very thin metallic fragments like aluminum paper but solid and some 
were the size of a car. Several stories that came in were about retrieval reports of several 
dozen aliens, some of them were flown into the USA for examination. Another rumor is 
that this 200 meter metallic disc was struck by air to air missiles, knocking it out of the sky. 
The official explanation of the incident was that it was a “meteorite,” but oddly enough, the 
site was surrounded with military and supported by helicopters. Several nylon body bags 
were seen being removed from the area. 

At 3:30 A.M. on January 2, 1991, several hospital employees witnessed a fiery object drop 
out of the sky into Duluth Harbor on Lake Superior in Minnesota. Local TV news station 
KDLH reported this incident. They searched for the burning object but found nothing. 

The next incident, in San Paulo, Brazil, a military person involved with the February 14, 
1976 UFO crash investigation came forward. He stated that there was a disc-shaped object 
that fell into a swamp nearby Cubatao River. A scuba diver had nausea and headaches soon 
after his contact with the same metallic craft. There is also information now surfacing about 
two other UFO crashes in Brazil where the military had isolated these areas retrieving 
whatever fell by keeping the public and the land owners away from the sites during their 

The Long Island UFO crash is an incident that has a lot of indisputable witnesses. In 
November 24, 1992, many people saw an object crash. One man was driving his car when 


he saw an object impact into South Haven Park. He picked up a friend and returned to the 
park to find the park sealed off by military and state police officers. The nwo tried to use a 
back entrance into the park, but every possible entrance was sealed, blocked and guarded. 
Shortly after the impact the authorities closed down William Floyd Parkway, the main 
highway, its entire length. No reason was given for blocking the highway. This was 
supposedly done to move the crashed disc. People mentioned seeing a large convoy go by 
that was very well lit but everything was covered. It is rumored that 18 dead aliens where 
recovered as well. UFO investigators from LIUFON (Long Island UFO Network) heard 
that people saw fire trucks in the park during the incident, but when the fire department was 
contacted, they stated that there hadn’t been a fire in the park for over 10 years. Additional 
Witnesses in the area reported bizarre power surges and blackouts. Videotapes were 
rendered blank, strange effects on digital clock readouts and VCRs were reported for two to 
three days following the incident. During the night of the occurrence, telephones would ring 
with nobody at the other end, or the phone would ring even though the receiver was off the 
hook. A clergyman reported that his 1990 Mercury Marquis burst into flames in his 
driveway while the car was attempting to start itself. There were also unmarked helicopter 
over-flights fordays following the event. Three LIUFON investigations where stopped and 
detained by Sutfolk County police officers who refused to identify themselves. The UFO 
investigators where questioned about the distribution of flyers concerning the South Haven 
Park UFO incident. The police stated that they would be back to harass them if they 
continued to pass out the flyers. Currently there are photographs and video footage of 
everything from the ship, aliens, and MIBs, being scientifically evaluated for authenticity. 

There was an alleged Siberian UFO crash that occurred in 1986. The witnesses said that 
they saw flying spheres that appeared to be moving slowly with several lights rising from it. 
An impact site was discovered with several pieces of magnetized metal found there. Shortly 
after the incident, people reported seeing numerous UFOs flying around. The Russians will 

not release any of the metallic debris found at the crashsite. 

This next incident was an interesting story of a crashed UFO that was recovered by their 
own before any human intervention occurred. On September 2, 1990, at 3:00 A.M. in the 
village of Megas Platanos in Central Greece, several villagers and some shepherds observed a 
group of UFOs approach the area from the north. One of the UFOs was flying in an 
unstable manner when suddenly the troubled UFO lost altitude and crashed to the ground. 
A witnesses was only 500 meters away and he didn’t hear any noise, but a fire started right 
away. He was afraid but he held his position and continued watching. The rest of the UFOs 
stopped at the accident site and two of them landed. The fire in the bushes was somehow 
extinguished. For the rest of the night until dawn there was unusual traffic spots of light 
going up and down, probably collecting the pieces of the destroyed UFO and the bodies of 
the crew. Meanwhile all of the villagers had been awakened and had seen the whole 
operation. Early in the morning the villagers went out to see the site and saw the ground 
burnt in an oval shape. The edges of the burned area where the fire had stopped looked like 
it had been cut out with a knife. There were very small metallic pieces scattered around. 
Some hours later a team of Hellenic Air Force personnel arrived and told the villagers that a 
Soviet satellite or plane had crashed. A piece of metal was sent to the Space Research 
Institute in Brussels and they replied that the item definitely came from space. 


Seal. «|. |.) nn 


The next case was in December of 1994 on the Nullarbor Plains of Australia. One late 
evening, the engineers of the Australian National Railways reported that there was a bright 
light above them and they were losing power. The light hovered beside the engine and then 
dove steeply to the right and appeared to crash into a sandhill nearby. The engine power 
then returned and continued to run without further problem. The train finally arrived but it 
was three hours late for no apparent reason. The engineers were clearly shaken up by the 
incident, so much so that shortly after the incident, both men quit their jobs and 
disappeared. The next day the sighting made national news on ABC radio and was in local 
newspapers. Local rumors after the incident were of a crashed flying saucer that was 
recovered from the site and brought to Woomera, a joint USA/AUS secret facility. 

Another crash occurred on October 9, 1997, when a giant explosion created a flash seen 
over E] Paso Texas and a shock-wave was felt all the way to Las Cruces, New Mexico. A 
meteorological scientist had given the explanation that a meteor had exploded several 
thousand miles up into the atmosphere, but a local sheriff interviewed on the radio said, 
“They can say what they want, but it is like I am standing here in a snowstorm.” He 
described the debris as being lightweight and metallic, “like sequins or the metal flake 
makeup that ladies sometimes wear.” Many people described seeing a flash in the sky 
followed by smoke. Ex-military personnel said the event looked like something had been 
shot down by some kind of missile. There were reports of an aircraft seen near the point of 
explosion. Suspicions began to arise when the military and scientific search parties refused 
to allow any media to accompany them, and a major Army helicopter strike equipped with 
infrared sensors was employed. This is very strange behavior if they were truly only looking 
for a meteor. People in the know claimed it was extreme action for meteor retrieval. 

On May 5, 1997, in Laguna Cartagena, Puerto Rico, calls flooded in from all over the island 
reporting UFOs to the police and two radio stations. A woman in Ponce videotaped a 
bright light flying over the hill. At around 9:00 A.M. reports came in that a big luminous 
object was seen falling and was followed by a loud noise. Townspeople ran to the mountain 
and witnessed a burned area of about one kilometer and both big and small animals were 
found dead. There was a stench so intense that many had to leave. People at the site saw a 
big green luminous light; they tried to reach it but they were too late and it was too dark. 
They decided to go back to town and seek some help and to get some rope and lanterns. 

On their return, police were running around everywhere. First stating that the incident was 
caused by a motorcycle, as if motorcycles flew, they then changed the story to the object 
being a meteorite. The local police were kicked out of the area and the National Guard was 
called in with the presence of multiple helicopters. Federal authorities cordoned off the area 
and removed the debris. A meteorologist expert was said to have refused to go on record to 
say it was a meteor. Was this a failed disinformation effort? 

There are more and more researches beginning to take the view that there are adversarial 
relationships between extraterrestrial and human activity. In many of the incidences, people 
believe that UFO crafts have been intentionally knocked out of the sky. The question is, 
how and by whom? It’s been speculated that the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) and the 
Star Wars system are keeping unwanted UFOs out of our air space. Supposedly HAARP 
(High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) plays a part in this strategic alliance. 
HAARP, based in Alaska and developed by the Airforce and Navy, is the largest high 
frequency radio transmitter in the world. Ivis designed to concentrate several megawatts 


into an intense beam of almost unimaginable strength and use the ionosphere to bounce this 
death ray anywhere on the planet. It is said that conventional weapons usually cannot 
penetrate the intense plasma field surrounding the UFO crafts, but electromagnetic pulse 
weapons, magnetic shock-waves and phased array radar systems are used to scramble the 
propulsion drive forcing the craft down. These covert projects run under the umbrella of 
“E2” or “sky-station” (Extraterrestrial Electronic Space Command). The collection of the 
wreckage debris is run by Project Moon Dust. It is rumored that there is a highly secretive 
and specialized military team that recovers crashed discs. This team is very similar to the 
Navy Seals or Green Beret, this “Above Ultra Secret” special operations unit known as the 
Blue Berets. 

A keyword that kept coming up in the research for this chapter were hieroglyphics, which 
was mentioned several times as what people and military saw on the ships and wreckage. 
The next most frequently mentioned word was Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio as 
the destination of much of the craft wreckage. Tiny ship cabins with small chairs were 
mentioned quite often, as well as dead aliens. The metal magnesium also came up a few 
times as the common element from the wreckage debris. 



EE ’ 

Project Moon Dust: 
How the Government Recovers Crashed Flying 

By Nick Redfern 

If some UFOs are indeed alien spacecraft - and a small percentage of those same craft have 
crashed to Earth - then among the most important questions facing Ufology are surely: 

1. Who within the official world is responsible for coordinating the retrieval of such 

2. How are those tasked with the recoveries seemingly able to secure UFO crash-sites 
with such apparent speed and ease? 

3. To where is the recovered material taken? 
4. Can we idenufy the players who have been implicated in this particular controversy? 

To answer those questions we have to turn our attention to a United States Air Force 
project code-named Moon Dust that - from at least the mid-1950s onwards - was housed at 
Fort Belvoir, Virginia, and whose mandate, according to  officially-declassified 
documentation, was to recover and exploit captured foreign and exotic technologies. 

And while it is apparent that the bulk of the work of Project Moon Dust personnel was 
directed towards the capture of crashed Soviet space satellites and rocket debris, there are 
strong indications that Moon Dust’s work may have extended into far stranger — and 
possibly even out-of-this-world realms, too. 

The Keyhoe Revelations, 1955: 

Although the precise date upon which Project Moon Dust was established remains unclear, 
there are indications that it was initiated around 1953 to 1955. As evidence of this, we need 
to focus upon the work of one of the earliest and most famous figures in Ufology — Donald 
Keyhoe, a renowned researcher and prime-mover in the now-defunct National 
Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), and the author of five books on 
UFOs, including Fhing Saucer are Real, Aliens from Space, and The Flying Saucer Conspiracy. 

And it is with respect to the latter book that we have to turn our attention when it comes 
to trying to determine the origins and nature of Project Moon Dust. It is a little-known, and 
seldom-discussed, fact that Keyhoe describes within the pages of The Flying Saucer Conspiracy 
(which was published in 1955) the then-recent establishment of an official project apparently 
designed to specifically deal with crashed UFOs and their retrieval. 

In the book, Keyhoe recounts a then-recent conversation with fellow UFO researcher 
Lou Corbin that reads thus: 

“Do you know anything about a ‘crashed-object’ program?” [Corbin] asked me. 


“No. Whose project is it?” 

“It's an Air Force deal, unless somebody's trying to trick me. You've heard of the 
4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron, of course?” 

“Yes. It's a hush-hush unit. They have investigators in all Air Defense Squadrons.” 

“Well, I've been contacted by one of them. First | thought it might be some kind of 
hoax. But I've double-checked. He actually is with the 4602nd.” 

“Sounds queer, Lou. They're not supposed to talk to anyone outside of intelligence.” 

“| Know. But he may be under special orders. Anyway, he’s against the secrecy policy. 
He told me the 4602nd has a special program called the ‘investigation of unidentified 
crashed objects.” 

“If it's true, that is big.” | said. “It could mean they've actually got their hands on some 
flying saucers.” 

“He wouldn't admit that," said Corbin. “But | got the impression they'd recovered some 
kind of ‘objects’- probably something dropped from a saucer.” 

At 2:00 P.M. on November 30 a mysterious bright flash in the sky was reported 
simultaneously in Atlanta, Newman, and Columbus, Georgia; in Sylacauga and 
Birmingham, Alabama; and as far away as Greenville, Mississippi. This brilliant light was 
immediately followed by a series of strange explosions, apparently centered high in the 
sky above Sylacauga. 

Moments later a black object, six inches in diameter, crashed into the home of Mrs. 
Hewlett Hodges. 

Smashing a three-foot-wide hole in the roof, the shining black object tore through the 
living-room ceiling. Striking the radio, it bounced off and gashed Mrs. Hodges’ arm. 

Meanwhile, the mysterious explosions had caused a hurried Air Defense alert. A 
three-state search for fallen objects was immediately begun by squadrons of Air Force 


When word of the “Sylacauga object” reached the Air Force, Intelligence officers flew 
to the scene from Maxwell Air Force Base at Montgomery. Explaining that “the Air Force 
is required to examine such strange objects,” they whisked it away to Maxwell Field, 
from which it was flown immediately to ATIC. 

An hour or two later the object was labeled a meteorite. As soon as this appeared in 
the papers, | received a call from Lou Corbin. “It’s plain that this is part of the Air Force 
‘unidentified crashed-objects’ investigation. They must believe the thing is linked with the 

“It doesn’t look like a coincidence,” | said, “that this object fell just after those 

explosions. If it had been a meteor exploding, it wouldn’t have made such a bright flash 
in the daytime.” 

“In the first news story,” Corbin told me, “it was called an unidentified flying object. At 
least that's the way the Maxwell Field officers explained why they had started the 

“This reminds me of that East New Haven signboard case,” | commented. “On that 
occasion the object wasn’t recovered. Judging from the size of the hole it made, 
however, it was probably about the same size.” 

The two most important points of all that can be extracted from this exchange between 
Donald Keyhoe and Lou Corbin are: (a) that the project at issue dealt with crashed UFOs; 
and (b) that the project fell under the auspices of the Air Force’s 4602nd Air Intelligence 
Service Squadron. It is an established fact that the Air Force’s UFO program, Project Blue 
Book received regular assistance from the 4602nd AISS — whose work was ultimately 
absorbed into the 1127th Field Activities Group at Fort Belvoir in 1960. 


A 1961 USAF document outlines the role of Moon Dust, as well as that of a sister-project 
code-named Blue Fly: 

In addition to their staff duty assignments, intelligence team personnel have peacetime 
duty functions in support of such Air Force projects as Moon Dust, Blue Fly, and UFO, 
and other AFCIN directed quick reaction projects which require intelligence team 
operational capabilities. 

Operation Blue Fly has been established to facilitate expeditious delivery to FTD of 
Moon Dust or other items of great technical intelligence interest. ACIN SOP for Blue Fly 
operations, February 1960 provides for 1127th participation. 

As a specialized aspect of its over-all material exploitation program, Headquarters USAF 
has established Project Moon Dust to locate, recover and deliver descended foreign 
space vehicles. 

Peacetime employment of AFCIN intelligence team capability is provided for in UFO 
investigation (AFR 200-2) and in support of Air Force Systems Command (AFCS) 
Foreign Technology Division (FTD) Projects Moon Dust and Blue Fly. 

These three peacetime projects all involve a potential for employment of qualified field 
intelligence personnel on a quick reaction basis to recover or perform field exploitation of 
unidentified flying objects, or known Soviet/Bloc aerospace vehicles, weapons systems, 
and/or residual components of such equipment. 

The intelligence team capability to gain rapid access, regardless of location, to recover 
or perform field exploitation, to communicate and provide intelligence reports, is the only 
such collection capability available to AFCIN, and it is vitally necessary in view of current 
intelligence gaps concerning Soviet/Bloc technological capabilities. 

As this document demonstrates, both Moon Dust and Blue Fly were implicated in the 
recovery of what are clearly referred to as both “unidentified flying objects” and “items of 
great technical intelligence interest.” In other words, if US authorities have indeed recovered 
alien spacecraft, then the most likely teams involved in those recoveries in the pst-1953 era 
were indeed projects Moon Dust and Blue Fly. 

Marilyn and Moon Dust: 

By far the most controversial piece of documentation pertaining to Project Moon Dust 
concerns none other than the late Hollywood legend, Marilyn Monroe. It was during a press 
conference in 1995 that Milo Speriglio - an investigative author now deceased, who wrote 
three books on Monroe’s death: The Marilyn Conspiracy; Marilyn Monroe: Murder Cover-Up; and 
Crypt 33: The Saga of Marilyn Monroe — revealed the still-unauthenticated document to the 
world’s press. 

Incredibly, according to the document, leaked by a Government-insider to a California- 
based researcher of UFOs named Timothy Cooper, President John F. Kennedy had 
guardedly informed Monroe — his one-time lover - that he had secret knowledge of the 
crashed UFO incident at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947. As a result of Kennedy’s 
revelations to Monroe, the CIA took keen note of any and all developments as the story 


“J had [the document] probably about two months before I did anything with it. I looked 
at it and said, ‘Marilyn Monroe and aliens? No way,” explained Speriglio at the press 


The bulk of the document’s contents are focused upon telephone conversations between 
Howard Rothberg, the former owner of a New York-based antique store, and Dorothy 
Kilgallen, the well-known celebrity gossip columnist of the 1950s and 1960s, who was 
herself the subject of a 167-page FBI file. 

According to Speriglio: “[Rothberg] also dealt with a lot of photographers who used to 
film Marilyn. He got a lot of information about her from them, and he would feed it to 
Dorothy Kilgallen.” Interestingly, Speriglio also revealed that the document was the subject 
of an investigation that was being undertaken by no less than “two federal agencies.” To 
date, however, the names of those specific agencies have not surfaced. 

Equally intriguing is the fact that Dr. Steven Greer, Director of the Center for the Study 
of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETT) has stated that he received a copy of the document 
in 1994, in his own words: “by way of a contact with access to NSA officials.” Greer also 
said: ‘[The document] has been authenticated by the best document researcher in the world 
—a man who for years sat outside General [William] Odom’s door as his senior-aide when 
Odom was NSA head [from 1985 to 1988}.” 

When the document surfaced, Vicki Ecker, the editor of UFO Magazine, said: “To put it 
succinctly, the document suggests that on the day she died, Monroe was going to hold her 
own press conference, where she was planning to spill the beans about, amongst other 
things, JFIN’s secret knowledge of UFOs and dead aliens.” 

Indeed, the document, dated only two days before Monroe’s death on August 5, 1962, 
tells the whole, remarkable story. Notably, at the top of the page it clearly states: 
“References: MOON DUST, Project,” and reads as follows: 

Rothberg discussed the apparent comeback of [Marilyn Monroe] with Kilgallen and the 
break up with the Kennedy’s. Rothberg told Kilgallen that [Monroe] was attending 
Hollywood parties hosted by Hollywood's elite and was becoming the talk of the town 
again. Rothberg indicated in so many words, that [Monroe] had secrets to tell, no doubt 
arising from her trysts with the President and the Attorney General. One such “secret” 
mentioned the visit by the President at a secret air base for the purpose of inspecting 
things from outer space. Kilgallen replied that she knew what might be the source of the 
visit. In the mid-fifties Kilgallen learned of a secret effort by US and UK governments to 
identify the origins of crashed spacecraft and dead bodies, from a British Government 
Official. Kilgallen believed the story may have come from the New Mexico area in the late 
forties. Kilgallen said that if the story is true, it would cause terrible embarrassment for 
Jack [Kennedy] and his plans to have NASA put men on the moon. 

[Monroe] repeatedly called the Attorney General and complained about the way 
she was being ignored by the President and his brother. 

[Monroe] threatened to hold a press conference and would tell all. 

[Monroe] made references to bases in Cuba and knew of the President's plan to 
kill Castro. 

[Monroe] made reference to her “diary of secrets” and what the newspapers 
would do with such disclosures. 

Donald Wolfe’s book, The Last Days of Marilyn Monroe, presents the document 
as convincing evidence that the Government was watching Monroe to an extent that 
went far beyond that described within the pages of her declassified FBI file, which 
will be discussed shortly. Wolfe omits the UFO and Moon Dust references in his 
book, but he does state that: “Rothberg was Kilgallen’s interior decorator and...was 



a friend of Ron Pataki, a syndicated drama critic for the Scripps-Howard newspaper 
in Columbus, Ohio, where Pataki was a long-time friend of Robert Slatzer. 

“Pataki...remembers two calls that Slatzer received from Marilyn shortly before 
she died. It may have been the /ast part of July or the first of August when Marilyn 
called, Pataki stated. ‘I was at Bob’s and answered the phone and they spoke for a 
long time. After Bob hung up I knew he was upset and I asked him what was wrong. 
He told me Marilyn was having trouble with the Kennedy’s. He was very worried 
about her and we talked about the problems Marilyn was having with JFK and his 
brother the Attorney General.’ When Pataki was recently asked if he talked to 
Dorothy Kilgallen or Howard Rothberg about Marilyn’s problems with the 
Kennedy’s, Pataki paused before saying: ‘I may have.’” 

That Dorothy Kilgallen was indeed implicated in the UFO controversy is not a matter of 
any doubt. In the May 23, 1955 edition of the Las Angeles Examiner, Kilgallen wrote: “British 
scientists and airmen, after examining the remains of one mysterious flying ship, are 
convinced these strange aerial objects are not optical illusions or Soviet inventions, but are 
flying saucers which originate on another planet. The source of my information is a British 
official of Cabinet rank who prefers to remain unidentified.” 

The “British official” told Kilgallen that: “We believe, on the basis of our inquiry thus far, 
that the saucers were staffed by small men — probably under four feet tall. It’s frightening, 
but there is no denying the flying saucers come from another planet.” Kilgallen was further 
advised that a report concerning the crash was being withheld by the Government, since it 
did not wish to alarm the general public. 

In other words, this gels very well with the comments attributed to Kilgallen in the CIA 
document obtained by Milo Speriglio. 

Of course, it goes without saying that if Kennedy had secretly imparted details of his 
knowledge of both the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 and Project Moon Dust to Marilyn 
Monroe, then this would have been considered an extremely grave matter to the CIA; hence 
the surveillance of the activities of the Hollywood actress. 

But the CIA had another reason to be concerned that Project Moon Dust might be 
compromised — namely, Marilyn Monroe’s deep links with both Communism and the Soviet 
Union. If, wittingly or unwittingly, she revealed anything of a national security matter to the 
Soviets on Moon Dust, then it could arguably have led to a catastrophe of unprecedented 

And for evidence of official interest in Monroe’s dabbling in Communism, we have to 
turn our attention to the FBI. 

Born Norma Jean Mortensen on 1 June 1926, in Los Angeles, Marilyn Monroe had a 
spectacular career that spanned sixteen years, during which time she made thirty movies, 
experienced numerous emotional highs, suffered a devastating wealth of lows, and finally, 
and many said inevitably, came to a tragic end at the all-too-young age of thirty-six. 

On 23 July 1946, Monroe signed a contract with Twentieth Century Fox and opted to use 
the last name of her maternal grandmother: Gladys Monroe. Numerous movies followed, 
including The Asphalt Jungle, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Clash by Night, and Niagara. Perhaps best 
known for the productions Bus Stop and the hysterical comedy-classic Some Like It Hof, in 
which she starred with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, Monroe was a sad, insecure, and 
fragile character, albeit one that was also highly intelligent, quick witted, and possessed of 
superb memory skills and a deep appreciation of world politics. Unfortunately, she also had 
an all-consuming dependency on prescription drugs, including barbiturates and tranquilizers, 


many of which were provided to her by Dr. Ralph Greenson, a noted psychoanalyst to the 
Hollywood glitterati. 

High-profile marriages to well-known lefrwing playwright Arthur Miller and to baseball 
star Joe DiMaggio, as well as numerous affairs with some very influential and powerful 
characters in entertainment and politics, including the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert, 
were all part and parcel of the life of the woman who loved to be loved. 

Monroe would also become the subject of FBI files that, collectively, reached no less than 
three figures in number. The first real inkling of official interest in Marilyn Monroe on the 
part of Hoover’s all-powerful agency came about in August 1955. On the 15" of the month, 
in an FBI document titled Visit of Soviet Farmers to the U.S., 1955, Monroe is said to have 
received an invitation to attend a reception at the Soviet Embassy, “in honor of the Soviet 
Agricultural Delegation,” which was making a planned visit to the U.S. later that month. 

If the idea of one of the America’s most well-known and glamorous celebrity figures 
being invited to the Soviet Embassy was not enough to irk the Red-hating J. Edgar Hoover, 
the events of four days later certainly were. It was on August 19 that, in Hoover’s eyes, the 
actress committed the ultimate sin-of-all-sins: she requested a visa to visit Communist 
Russia. Never one to ignore anything of a Soviet nature, the FBI swung into action, and the 
frantic tapping of typewriters resonated around the walls of FBI headquarters, as Bureau 
agents not only sought to quickly ascertain and record the facts, and to distribute them to 
other, senior sources within the Intelligence community, including Dennis A. Flinn, the 
Director of the Office of Security at the State Department; William F. Tompkins, the 
Assistant Attorney General; and none other than the director of the Central Intelligence 
Agency (CIA). 

The Soviets were keeping the matter of Monroe’s application “under consideration,” 
according to the FBI. Seventy-two hours later, the FBI issued a document concerning 
Monroe’s activities, the contents of which are unfortunately, but nevertheless intriguingly, 
completely blacked out under provision B1 of the Freedom of Information Act. Notably, B1 
is a piece of legislation that specifically covers national security issues. 

And thus was born the FBI’s secret surveillance file on Marilyn Monroe. 

We may never know the full story of the mysteries that linked Marilyn Monroe with 
Project Moon Dust; however, if the documentation at issue can be ultimately verified as 
being genuine, then we may have firm evidence to demonstrate that murder may have been 
committed — and sanctioned at a very high level — to ensure the continued secrecy of the 
Government's involvement in — and knowledge of - the crashed UFO controversy. 

The Ararat Anomaly: 

It was on June 17, 1949 that a U.S. Air Force Europe (USAFE) aircraft taking part in a 
classified mission that included securing aerial imagery of the 16,945-foot-high Mt. Ararat, 
Turkey, inadvertently stumbled across what some believe may have been the remains of the 
mighty Ark of Noah as described in the Bible. 

As the aircraft reached a height of around fifteen thousand feet and a distance of 
approximately one mile from the frozen mountain, its cameras captured several intriguing 
images of a large structure — possibly five hundred feet in length — that protruded from an 
ice cap located at the southwest edge of Ararat’s west-facing mountain. 

The crew quickly swung the aircraft around and headed to the north of the mountain and 
continued to take photographs. Astonishingly, these revealed (from a distance of two miles) 
the existence of another large, unidentified structure on the western plateau and three 


+ eiee a fue 

symmetrical, but badly damaged, protrusions that pointed skyward out of what looked like a 
curiously wing-shaped section of the structure. 

Needless to say, the photographs were carefully and quietly processed and duly classified. 
And thus was born the legend of the Ararat Anomaly — as it is officially known throughout 
the U.S. Intelligence community in general and to the CIA in particular. Not only that: the 
Ararat Anomaly has reportedly also been the subject of deep interest to people connected 
with Project Moon Dust. 

A whole host of claims, counterclaims and assertions regarding the Ararat Anomaly have 
surfaced both privately and publicly. Many of these maintain that the CIA and a number of 
other official bodies have collated a wealth of data and imagery on the Anomaly that are 
exempt from public disclosure for reasons not presently understood. 

Sources tell of Indiana Jones-style, U.S. Government-funded expeditions to Turkey to try 
and locate the Ark’s remains. Others maintain that remnants of the Anomaly have been 
found and spirited away to classified military and governmental installations and institutions 
in the United States. There is talk of intmidation by Men in Black-style characters warning 
those with knowledge of the Anomaly to remain silent. And there is the claim that the Ark 
represents the remains of a crashed UFO that impacted on Mount Ararat thousands of years 
ago and that has been the subject of a specific, clandestine investigation by Moon Dust 

And on the issue of the relationship between Project Moon Dust and the Ararat Anomaly 
we are obliged to turn our attention to the story of one Don Riggs, whose father worked in a 
civilian capacity the field of contract photographic analysis for the National Reconnaissance 
Office in the late 1970s. According to Riggs, just before his death in the 1990s, his father 
had revealed to him a startling story concerning records on Noah’s Ark. that had been 
referred to the NRO for analysis by a “small group of people” stationed at Wright-Patterson 
Air Force Base, Dayton, Ohio. 

Riggs adds that his father told him that the file referred to Project Moon Dust — an 
organization that Riggs’ father was not previously aware of — and how Moon Dust personnel 
had begun to take an interest in the Ararat Anomaly in the late 1960s. Riggs states that his 
father had discussed with him his knowledge of seven photographs that appeared to show 
the Ararat Anomaly at very close quarters. He further explains that two of the photographs 
displayed what was, beyond any shadow of a doubt, a “very large, metallic-looking, 
rectangular object sticking partly out of the ice. No way was this wood, he said, like an ark 
would be made of,” says Riggs. 

Riggs goes on to say that the photographs had been immediately classified after they had 
been taken “at some point around ’59 by a U-2 plane [sic], and had “been circulated” to 
various elements of American Intelligence in an effort to try and determine what it was that 
was partially buried under the thick ice and snow of Mt. Ararat. 

“My dad said that the pictures on their own didn’t really answer much at all, because of 
the mountain being so inaccessible — apart from by spy-cameras. No one was able then to 
get to the exact right place on-foot to check it out.” says Riggs. 

Significantly, however, he maintains that his father revealed that at some point in the 
summer of 1975 a covert mission was initiated that saw a “team” of what Riggs describes as 
‘TMelta-Force-type guys, or something like that,” covertly “dropped” in the area late one 
night, and who “found their way to the site.” Riggs says that his father was given access to 
these latter photographs for analysis some time after the initial, earlier batch was supplied to 


Riggs elaborates and says: “This is what my dad told me; so 1 can only go on that.” With 
that, Riggs says that a lengthy report was filed by the team leader that was duly sent to a 
group “that my dad says was called the Moon Dust.” Riggs claims that his father did not 
know too much of the true nature of the object that has come to be referred to by U.S. 
Intelligence as the Ararat Anomaly. However, he says that his father made it clear to him 
that the Anomaly was extensively damaged, appeared to be very old, was deeply embedded 
in the ice, “was vacant inside as if it had been trashed, and was just a shell of metal,” and was 
certainly not “just a big, old, wooden boat.” 

Reportedly, Riggs divulges, the documentation “had its home at Wright-Patterson and a 
courier was told to take it to my dad, who was asked to look at the photographs to see if 
anything could be seen that would give clues to this thing.” 

“Everything,” he adds with much significance, “had a Moon Dust stamp — on each page.” 

Riggs concludes “There was no history of the Ark or whatever it was, and nothing that 
was background information for my dad to work with - apart from the description of the 
object and the photos, and some background on the team that had landed and took the 
pictures. He was never told what it was: only to make an evaluation of the photographs. But 
the thing that always stands out for me is that this was not just like a big old boat or ark. My 
dad said it looked like a huge metal device that had crashed into the ice, probably thousands 

: . e >? 
of years ago. 

Further 1960s Revelations: 

The bulk of the reports that have been declassified officially and that detail the work of 
Project Moon Dust in the 1960s are somewhat fragmentary and brief in nature; they do, 
however, clearly demonstrate that the work of Moon Dust personnel extended far beyond 
that of merely analyzing recovered Soviet space debris — as authorities would have us believe. 
Indeed, the files also demonstrate a keen interest on the part of Moon Dust operatives in 
UFO sightings, as well as recovered debris. Notably, there was a veritable rash of reports in 
the year 1960 alone. 

One such report reads thus: 

On 30 September 1960, a TWX report was sent to the Pacific Air Forces on a sighting of 
an unidentified object that entered the water near the village of Ctaru. The report 
originated with the Japanese Ground Self Defense Force (GSDF) headquarters and was 
relayed to us by the Japanese Air Self Defense Force (JASDF). According to the report, 
a fiery object fell from the sky and into the sea, making a fountain of water which was 
described as looking like a “geyser.” Technical Intelligence from Tokyo took over the 
case, but were not able to locate or reclaim the object. 

Perhaps, nearly half a century later, that unknown object still lies dormant on the ocean 
floor, its secrets still to be plundered. 

And the reports from 1960 continued to flood into Moon Dust headquarters, as the 
following USAF document reveals. Titled Possible MOONDUST, found within the archives 
of the 8" Air Force, and prepared by a Colonel Elmer M. Neville, it states: 

1. This will confirm oral information furnished to MSgt MILTON SHEARER, 

Directorate of Intelligence, Headquarters, 8" Air Force, on 6 Dec 60 by Major 
A.T. Wagner, this office. 


2. By letter dated 3 Dec 60, the FBI Field Office, New Haven, Connecticut, advised 
as follows: 

a. [Deleted], Bristol, Connecticut, who described himself as a Lieutenant 
Colonel in the Reserves, telephoned this office on December 5, 1960. He 
advised that at approximately 4.30 pm on Friday, December 2, 1960, an 
object believed to be possibly a portion of a space satellite, had 
apparently fallen in Bristol, Connecticut. [Deleted] advised that as the 
object neared the ground, there was sufficient smoke to cause a delay in 
automobile traffic. He advised that this occurred in the neighborhood of 
Preston Road, Bristol. According to [Deleted] the smoke pattern was such 
as to indicate that the object descended at a 240 degree angle. [Deleted] 
advised that he had no first hand information since he was not present 
and did not observe this incident. He said that an article in a Bristol 
newspaper had reported this incident and indicated that a number of 
persons in that area had observed it. 

3. Any further information developed concerning this matter will be promptly 
furnished your Headquarters. 

4. This letter is classified CONFIDENTIAL to preclude unauthorized disclosure of 
information considered classified in nature. 

If further data on this case does exist, it has yet to see the light of day. By the mid-1960s, 
Moon Dust was still receiving credible data on crashed objects of unknown and potentially 
exouc origins. For example, declassified under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 
is a 1965 report titled Fragment, Metal, Recovered in the Republic of the Congo, Origin Believed to be an 
Unidentified Flying Object. The released portion of the report reads thus: 

The purpose of this report is to present the results of the exploitation of a metallic 
fragment near the town of [illegible] in the Republic of the Congo. Fragment recovery 
was the result of a ground-level search which was coordinated after an unidentified flying 
object exploded and fell to earth in the area. The sighting and recovery took place 
sometime between 10 and 15 October 1965. Other than a reported east-to-west 
direction of flight for the UFO, specific observation and recovery details are lacking. 

It must be said that also lacking are any further discernible parts of the report — such is the 
poor quality of the version that has thus far been declassified. Nevertheless, documents 
reveal, two years later Moon Dust was still deeply implicated in the UFO mystery. 

A Defense Intelligence Agency document of 1967 that was prepared for the attention of 
Moon Dust and was titled UFO Sighting at Tadla, Morocco, states: “This report forwards a 
translation of an article which appeared in the Post Morocain, 2 April 1967. This item was not 
carried in the other daily newspapers, but is significant as it indicates continued local interest 
in the subject of UFOs.” 

The second report, also from Morocco, and also dated from 1967, stated with regard to a 
UFO encounter over Agadir: “This report forwards translations of two articles which 
appeared in the Pott Morocain. Each article identified as to source. Although the two articles 
are very contradictory, the page one coverage afforded this sighting demonstrates a high 
level of interest in the subject of UFOs, and presages future reporting which could be 
valuable in pursuit of Project Moon Dust.” 

Bolivia, 1978: 


The one case that — more than any other — provides a direct link between the likely crash and 
recovery of a very strange object and Project Moon Dust, occurred in Bolivia in early May 
1978, and is supported by an intriguing and varied body of official documentation. 

The genesis of the affair appeared to come from a US Department of State telegram 
transmitted from the American Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, to the US Secretary of State, 
Washington, D.C., on May 15, 1978. Capuoned Report of Fallen Space Olyect, it stated: 


The Bolivian newspapers carried this morning an article concerning an 
unidentified object that apparently recently fell from the sky. The paper quotes a 
“Latin: correspondent's story from the Argentine city of Salta. The object was 
discovered near the Bolivian city of Bermejo and was described as egg-shaped, 
metal and about four meters in diameter. 

The Bolivian Air Force plans to investigate to determine what the object might be 
and from where it came. | have expressed our interest and willingness to help. 
They will advise. 

Request the department check with appropriate agencies to see if they can shed 
some light on what this object might be. The general region has had more than 
its share of reports of UFOs the past week. Request a reply ASAP. 

The Department of State was not the only branch of government that took an interest in 
the case, as a CIA report — also of May 15, 1978 — makes abundandy clear: 

Many people in this part of the country claim they saw an object which resembled a 
soccer ball falling behind the mountains on the Argentine-Bolivian border, causing an 
explosion that shook the earth. This took place on May 6. Around that time some people 
in San Luis and Mendoza provinces reported seeing a flying saucer squadron flying in 

The news from Salta confirms that the artificial satellite fell on Taire Mountain in 
Bolivia, where it has already been located by authorities. The same sources said that the 
area where the artificial satellite fell has been declared an emergency zone by the 
Bolivian Government. 

A second report referenced the crash and adds important data to that already in hand. 
Dated May 16, 1978 and titled Reports Conflict on Details of Fallen Object, it reads thus: 

We have received another phone call from our audience requesting confirmation 
of reports that an unidentified object fell on Bolivian territory near the Argentine 
border. We can only say that the Argentine and Uruguayan radio stations are 
reporting on this even more frequently, saying that Bolivian authorities have 
urgently requested assistance from the US National Aeronautics and Space 
Administration in order to determine the nature of that which crashed on a hill in 
Bolivian territory. Just a few minutes ago Radio El Espectador of Montevideo 
announced that there was uncertainty as to the truth of these reports. Argentine 
sources indicated that the border with Bolivia had been closed but that it might 
soon be reopened. They also reported that an unidentified object had fallen on 
Bolivian soil near the Argentine border and that local Bolivian authorities had 
requested aid from the central government, which, in turn, had sought assistance 
from the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration to investigate the 


A La Paz newspaper said today that there is great interest in learning about the nature of the fallen 
object, adding that local authorities for security reasons had cordoned off 200 km around the spot 
where the object fell. The object is said to be a mechanical device with a diameter of almost 4 meters 
which has already been brought to Tarija. There is interest in determining the accuracy of these 
reports which have spread quickly throughout the continent, particularly in Bolivia and _ its 
neighboring countries. Is it a satellite, a meteorite, or a false alarm? 

On May 18, 1978 the US Embassy in La Paz again forwarded a telegram to the Secretary of State, 
Washington, DC. Classified Secret, the telegram disclosed the following: 

Preliminary information provided has been checked with appropriate government 
agencies. No direct correlation with known space objects that may have re-entered the 
Earth’s atmosphere near May 6 can be made; however, we are continuing to examine 
any possibilities. Your attention is invited to State Airgram A-6343, July 26, 1973 which 
provides background information and guidance for dealing with space objects that have 
been found. In particular any information pertaining to the pre-impact observations, 
direction of trajectory, number of objects observed, time of impact and a detailed 
description including any markings would be helpful. 

Six days later a communication was transmitted from the US Defense Attaché Office in 
La Paz to a variety of US military and government agencies, including NORAD, the US Air 
Force, and the Department of State. Its contents make for intriguing reading: 

Subject: Moon Dust. This office has tried to verify the stories put forth in the local press. 
The Chief of Staff of the Bolivian Air Force told DATT/AIRA this date that planes from the 
BAF have flown over the area where the object was supposed to have landed and in 
their search they drew a blank. Additionally, DATT/AIRA talked this date with the 
Commander of the Bolivian army and he informed DATT that the army's search party 
directed to go into the area to find the object had found nothing. The army has 
concluded that there may or not be an object [sic], but to date nothing has been found. 

So what exactly did occur on that fateful day back in May 1978? While the available US 
Government records certainly point towards the probability that something out of the 
ordinary occurred, they also raise more questions than they answer. 

The CIA’s report of May 15, 1978 clearly stated that the object had fallen to earth on 
Taire Mountain, Bolivia, and had “already been located by authorities.” Furthermore, on the 
following day, the CIA learned that the object had “been brought to Tarija.” In contrast, the 
Bolivian Army and Air Force advised the US Defense Attaché Office that their search for 
the mystery object had drawn a blank and nothing was found. Was the CIA misinformed? 
Were the Bolivians keeping the Department of State in the dark? 

Those same questions remain as valid today as they were thirty years ago. 

The Vela Incident, 1979: 

Sometimes known as the South Atlantic Flash, the Vela Incident is a still-unresolved event 
that centered upon a strange flash of light detected by a United States Vela satellite in 
September 1979. While speculation has focused upon a nuclear weapons-test as being the 
culprit, the case remains shrouded in mystery and controversy to this day. Notably, however, 
in 2006 documentation surfaced suggesting strong interest in the story on the part of MJ12 
and Project Moon Dust. But first, some necessary and vital background data. 


It was at 00.53 GMT on September 22, 1979 that the unidentified flash was detected by 
the aforementioned Vela satellite — a satellite that had been specifically designed to identify 
nuclear explosions. As in such cases, it detected a characteristic “double flash”; a very fast 
and very bright flash, followed by a longer and less-bright one. Initial estimates pointed 
towards an atmospheric nuclear explosion of two or three kilotons in the Indian Ocean, and 
specifically near the Prince Edward Islands. To this day, speculation reigns with respect what 
did or did not occur on the fateful day in question. 

Initial inquires focused upon the reliability (or otherwise) of the Vela satellite. The satellite 
in question, Vela 6911, had been launched on May 23, 1969; and by 1979 it was already two 
years past its scheduled life-span. It is a fact that the satellite had a failed electromagnetic 
pulse (EMP) sensor, and had developed a minor fault in 1972 in its recording memory — 
something that was later corrected, however. Indeed, the idea that the satellite itself was the 
cause of an erroneous, non-existent detection remains the weakest. 

Moreover, initial assessments undertaken at the behest of the U.S. National Security 
Council in October 1979 and January 1980, were that the detection was due to some form of 
nuclear explosion — with most fingers pointed in the direction of the South African 
Government. Later, the Carter administration created a panel of experts to look into the 
matter in an effort to try and resolve the puzzle. The findings, presented to the NSC in the 
summer of 1980, were that the Vela satellite was at fault and that there had been no nuclear 
detonation — of any kind whatsoever. 

Nevertheless, it was conceded by the panel that: “...we cannot rule out that this signal 
was of nuclear origin.” It was the panel’s tentative conclusion that the satellite had been hit 
by a small meteorite, which resulted in the recording of faulty data. 

te 2004, various elements of the U.S. Government, Intelligence community, and military 
(including the CLA, NSA, NSC, Air Force, Los Alamos Laboratories, and DIA) declassified 
into the public domain hundreds of pages of material on the Vela Incident — which focused 
on the theories as described above, but which ultimately failed to adequately resolve the 

Far more intriguing, however, is a “leaked” document that surfaced in late 2006 to me and 
Ryan Wood — and possibly others, too - and that links the events of September 22, 1979 
with both MJ12 and Project Moon Dust. It reads: 

Blue Man: Here is declassified/FOIA package on ‘Vela.’ Nothing damaging to us. No MJ 
|.D. Review of our files shows that AQ-4 still favors meteoroid. M4 and M7 incline to SA 
theory. M8 still waivers and points to Oklahoma landing of same day — with samples 
(See: MD Palace-431 Report). Los Alamos Study 4FF is still classified under old 
Moondust reg. and will not reach media. No one anticipates AQ/MJ or Moondust inquiry. 
MJ6/44 Tech/Ops Q3. 

While in some respects an analysis of the document is frustratingly difficult, we can at 
least make some important, preliminary observations. Quite clearly, this appears to be a 
highly-classified document prepared by one person (“MJ6/44”) for the eyes-only attention 
of one other individual: the “Blue Man.” The reference to MJ6 would seem to strongly imply 
membership in the MJ12 group. And, as we have seen, the word “Blue” has longstanding 
ties to official UFO-related projects such as Blue Book and Blue Fly. 

That the main subject of the document appears to be the material on Vela that surfaced 
via the Freedom of Information Act is notable too. The reference to the fact that the FOLA- 
originate files contained “nothing damaging to us,” suggests a distinct possibility that MJ12 




was highly concerned that its identity might be compromised via the documents declassified 
by the CIA, NSC, and others. As it transpires, the comments of MJ6 suggest that whatever 
the MJ group knew of the Vela Incident, such knowledge was unlikely to surface into the 
public domain. 

The reference to “AQ-4” is illuminating, too, and may well relate to the ultra-secret 
Aquarius project. The conclusions of “AQ-4” and the findings of “M4” and “M7” all 
broadly conform to the U.S. Government’s various theories mooted in the wake of the 
September 1979 event. The statement concerning “M8” and the “Oklahoma landing of the 
same day — with samples,” is very eye-opening, however. At this stage, we do not have a 
clear picture of what this may refer to. Nevertheless, the “MD” cited in an apparent report 
on the Oklahoma case of September 22, 1979 titled MD Palace431 Report may be a reference 
to Moon Dust. 

The likelihood that this is indeed the case is borne out by the fact that the same document 
refers to a report prepared by staff at Los Alamos (and utled Study 4FF) that was reportedly 
“still classified under the old Moondust reg. and will not reach media.” And the statement 
that: “No one anticipates AQ/MJ or Moondust inquiry,” is highly notable, as it strongly 
suggests that personnel from MJ12, Project Aquarius, and Project Moon Dust were all — 
albeit to degrees that remain unresolved thus far — somehow linked to the Vela Incident. 

We may never know the truth behind what it was that occurred off the Prince Edward 
Islands on the day in question. Indeed, the references to the conclusions of “AQ-4” and 
“M4” and “M7” may well be an indication that MJ12, Project Moon Dust, and Project 
Aquarius never fully resolved the matter either. But the important point is that all three 
highly-secret bodies were apparently extremely interested in the strange affair of the Vela 
satellite detection. The question remains: why? 

And there is an intriguing footnote to this affair. In July 1980, the White House issued a 
report on the Prince Edward Islands incident titled Ad Hoe Panel Report on the September 22 
Event. In part, the document stated that the affair may have been due to the presence of what 
the Panel oddly described as a “zoo event.” At the time, officials were highly reluctant to 
reveal precisely what a “zoo event” was; even though it was admitted that on no less than 
“several hundred times” Vela satellites had been “triggered by signals of unknown origin, 
z00 events.” 

The answer to this curious terminology, however, came from none other than Nobel 
Prize winner Luis Alvarez, who worked on the Manhattan (atomic bomb) project at Los 
Alamos, New Mexico during the Second World War, and who was present as a scientific 
observer when the Japanese city of Hiroshima was destroyed by an atomic device in 1945. 
According to Alvarez, the classification of “zoo events” was: phenomena “so strange they 
belonged in a zoo.” 

One might argue, given Alvarez’s description, that a “zoo event” would be a perfect 
description — not to mention a uniquely-worded cover — for a UFO incident. 

Conclusions: The documentation, testimony and cases that I have cited in my lecture today 
are but a small portion of all the currently available data pertaining to Project Moon Dust 
and its still-mysterious activities. Today, Moon Dust no longer exists. Rather, it has been 
replaced by a project whose mandate is practically identical to that of Moon Dust; however, 
its codename is considered a classified matter. If we wish to learn the truth that lies at the 
heart of the crashed UFO puzzle, however, diligent pursuit of Project Moon Dust, its files 
and its former and now-retired employees may very well shed remarkable light on this 
particularly controversial aspect of the larger UFO mystery. 


May 28, 1974: Glowing Disc Encounter 
with Military in Albuquerque, New Mexico 

Linda Moulton Howe 

© 2007 by Linda Moulton Howe, Reporter and Editor 

SUCH Rabon Tantozonen 
|_TRACK IT across port uro,} 


—~ciohied by O 

[nl sem | RESIDENT TELLS | 

1974 headlines — a year that stands out in the past half century as a ime when mysterious 
aerial discs and non-humans were reported around the world — along with animal mutilations 
linked to the aerial lights and beams. 

Newsweek, September 30, 1974 
The Midnight Marauder 

Each day, just before dusk, ranchers 
and farmhands pile into pickup trucks 
and fan out across the rolling prairie of 
northeastem Nebraska. They park mostly 
on ridges or hilltops, where they can 
scan the pastures and the narrow roads 
that wind through them. With rifles and 
shotguns leaning against their trucks, the 
men watch nervously, smoking cigarettes 
and talking with each other over a net- 
work of citizen’s-band radios. Some of 
the men will stand guard all night, yet 
none of them really knows what he is 
looking for. “I've never seen anything 
like this,” says State. Sen. Jules Bur- 
bach, who has represented Knox County 
for eighteen years. “Folks are almost 

Even Newsweek's September 30, 1974, issue headlined “Mysteries: The Midnight Marauder.” 


Since last May, more than 100 cattle 
have been found dead and_gruesomely 
mutilated in Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa. 
On John Sunderman’s farm outside 
Madison, Neb., a cow was killed with a 
blunt instrument last June and her udder 
and sexual organs were cut off. When a 
veterinarian examined__the corpse, he 
found that all of the animal's blood had 
been drained. On the nearby ranch of 
Vem Stringfield, a month-old bull calf 
was clubbed to death. Its blood was 
drained off, too, and someone cut a 
hole in the calf's side, removing the 
intestines and coiling them neatly next 
to the head. 

Here are a few excerpts from that 1974 article: “...Since last May, more than 100 cattle have 
been found dead and gruesomely mutilated in Nebraska, Kansas and lowa....When a 
veterinarian examined the corpse (of one mutilated cow), he found that all of the animal’s 
blood had been drained.” 

on, they are pretty sick.” A few residents 
report sighting strange creatures re- 
sembling bears and gorillas, and at least 

landed_in_a field where a_ slaughtered 
animal was later found, 

“...And at least one farmer claims that a shiny UFO landed in a field where a slaughtered 
animal was later found.” 

ORs eer en 

tha pare Sy 
ope rete Le ets 

Those shiny, glowing discs were being seen everywhere. 


. RSE 

Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia 

aie re 




nta Ana, California 






weE Ane in 

. é pnb E 

f Ce “4% Seta 
: mo 


~ + tee J 
4 : ‘ 

Ngan ~* Ls 

PO cousee ‘o 
marco’ = 

wh F%4 
prem —— 
rant” a ru Ku 
tastes ri, 4 
a SHA 3 

ares oot 
1 tu 

=. be 
Warneton, Belgium 
i pea rP Pras es — 



Norton, Massachusetts 

anuary 22, 1974 
(7a ee at: 

an ee 


saad _ 2 See - f Be Ea =< ith . = Ae, 
January 23, 1974 Llandrillo, Wales, U. K. - 

where residents heard a loud explosion, the ground shook and people saw blue and orange 

lights floating in a circle around Cadair Mountain of the Berwyn Mountain range east of the 
Welsh village. 




“arth Tremor Mystery At Llandrillo” was headlined in a local newspaper. A large sphere of 
glowing, pulsing orange-red light was seen on a hillside by a nurse headed toward the scene. 

Summit of Cadair Bronwen in Berwyn Mountains, looking towards Cadair Berwyn, 
Llandrillo, Wales, U. K. 

Military quickly moved in and cordoned off a hill for several days. U. K. researcher, Tony 
Dodd, said he talked to a retired military man assigned to transport two crates from the hill 
to Porton Down. Military personnel opened the crates. The eyewitness said inside were two 
humanoid figures 5 to 6-feet-tall, so thin they looked like skeletons covered by skin. Tony 
Dodd was told that other living non-humans were retrieved from the hill. Was this a landing 
- forced by human military action? Or a crash? Or a pre-arranged meeting gone bad? 



mh Stay 


ese et 5 


R of Fae ce 

i as ay’ st 4S 
—l a eee. “ Sr 
Aische-en-Refail, Be 
YS aL 

97 we ndiana 






_ -: 
Wee me + y het 7 
Fee pH pie I BS 

February 4, 1974 ~ Nashville, Tennessee 



ao ee ee be — — ~— - = ~— 


February 13,1974. ~—~—~-Barrington, New Hampshire 



Kee Bar 
PT Ng a 

February 14,1974 «Ely, Nevada AND 

PIM LC  Fx Mieew sae 

{ " ‘h J Sy z MILNE Sia 7. fe hoe : 

se er a Moin ay ane See f on 
. ~ de , . 


© <= er Se 
February 14, 1974 Petite-Ile (Reunion), France 

[ "walking home... a strange force pulling him from the back... and he felt a tingling in his 
head. Then he saw an object the size of a car, bright white, shaped like two half eggs on a 
plate. The UFO was hovering 50cm off the ground and a luminous ray from it was being 
directed onto Severin... humanoids [emerged] estimated to be 1- 1.2m tall... after a few 
moments a fourth being started down the stairs, appeared to see the witness and react to his 
presence, and all the humanoids re-entered the UFO ... took off and disappeared" [ Hall, 

Uninvited Guests, p. 274.) 


1940S” ait, Florida’ 

rs =. F gape 
Chelsea, Oklahoma 

TT ee Oy Soy S 
Rie wo | sf *% ~ 
5 «Sim wie A ry se — 
se ae (fee ANS eee 

nat + ams 

February 28, 1974 =) Hirson (Aisne), France 



SST cee ws, . 

SiR Rabat Koy 

~ RTT oo. 5 ~ 

Be ‘* 

wea Tee 

wae ay 
ww ins 
wren Cs 

= le il ~. 

SME eee 

“March 9, 1974 




March 13, 1974 Glowing discs 



une ** FS 

“March 20, 1974 

os ' Se ome ‘oawten te te 

“Match 23, 1974 


In Tavernes Province, this photograph was taken at 11:30 PM by a medical doctor. After 
visiting a patient, the doctor was driving home late at night on a deserted country road, saw 
the glowing disc and took this photograph. (5:00) 

cama heres. aay Gak = 

on as to 
Fie Fhe asea,midony ae ‘ eS 


S'e:8 tananosy ~ 
I § 
mes enage ‘ 
ao Barrate tyes ay 
. — a 

ad dite, 
io -- ce 
me cos pice < 


March 29, 1974 Lome, Togo, Africa 


beatae al 

sce ter 
Tents tan 


, = a 
ee ee ee ee 
____March 30, 1974 Hombreiro, Lugo, S 

A hong, - e 
Oe x ote . 

Ke ; 


Fayetteville, Indiana 
o Ee Ren on aa 
= . mn 



“April14,1974 —-—- Courriere, Belgium 


Adelaide, Australia 

a} ‘ 
FT Bane 

1974 Casale Monferrato, Italy 




May 3, 1974 3 discs paced a Piper Aztec enroute from Guerrero State in 

Mexico to Mexico City. 
r aes io ee 





Roos Ss, 1974 tei " Tanpolshire. Illinois 
Do BE Tae CERN BDA py N ae 

a ees aos 
in | 



May 7, 1974 

i a Be 


May 9,1974 Daylight, Andina 



The French website,, has this brief comment: 

“UFO Crash in New Mexico: May 17, 1974 — Chilili, A U.S. Air Force team allegedly 
removed a 60-foot-wide metallic object from an impact area and moved it to Kirtland AFB 
(Albuquerque).” [ Source: French website ] 

ata & (etter Tk “areas SANTAPET ST EiPusbioN. 
> ‘5 2),lo Rancho-y 94) Bea Roden ayy \a2\Ogeuies Reach, . 


ey = ae ;; Gnley] Ute nite “Vc, 
ain ace S| 
Bisy. ' = <a 4 goewo 157. a. ms 

"7! 1@d 

5 a eke ON 

2 He 
Pas, ] SY Oscure Peak ®, 

Chilili is 30 miles southeast of downtown Albuquerque and 35 miles northeast of Belen. 
Belen and Chilili are only about 70 miles north of Socorro and the Trinity Site at White 
Sands Missile Range. That’s where one of the July 1947, wedge-shaped extraterrestrial 
vehicles was supposed to have crashed with non-human bodies found outside on the ground 
and animal parts found inside the craft. “LZ-2” on this map refers to Landing Zone 2 at 
the Trinity Site, as described in the Majestic-12 documents assembled by Bob and Ryan 
Wood and archived for public study at north of Chilili 
in the foothills of the Sandia Cibola National Forest is where military surrounded a white, 
glowing, egg-shaped disc in May 1974. I’m coming to that, but first ] want to share with you 
a couple of 1974 photographs that I have only recently received from a long-time Belen 



Se re er 

wie é aan : pert 
This shiny, silver disc with three small spherical structures placed in a triangular pattern was 
photographed in 1974 by a man who gave this photograph to the father of Eddie Chavez in 
Belen. Mr. Chavez, Sr., passed away in 2006, leaving behind this photo and a second one in 
an envelope. His son, Eddie Chavez, owns and operates a Belen rock and cement company. 

Here is the second photograph. While standing in Eddie’s driveway in early October 2007, 
we could see the taller, pointed peak in the background of this image. It’s Capilla Peak, 9300 
feet high in the Manzano Mountains and 60 miles southeast of Albuquerque. 

Ee ne ar 

That is the location of the Capilla Peak Observatory operated by the Institute for 
Astrophysics at the University of New Mexico. 

Capilla Peak Observatory 

Capilla Peak Observatory is a research facility owned and operated by the Institute for 
Astrophysics at the University of New Mexico. Our 61cm (24") Boller & Chivens Cassegrain 
is available for use primarily by the staff, students and faculty at UNM. German physicist, 


Victor Regener, was Chair of the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of 
New Mexico from 1947 to 1957 and again from 1962 to 1979. Prof. Regener planned and 
managed the construction of the Capilla Peak Observatory. | 

Back to the first photograph, in the background is a long flat ridge on the horizon south of 
the Manzano Mountains which Eddie Chavez and | could also identify standing in his 
driveway. The only difference is that the disc photographs were taken further east, closer to 
the Manzano Mountains. 
Saaeian boone wes aten Maga To wou ae 
+ mnt TO 1POSt «Deane PEUOT FO OORT (Ont ant Mu TD fod 


aan : Wemon prot sore weer 10 Covet aomenrs oN 

The backs of the photos each had red date stamps of “AUG 74 ABQ.” Eddie Chavez told 
me his father never knew the date his friend took the photographs, except that it was before 
August 1974, when they were printed. The report of a disc crash retrieval from Chilili on 
May 17, 1974, plus these photos not far away near the Manzano Mountains and other 
multiple eyewitness encounters with discs close to Albuquerque the last week of May 1974 
raises the question: What were Sandia and Manzano bases and Kirtland doing that might 
have provoked attention of the disc intelligences? Some brief history. 

In 1970, the Special Weapons Center took over management of Air Force Systems 
Command’s test and evaluation facilities at Holloman AFB near Alamogordo. One year later 
on July 1, 1971, Kirtland merged with Manzano and Sandia Base, its neighbors to the east, 
creating a sprawling military complex now known as Kirtland Air Force Base, the third 


largest installation in Air Force Materiel Command, covering 51,558 acres, and 6" largest in 
the U.S. Air Force. 

By January 1974, the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center (AFOTEC) was 
organized at Kirtland to oversee testing and development of both aircraft and weapons — 
one of Kirtland’s most important responsibilities. 

Accession Number : ADA010043 

Title: Kirtland Air Force Base Science and Engincering 
Symposium, 4 June 1974. Volume II. Unclassified Session. 

Descriptive Note : Final rept. Jan 73-Jan 74. 
Report Date : APR 1975 

Pagination or Media Count : 190 

Abstract : Contents: Gyroscope dynamic modeling: Kinetic cooling of the atmosphere via a high-power 
CO2 laser--the first direct experimental observation of a unique enhancement mechanism; The Air Force 
weapons laboratory system for evaluation of runway hydroplaning potential; Worst case EMP calculations; 
More accurate airplane cost growth assessment; Measurement of high-altitude optical turbulence: 
Modification analysis and testing of a unique meteorological instrument; Development and application of a 
low-cost gas dynamic laser test facility; Epoxy canister development; Completely integrated reference 
instrumentation system (CIRIS). 

And what was the Kirtland complex developing in 1974? Here are some highlights from the 
Defense Technical Information Center Archive: 

- Kinetic cooling of the atmosphere via a high-power CO2 laser using the first direct 
experimental observation with a wmique enhancement mechanism; 

- Worst case electromagnetic pulse (EMP) calculations; 

- Measurement of high-altitude optical turbulence that included a wmique meteorological 

- Development and application of a low-cost gas dynamic laser test facility. 



Few people knew at the time that Coyote Canyon - red underlined at bottom center of map - 
in the Manzano Mountains east of Albuquerque, and not far from Chilili, was the access 
road to the highly guarded secret of nuclear weapons stored inside the Manzanos by 
E.R.D.A., - marked by red circle - the U. S. Energy Research and Development 
Administration. Is that what attracted the attention of the non-terrestrial disc technologies? 


Coyote Canyon 
ERDA (nukes inside 

Dise Retrieval eas 
Mey 17, 1974 & 

Wider Overview MAP Kirtland, Coyote Canyon, ERDA, Chilili (May 17, 1974 disc retrieval) 
{Lurance Canyon Burn Site and Explosive, Electro-Explosive, and Aerial Cable Test 
Facilities (Coyote Test Field). | 

aay WH 




Vechbents tos merely os ~ 
ee eee eee ot a ee eed oy te ee tet Ree ore wee foe ot 
a ee 
pmmewn ot breeey rotead oan ee Pom hon, ely 8 ae Ss Ome to, 
Ph fone ary Sa 3D AM oe — nt owe ew 
fee ate of hors eho hed 
aes apes Cores Semages = SETREREED ASW ORECT IN WAKE OF UFOs 
eae SE i a he gee af 
rac eee ont Som Lele] peor de 1 
~ fore 
= ioe ae me Oe ne ot heed tom, ain are a ot 

 ommeeaall me me ee 
eed Ons wo ned ee, eS i ey | SS 

RS ars eps tee dome tan ge AM allies penny emer apne 


Pte ben Cmees Lo er te Det Ons Ff te meneres, Peet Hanegen, 
heen ot Pore oe Lae St any bs es mee vec SO OS Mee “ee Gee 
any eS, Ata oe ne see SS te tet re tome gf SPY” eet cts, “oe 
oy A ed Ont at et meng Peek em heey SEY C0 fe eee we rend 
~ a eet er oe oe re ord 

On oe ee ewes meiney ote of cote ee ort free ate 
ee ey Pen we Tey at memes he gee meee ey PE A Pt he oy ie o ee 
em 5 rng wipe ter Nn ty Oa of eo 
-— one Tee U0 ree eoeeery 

By July 1974, the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomenon, also known as 
NICAP, reported in its July ‘UFO INVESTIGATOR” newsletter that discs were being seen 
all over Australia and even close-up near the ground in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 




On May 28, 1974 «© resident of 

Sandia Mountains. It was 20 bright that 
no discernable structure cauld be seen, 
‘The witness opened his window 10 listen 
for nolse coming from the object: there 
wes rons, As he watched. the object 
Sppeared to land on s nearty hill where It 
remained for over an hour before it shot 

On Page 3, under the tide “Recent Sightings Reported in New Mexico, NICAP stated: “On 
May 28, 1974, a resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico, was awakened to see a large glowing 
object moving across the western face of the Sandia Mountains. It was so bright that no 
discernable structure could be seen. The witness opened his window to listen for noise 
coming from the object. There was none. As he watched, the object appeared to land on a 
nearby hill where it remained /or over an hour before it shot into the air and vanished. A 
NICAP member was contacted and is investigating this incident.” 

A short time [ster a housewife noticed 
from her kitchen window an object cruis 
ing on a@ northerly course over the low 
hills behind their home, She cailed to her 
husband to witness the phenomenon and 
when he arrive from the front of the 
house, the vehicle had changed course 
and was flying easterly at sbout two 
thousand feet. The couple told a NICAP 
reporter that they believed the craft was 
flat, “like viewing a coln on end,” and 
approximately fifty to seventyfive fest in 

dlameter, It was constructed of # grayish 
material that did not reflect the after- 
noon sunlight. The object daplayed a 
distinct whirfing motion as it rotated 
about Its cemtral axis, This observation 
lasted about one minute. 

NICAP reporters noted that the day of 
the sighting was warm and clear; visibility 
was unlimited, A check wes made with 
the county police about further reports, 
but none were made. 

“A short time later, a housewife noticed from her kitchen window an object cruising on a 
northerly course over the low hills behind their home. She called to her husband to witness 
the phenomenon and when he arrived from the front of the house, the vehicle had changed 
course and was flying easterly at about 2000 feet. The couple told a NICAP reporter that 
they believed the craft was flat, ‘like viewing a coin on end,’ and approximately 50 to 75 feet 
in diameter. It was constructed of a grayish material that did not reflect the afternoon 
sunlight. The object displayed a distinct whirling motion as it rotated about its central axis. 
This observation lasted about 1 minute. 

“NICAP reporters noted that the day of the sightings was warm and clear, visibility was 
unlimited. A check was made with the county police about further reports, but none were 
made.” That was mid-day. 


: i Tek a 

By 9 PM on May 28, 1974, more Albuquerque residents were watching a large, glowing white 
disc moving from the south of Albuquerque where Kirtland AFB is to the northeast. The 
disc moved very slowly — and steadily downward toward the Sandia Mountains at the eastern 
edge of the city where the white circle is. 

Abg Video #1 ( 4:08) 

Zoom back from apartment door where Sandy Rivers, Rebecca McKeever Armstrong and 
Paul McKeever standing on stair 

landing at what were then known as 

Arroyo del Oso Apartments. 


This is Apartment Number 1040 at Pennsylvania and Montgomery Streets in Albuquerque. 
On the left is Sandy Rivers standing next to her sister, Rebecca McKeever Armstrong, who 
is next to her son, Paul McKeever. This is where they were in the early evening of May 28, 
1974. The time was about 9 PM. The Albuquerque sky was twilight and the temperature was 
warm. Rebecca’s 8-year-old son, Paul, was playing outside with his two cousins, Lisa Rivers, 
10, and Larry Rivers, age 4, while their moms were inside the apartment listening to the 
radio. Camera tilts up; animated illustration of moving, white disc. The kids saw a large, 
flattened-ege-shaped object in the sky, glowing white and moving slowly from the south and 
lowering toward the general direction of the Sandia Mountains on the eastern edge of 
Albuquerque. Photo of three on stairs. The three youngsters ran to the apartment yelling for 
their parents to come out. At the same moment, Rebecca and Sandy were already coming 
outside because they both heard a 770 KKOB Radio announcement that a UFO was flying 
over Albuquerque. 

Paul McKeever, now 41-years-old, still resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico: 
“Basically it started when me, Larry and Lisa were outside playing. I don’t know which one 
of us saw it first, but one of us saw the object in the sky glowing. Then we went inside to tell 
you guys 

Aunt Sandy Rivers and Mom Rebecca McKeever Armstrong, still residents of 
Albuquerque, New Mexico: Yeah. 

Aunt: We heard that it had landed in the Sandias and we came out to get the kids to get into 
the car and we were going to drive up and see if we could see anything. 



Mom: | just remember that they said an unidentified flying object has been seen over 
Albuquerque and that’s really all I remember. Then we talked a couple of minutes about 
whether we should see if we could go find it or not. That’s when we got up and went to the 
door and the kids were coming in. 

Aunt: And we came out to get the kids to take them and we could see the glow, what I 
thought was the glow from it. 


Well, it wasn’t like what you see on TV where it’s like real thin and sharp. It was actually 
more like looking at a football sideways and it had a really intense glow like a fluorescent 
bulb, or like those globes that have a bulb inside of them and are white. It had a real intense 
glow to it and it was moving kind of towards us to the left, is what 1 remember. We got in 
the car and that’s when we drove and were chasing it down, trying to see where it was going. 

Mom and Aunt: Just the nwo of us because he was outside. He and the other two children 
were outside playing, so they actually saw it before we did because we heard the 
announcement on the radio. 


Mom and Aunt: Right. Yes. 


Mom: Right 

Aunt: We more or less followed the glow. 


We went out Pennsylvania ... and when we gor to Menaul, it looked like it was at the end of 

Mom: Yes! 

Aunt: | remember hearing that an unidentified flying object had landed in the Sandia 

a Cry Nipwretst \s7 2 7s U5 & ry = 
3 ata PLIES. 


Ag 3 
jie pt AOR EK SR 

Poh Peer ro 
[With LASER POINTER, explain where end of Menaul and dirt roads were in relationship 
to Kirtland AFB and Sandia National Lab.] 


ey 28, 1978 m3 

Coyote Canyon 
ERDA (nukes inside 

Disc Retrieval @~- 
May 17, 1974 

[ With LASER POINTER, explain wider view of May 28, 1974, Sandia disc in relationship 
to Kirtland, Coyote Canyon, ERDA — Energy Research & Development Administration 
responsible for nuclear weapons storage - and Chilili May 17, 1974 disc crash retrieval.] 

Abg Video # 2 (14:20) 


On April 1st, 2007, I traveled with Paul McKeever, his mom (Rebecca McKeever 
Armstrong) and aunt (Sandy Rivers) out Pennsylvania to Menaul and beyond Tramway Blvd. 
- as far as we could go after 33 years of housing developments spreading at the base of the 
Sandias in what were only dirt trails back in 1974. The family thought one particular rock- 
covered hill looked like the place they drove to following the glowing disc in the sky. 

Mom and Aunt: This looks about as familiar an area as we can find. 

Paul: Well, they cut - we think that they (developers) probably cut the hill down to put 
those houses on it. 

Aunt: All these homes. There was nothing here but a huge mesa and all these hills. 

Paul: All these hills. (pointing at rocky hill behind) And that one looks just like the one that 
the object landed just a little bit up the slope. 

Aunt: And we came up as far as we could on the pavement and then it was like a — 1 guess 
you would call it almost like a dirt trail that we took. It wasn’t really a dirt road. It was like 
car tracks make through a field or something. We drove onto that and we could_see an 
object with a lot of light around it, bright light. And we were stopped. And we were told that 
we had to turn around and to leave the area. 

Mom: Immediately! 

Aunt: Immediately! 

Paul: Yeah, he was very agitated. 

Aunt: He meant what he said. 

Paul: Yeah, he was very, very serious and he looked uncomfortable. He just looked really 
irritated and the whole time like when we were coming up the dirt trail — I’m not sure how 
far we came up when you could see it (UFO) really well, but we were fairly close to the 
object. 1 mean, close enough to get a really good look at it. We could see the people around 

it. o 
Mom and Aunt: Yeah. The military. 


Paul: There were soldiers around it and had pretty much a perimeter around it. Every so 
many feet, there was a soldier dotted around the thing. 

Aunt: They were armed. 

Paul: Yes, they had M-16s and they were facing the object. (To his Mom) You said you saw 
one kind of glance back at our direction towards the cars. 

Mom: Yeah. 

Paul: But for the most part, they were facing the object and the thing was glowing intensely. 
The funny thing to me was that it was at the very bottom slope of the hill. But the thing was 
pretty level. But you couldn’t really see anything underneath it. It was just kind of sitting 
level. But it looked like it was close enough to the ground to be on it, but it was level. That 
baffled me. 

Aunt: Because it was more or less on a rocky surface. 

Mom: Yeah, the hill was at an angle to it. 

Mom: That’s what | would think. Now, thinking back, that’s exactly what it was — it was 

Paul: You couldn’t see any gears or legs or... 

Aunt: No, you could not see anything underneath it. 

Paul: And it was glowing, so it was illuminaung the area around it, plus the military had the 
deuce and a half truck, which is a 2.5 ton truck that has a canvas back on it, but the canvas 
was off of it and they had a spotlight mounted on the back. They were searching the bushes 
and the area in the rocks outside and around of the disc object. It looked like they were 
trying to see if anything was like hiding in the bushes or around the rocks because they had 
soldiers around it. But the soldiers were back. They were away from the thing. They were 
not like close to it. They were back away from it. To the right of the object from our point 
of view to the right, there was a whole pool of vehicles and there was more personnel mixed 
in among the vehicles. From what I noticed, they were all military personnel. The only 
person who was not military was the guy who stopped us at the end of the road, from what I 
remember. He had a New Mexico State Patrol uniform on and | remember the car being a 
state police car because it was black and white and the state trooper cars were black and 
white. That’s what I remember anyway. The whole time this thing was glowing and he 
(police officer) just made us turn around. We turned around and pretty much left the area. 
But that was it. We just left. 

Mom: There were other cars parked behind us that were coming up the road also. 

Paul: Yeah, there were other people coming up behind us. 

Mom: We weren’t the only ones there. And we don’t know if we were the first ones up 
there in that line or not. 

Aunt: Yeah, I don’t remember seeing anybody ahead of us or in back. 

Paul: Yeah, I was pretty young and I don’t remember all the specific details, but I do 
remember there were cars behind us. 1 remember looking back and seeing the headlights and 
seeing ... 

Mom: I would say there were at least six (other cars) behind us that I remember. 

Paul: Yeah, because we came up and we were spaced out pretty good, too. 



reer Se oe 


All: Oh, yeah! 

Paul: They were here before us, which means they had to be following the object the whole 
time because there wasn’t that much time between when we saw it and went after it and 
when we saw it on the ground - | mean it could not have been more than 15 to 20 minutes, 
something like that. 

Aunt: Seems like it. And it seems like 1 remember seeing other military vehicles driving into 
the area. 

Mom: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, too. 

Aunt: There were a lot of (military) people there, but there were some more coming in. And 
it was all military that 1 remember. 

Paul: But there were a lot of people. 

Aunt: A lot of vehicles already there. 

Paul: Had jeeps and trucks and they were kind of back to the right of the object, 
haphazardly parked. The soldiers that were guarding the object were the closest people to it. 
But they were back a ways. 

Aunt: They were back away from it. 

Paul: And they were facing it. 


Paul: Well, from that hill (behind), we are real close to how far we were that night. 

Mom and Aunt: Yeah! 

Paul: We were — for this kind of thing — we were very close. 

Mom: Very close — closer than we thought we could. (laughs) 

Paul: Yeah, we gota lot closer than you would think you could get to something like that. 
Nowadays I don’t know if... 

Aunt:...we could have gotten in that close before we were stopped. 

Mom: We were very close! (laughs) 

Paul: Yeah, because they only had one guy turning traffic around, the state trooper. And 
the thing was probably about that far (600 to 1,000 feet to rocky hill behind). 


Paul: Yeah, approximately 40 feet, judging by how big I thought the soldiers looked to the 
thing. I remember it being about 40 feet in diameter, maybe 10 to 12 feet high. The disc was 
quite a bit taller than the men, but not enormously so. 

Paul: I don’t know. That’s the question. I don’t know. 

Aunt: It was either hovering or ... 

Paul: It must have been like we were saying earlier. It was still glowing, so it must have 
been under some kind of power to hold it there in a level position because you could not see 
anything underneath ... 

Mom and Aunt: Nothing under it came out. 

Paul: Nothing protruded ... 

Mom and Aunt: To help it sit there, or whatever. 



Paul: It was lighting up the whole area and you could see the ground underneath it and 
around it, plus the spotlight (on deuce and a half) was shining around. So, it was very strange 
to me that it was level on the side of a hill. 

Mom and Aunt: Yeah! (both laugh) 

Mom: Very strange. 


Paul: Well, the way the soldiers were around it with the spotlight and everything, it wasn’t 
something I think they were expecting. To me, it looked like it was disabled or was caused to 
be disabled. 

Mom: They had reason, the military, for being there so quickly. It’s hard really to say. 

Paul: What’s amazing is that they got all that stuff together so quickly. It’s almost like it was 
a group put together in case something like that happened. How do you get all that stuff, all 
that equipment and all those people ready so quick? 

Aunt: It was like they were standing there guarding it, like they were waiting for someone, 
or some thing, to come out of it. 

Mom: Or for someone to come and tell them what to do! (all laugh) 

Paul: You could definitely tell that they were cautious of it. You know, when I was in the U. 
S. Army, when you guarded something, you faced away from it. So, they weren’t guarding it 
like it was ours. They were around it like they were keeping it contained, almost, because if it 
were ours, the guards would have been facing away from it. 

Aunt: Course, too, they might have been watching it for a long ime and realized it was 
getting lower in altitude. 

Mom and Paul: Yeah, I’m sure they saw it for a long ume before we did. 

Paul: Probably on radar or even visual for a long ume. 


Paul: There have been many things that have been kept quiet. I’m sure if the government 
wanted to keep it quiet, they probably went to the radio, TV and newspaper and told them 
to keep it quiet because there was nothing on the news. There was nothing in the newspaper 
or on the radio the next day, or even for several days after. It was just like it never happened. 
Aunt: Like it never happened. 

Mom: As to why the people, though, who were there like us and the people who were in 
the cars, 1 don’t know why no one ever said anything. We didn’t! (laughs) 

Paul: Yeah, I don’t know if they were contacted and told not to, or if they thought people 
would think they were crazy? Or? 


Mom: I don’t know that we were afraid exactly, but we were definitely intimidated because 
we immediately — we did not ask, “What’s going on?’ after he told us to leave. We 
immediately turned the car around and went straight home. 

Paul: When he told us to turn around and the way he was acting — I remember it scared me 
when I was a kid. 

Aunt: And he said it in a very authoritative voice. There was no point in asking any 
questions because we weren’t going to get any answers. 

Paul: Yeah, yeah because he was very, very stern about it and irritated and nervous. He had 
a — you could tell that he was not comfortable. 




All: No, he didn’t. 

All: Yes, there were. 

Paul: They had M-16s. 


Paul: 1 was just curious. | wanted to know if other people were on the web or something 
and reporting the same event that we saw. | was curious to get their take on it and 
perception and so I started contacting and asking questions to see if 1 could get other people 
who had witnessed the event. 


Mom: No, strangely enough. 

Aunt: Just family. 

Mom: Right, just family. I have never told anyone except family. 


Mom: No, | don’t. 

Aunt: I don’t know why either that ] never mentioned it. 

Mom: And we didn’t talk that much about it even with family. 


Aunt: We did tell family, but. 

Paul: It’s hard to talk about something like that. You don’t want people... 

Mom: Don’t want people to think you’re crazy. 

Paul: think you’re crazy or weird or something. But over the years, it’s gotten to the 
point to where I just didn’t really care. 


McGrew, Danicl E 
McGuff, Jimmie D 

©McKeeyer, Paul D 

Ten years after the Sandia hills even, Paul McKeever at age 18 enlisted in the U. S. Army 
Reserves in August 1984. He is pictured here on far left. Paul was sent for basic training at 
Ft. Leonard Wood in Missouri where he trained with Company Delta 44 (Batallion 4, 
Brigade 4). 


spit ee ene cena : 
Drawing © 2007 by Paul McKeever 

That military experience of his own made him often remember how the soldiers in 1974 
were standing facing the disc as if on guard. He knew that the disc he and his Mom and 
Aunt had seen “was not ours” and he figured it was extraterrestrial. 

—— en nee ee 

Paul asked a friend who had served in the Air Force at Kirtland if he had ever seen any 
“strange things” in Coyote Canyon. The friend answered that once in 1989 on guard duty, he 
was at Coyote Canyon sitting in an Air Force truck reading a book. Suddenly, he was 
nervous and “felt the hair on the back of my neck rise up.” He looked in his rear view 
mirror. Two, glowing red eyes were staring at him. He said he tried calmly to put his book 
down, turn the key in the ignition and drove away. 

Another colleague of the Air Force man said he was driving up Coyote Canyon in the 1980s, 
came around a hill and there was a disc hovering in an open area next to the road. 


@uR 3 

This is to certify that 
mt, Acer 

has successfully completed 
The 623 General Construction Equipment Operator Course 

0 am BN ann Tog Boe Hi at 

Given at Set ere oes 

After Army basic training, Paul returned to Albuquerque where he remained in active Army 
reserves until 1992. What Paul did not know was that only six years after he and his Mom 
and Aunt saw the disc at ground level on the Sandia hill, Kirtland security guards also saw 
lights, or discs, land three different times inside Coyote Canyon’s restricted test range between 
August 8 and September 3, 1980. 

That highly secure test range is used by the U. S. Air Force Weapons Laboratory, Sandia 
Laboratories, the Defense Nuclear Agency, and the Department of Energy. 

U.S. Federal Government Document Released Under lreedom of Information Act (FOIA) 


KIRTLAND AFB, iid, 8 Aug - 3 Sep 80, 
Alleged Siqthings of Unidemtified 


Aerial Lights in Restricted Test Range. | pros pet 1700 



ler, 1608 SPS, Manzano 
Kirtland AFB, NM 

eee ane *PrPuies 

This is a copy of the September 1980 Complaint Form filled out for Major Ernest E. 
Edwards, Commander of the Manzano Coyote Canyon complex for Kirtland AFB. 

The complaint ttle is: “KIRTLAND AFB, NM, 8 August to 3 September 1980, Alleged 
Sightings of Unidentified Aerial Lights in Restricted Test Range.” 

“CR 44 Applies.” 


SUBJECT: Collections Rrquirement (cr) 44A (U) 23 NOV 1983 

TO: ALL AFOSI Districts,Detachments,and Operating Locations (CAT 

(Less IGQ, CSD, AFMPC, and NESA) 


a. (U) This collection Requirement implements DoD Manual 5210.41M, 
"Nuclear Weapons Security Manual," 9 Mar 83, which states in para I- 

Under the guidance of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the 
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Military Services, 
and the Unified and Specified Commands shall provide 
commanders or organizations responsible for safety and 
security of nuclear weapons with current intelligence 
conceming threats to nuclear weapons. 

The definition of CR 44 is Collections Requirement for nuclear weapons security, originally 
established in October 1974 and revised to CR 44A in November 1983. 

The Military Services ... shall direct their 
countenntelligence and/or criminal investigauve 
agencies to actively seck information conceming threats 
to nuclear weapons and to report such evaluated 
information expeditiously to reponsible commanders and 
to organizations responsibles for the safety and secunty 

of nuclear weapons. 

b. (U) All AFOSI units are required to maintain and be aware of this 
Collection Requirement as: 

(1) (U) Some organizations thal may pose a threat to the secunty 
of nuclear weapons operate internationally. 

(2) (U) Nuclear weapons could be moved through or be stored 
temporanly in virually any area. 

(3) (U) The dissemination of threat information to nuclear Weapons 
is of paramount importance, regardless of service custodial or security 


This CR supersedes HQ CR 44. Classified by Multiple Sources 
dated 4 Oct 74. DECL: OADR 

“The Military Services shall direct their counterintelligence and/or criminal investigative 
agencies to actively seek information concerning threats to nuclear weapons and to report 
such evaluated information expeditiously to responsible commanders and to organizations 

responsible for the safety and security of nuclear weapons.” 



a1) | | eae 

US Baical Goverment Dorement Retrset Under Prretom of Injersainon Net DUINE 


KIMTLAO ATU, 44, 0 Aug - 3 Sep OO, 
Allez sicung of Vudentified 
Aerial .1SKs in Restiocted Test Range 

2. Gus Seat ©, SIE related op 6 Aw , Ue Scourity Pulicerey assigod to 
1008 SPS. KAP, IM, on ty Iide Ue myur, Magers mpceceae Azan BS Osad An 
wmicentified ight an the air toes traveled fran forty to aA Over tne Cmte 
Gavan ares cf Ur Cepercrant of Geferss Festrictod Dot Mange un RAB, 4 Tw 
frcurtty Policemen idkert. fied an: S8G7T STINE POE, Ares Tagervasor, AIC VANTIN 
©. AIST ena ATE AT ERtY DD. FAALIL®, sere leter smervecedd separately by SOLACE 
ered all Urewe reietod the sore ftaterwnt, AT apracioetely 23'4iwa, wile on 
Oty an Quirlie Sector, Eas! of Macaw, Ue ine coserved a very orignt 
JA@A in the cay senrcanss elles Murth-fortn Last of Uncie femttion. The 
is DR sorm lod RnabeGee AEA nd AREA saekienly 59 che sey ever Coyote Canvey 
User fit Gant the coset way o felines Jasever, after tines ing 
tw Berane verial baecuvers (step onl + pees Ue ao Wehiwepter cena’ t 
have perfermet tan taalla. Tre isemt m Coole Camo ares Sometime 
later. tare witreed the liget tse Gf! wat lore praeeding ttraigit up at a 
hom speed and disygear. 

This 1980 Complaint Form was written up because a CR 44 violation had been committed 
by unidentified aerial olyects, which landed where nuclear weapons were stored. 

The complaint says that on August 8, 1980, three policemen from the Kirtland AFB Security 
Police Squadron “on duty inside the Manzano Weapons Storage Area, sighted an 
unidentified light in the air that traveled from North to South over the Coyote Canyon area 
of the Department of Defense Restricted Test Range. ... 

“At approximately 2350 hours, while on duty in Charlie Sector, East Side of Manzano, the 

three observed a very bright light in the sky approximately 3 miles North-North East of their 

position. The light traveled with great speed and stopped suddenly in the sky over Coyote 
Canyon. The three first thought the object was a helicopter. However, after observing the 
strange aerial maneuvers (stop and go), they felt a helicopter couldn’t have performed such 
skills. The Aght /anded in the Coyote Canyon area. Sometime later, three witnessed the light 
take off and leave proceeding straight up at a high speed and disappear.” 

In Paragraph 3, the Complaint states that three nights later on August 11, 1980, a Sandia 
Security Guard after midnight “was driving East on the Coyote Canyon access road on a 
routine building check of an alarmed structure. As he approached the structure, he observed 
a bright light near the ground behind the structure. He also observed an object he first 
thought was a heli-copter. But after driving closer, he observed a round disk-shaped object. 
He attempted to radio for a back up patrol, but his radio would not work. As he approached 
the object on foot armed with a shotgun, the object took off in a vertical direction at a high 
rate of speed. The guard was a former helicopter mechanic in the U. S. Army and stated the 
object he observed was not a helicopter.” 

In summary, three times in August 1980 on the 8", 9" and 22™, security officers patrolling 
the Kirtland AFB Coyote Canyon Manzano Weapons Storage Area saw glowing lights land 
inside the restricted nuclear weapons zone. 

Conclude with summary of current ongoing research. 


UFOs and Media Desensitization of Children 

Karyn Dolan 
Copyright 2007 Karyn Dolan 


i ee 4 F Plenty of evidence for the existence of UFOs” 
UFOs, Aliens and? and alien beings on earth, 

Za aa j After thousands of years, questions 
“s conceming their purpose here. 7" 


Good or bad, they seem to 
resisting them. 


monastery. Botnet 
Many people assembled at ‘cht 

great sound ... in the heavens 

to witness a shocking event ~ 

*Less than an hour later, it suddenly 
reappeared over the same lake. It darted fr 
the south to the west and must have been 4 


Medieval and arly Modern 

The ball of fire measuredisomel ae 
one edge to the other ant Januhe 
distance, ahead of it, two! 

“Fishermen who were in their'boat‘on’ 
a little over one mile away, were deeply 
by the heat. 

The waters of the lake were illu 
greatest depth of 30ft and the fish;s 
to the shore. The water seemed 
with rust under the reddish ligh 


Photo of cloud formations over the’. Gusts 
summit of Mt. Washingtor’in the 
winter of 1870 -1871 showed'a UFO. 

Earliest known UFO photograph, 

part of an antique stereoview. 

Description reads “SUMMIT; 

Mt Washington, WINTER 1870-187,1. 
Entered according to. Act of Congress” ~ 
In the year 1871, by CLOGH & KIMBALL 
in the Office of the (irate) ol Coe 
at Washington.“ 4 

The Airships of 1896-97 

The First "UFO Wave" 

1 ey 

Major news event in U.S. from November aa 

1896 to April 1897 : 
Late 19th century: great populari 

possibilities of human flight e 
Mystery airships sighted in “igs ange 
ground ‘ 
Incredibly bright lights, littup ike da 
unlike anything seen before f 

Atlantic Ocean/Cape Verde 

March 22, 1870 
Off the coast of West Africa, south of Cape Verde, an 

It was described as gray and doughnut-shaped) 

Much lower than the clouds, it moved's 5 
visible for 30 minutes before disappearing 


Airships: man-made objects? 

Airships were described as “egg-shaped” or! | 

“cigar-shaped” by witnesses across the USA- 

Many described sails and propellers ss 

Occupants were often seen and appe 
human; even spoke with witnesses 



And Continues S ¥ 

When Barclay tried to pel 
another occupant stopped) hi 

Design of a rigid 
dirigible in 1894, 

But no history of 
flights of large, piloted 
dirigibles or other 
aircraft in U.S. at any 
time in the 19th century. 

> IeMIsT 
ach Meat 

Tesmsbed yj 0 55 1K 


vances in Aviatio 
Yous obo ty tae e 

The “debunking” aim would result in reduction 
interest in “flying saucers” which today evokes: 
psychological reaction. This education. court C2 

1986 ALF ; 1997 Teletubbies 

sent to Area 51 




Served by an intelige 1 nt ‘mac ne } 


Suddenly it slowed ar 
Stopped and iho 


First appear asleep in pods 


Disney’s Lilo & Stitch, 2002 
ty . 


Psychology should advise on’ 
program; (es 

_-€8 a potentially Valuable channel 

Suggested Walt Disney, Inc. anim: 

Alien Hybrid face. vs. — Bratz toys” Purpose of desensitization? 

Move us in a certain direction 

Jame Manesan Prodsctions 

(photo courtesy of Pects Harta) 



Ruben Uriarte 
Director, N. California MUFON 
Noe Torres 

Writer, Researcher, Librarian 


On August 25, 1974, a UFO collided with a small plane along the Rio Grande River 
between Presidio, Texas and Coyame, Chihuahua. Even as wreckage rained down on the 
isolated desert below, the U.S. and Mexico launched a frantic race to recover the 
unearthly object. An elite recovery team assembled by the CIA ended up winning the 
race and making off with the prize. First revealed in an anonymous 1992 document 
known as the “Deneb report,” this intriguing crash retrieval is the subject of a June 2007 
book titled Mexico's Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash by Noe Torres and Ruben 
Unarte ( Although this case remains in need of much more 
research, the authors have unearthed amazing new evidence that the Deneb account may 
be correct. During recent visits to Coyame, Mexico, the authors discovered, among other 
things, a debris field near Coyame from the crash of a small airplane, a mysterious man- 
made pit in the midst of a 30-foot wide circular scorched patch of desert littered with 
metal fragments, and a pit from which human remains were hastily retrieved by the 
Mexican military. The authors also found a witness living near the crash site who 
remembers a thunderous explosion in 1974. In addition, new information has surfaced 
about an amazing UFO encounter near Coyame in August 1973 by the nephew of a 
former president of Mexico and a mid-air collision between three UFOs and a small 
airplane nine months after the Coyame incident. 


Recent astronomical discoveries, such as the Hubble Ultra Deep Field, seem to provide 
undeniable support for the existence of life elsewhere in the universe. With our own 
galaxy containing an estimated 100-million earth-like planets, it seems highly plausible 
that advanced civilizations have achieved interstellar travel and are currently engaged in 
observing our planet. Points to consider: 

1) Interstellar travel is not possible as far as our current technology permits. But are 
we the most advanced race in the universe? 

2) What if an ET race is 100 years more advanced than us? 1,000? 100,000? 1 

3) A technologically superior race would be able to keep itself mostly hidden from 
our view. 



4) In the 40s, 50s, & 60s, the U.S. Air Force studied 15,000 UFO sightings and was 
unable to explain 25% of them! 

5) A recent Roper Poll revealed that 56% of Americans believe UFOs are real. 72% 
think the U.S. government knows more than it is telling. 

2. AUGUST 1974 

Sunday, August 25, 1974 was a typical sizzling hot summer day in West Texas, and as 
daylight faded, the residents of the sleepy border town of Presidio began to settle down 
for the evening, little realizing that one of the most extraordinary UFO events in history 
was about to light up the skies just thirty miles northwest of their town. On this very 
night, a fast-moving Saturn-shaped disc that lit up radar screens all along the Texas- 
Mexico border slammed into a small airplane in the skies over Coyame, Mexico, raining 
debris down on a portion of the Chihuahuan Desert known as E] Llano. 

The Coyame incident began shortly after 10 p.m. local time, over 600 miles east of 
Presidio, near the Texas seaport town of Corpus Christi, where military radar detected 
that an unidentified aircraft had suddenly dropped out of earth orbit and was vectoring 
toward the Texas coast on an intercept course. Fearing a Soviet intercontinental missile 
strike, an air defense alert was sounded and fighter jets were prepped for take-off and 

Traveling at a speed of 2,500 miles per hour at an altitude of 75,000 feet, the UFO was 
first spotted over the Gulf of Mexico about 200 miles east of Corpus. After going through 
a series of maneuvers suggesting intelligent control, the object quickly tumed south along 
the Texas coast, avoiding entry over land, and seemed headed toward the southernmost 
tip of Texas, near the city of Brownsville. As the disc continued to hug the Texas coast 
heading south, it exhibited controlled descent, calculated turns, speed reductions, and 
other clear indications that this was neither a meteor nor an out-of-control missile. 

The object had descended from 75,000 feet to about 45,000 feet by the time it crossed 
over land into Northern Mexico, about 40 miles south of Brownsville. Its speed was 
down to 2,000 miles per hour and was still slowing very gradually. The streaking UFO 
traced a path along some of the more desolate and sparsely populated areas of northern 
Mexico, seemingly avoiding both the Texas border and the larger Mexican population 
centers such as Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. Curving along and south of the Rio Grande 
River, the bogey flew over one of Northeast Mexico's most mysterious regions, the Zona 
del Silencio (Zone of Silence), where strange, unknown forces are said to frequently 
interfere with radio and navigational controls. It was into this bizarre area that an out-of- 
control U.S. military ICBM missile crashed on July 11, 1970, irradiating some of the soil 
there and creating political tension between the U.S. and Mexico. 

After flying over the Zone of Silence, the 1974 UFO entered the Mexican state of 
Chihuahua, characterized by tall, rugged mountains and vast stretches of desert, and then 
something completely unprecedented happened in the skies over the general area of 
Coyame, Mexico, not more than 30 miles from Presidio, Texas. Zigzagging around 


mountain peaks that tower above 5,000 feet, the UFO continued gradually descending 
and slowing down, although its speed was still near 2,000 miles per hour at the time that 
it encountered another aircraft headed toward it on a collision course. 

Somewhere over a vast desert plain known as E] Llano, just a stone's throw away from 
the Texas border, a mid-air collision occurred between the streaking silver disc and a 
small aircraft flying from El] Paso, Texas to Mexico City. The explosion and subsequent 
fireball shook the earth for miles around. 

Simulation of Mid-air Collision between UFO and Airplane 

Following the accident, the debris from the crash rained down on the desert plain below, 
and efforts were soon underway by the governments of both Mexico and the United 
States to recover the remains of what many later believed was an extraterrestrial airship. 
Because of the extreme isolation of the crash site, Mexican authorities waited until after 
dawn the next day to launch a rescue effort to recover what they believed to be merely 
the crash of a small civilian airplane. Their assessment of what had occurred would 
undergo a radical change in a very short period of time. 

Mexican spotter planes first located the wreckage of the small aircraft on the desert floor 
below, even as U.S. military electronic surveillance personnel listened in on the rescue 
activities from across the Texas border. The Americans heard the Mexican spotter plans 
say that the small plane had been almost totally destroyed. A few moments later, 
however, the routine recovery of a downed aircraft became something of an entirely 
different nature. Amidst the crackling static of the radios, the Mexicans were heard 
saying that they had found a second crash site nearby and that this second craft, which 
was nearly intact, was a shiny, silvery disc unlike anything the Mexicans had ever seen. 

Soldiers in trucks and jeeps were dispatched from Ojinaga, located across the 
international bridge from Presidio, and the convoy headed north to the area of E] Llano. It 
was here that the Mexican soldiers made a discovery that has led many UFO researchers 
to believe that this crash retrieval deserves as much (or more) attention as the 1947 UFO 
crash near Roswell, New Mexico. 


The Mexicans found an object described as being sixteen feet, five inches in diameter, 
and equally convex on both upper and lower surfaces. There was an outer "rim" around 
the central circumference of the disk. The height of the object was slightly less than five 
feet. They saw no visible portholes, doors, or markings. In addition, no lights of any kind 
were apparent. There was also no obvious mechanism for propulsion. The external 
surface of the disk was like silvery polished steel. 

The outer rim of the disk showed damage in two places. One damage point was an 
irregular hole about 12 inches in diameter with material from the metallic surface of the 
disk "indented" around the jagged hole. None of the witnesses reported seeing anything 
inside this hole. This puncture damage was believed by the witnesses to have resulted 
from the mid-air collision between the flying disk and the small civilian aircraft. The 
other damage point was a two-foot-wide "dent." The witnesses believed the dent to have 

been caused by the disk's fall to earth after its collision with the plane. 

On August 26, 1974, the day after the crash, Mexican troops recovered the crashed disc, 
winching it up onto the bed of a large military truck. They also retrieved fragments of the 
crashed civilian aircraft, although there was not much left of it. As the Mexican recovery 
effort wound down, U.S. authorities continued their electronic eavesdropping and were 
attempting to negotiate with high levels of the Mexican government to "assist" with the 
recovery. Mexico stated that assistance was not required, and that the operation was 
nothing more than simple airplane crash retrieval. However, U.S. intelligence gathered by 

satellite and jet flyovers suggested otherwise. 

A short time later, the Mexican military convoy was traversing the dirt roads of the 
Chihuahuan Desert, headed either back to the army base at Ojinaga or perhaps to a 
Mexican air force base in Chihuahua City, located about 100 miles to the west. Suddenly, 
the convoy came to a complete stop in the middle of the desert, and U.S. spy imagery 
showed bodies of Mexican soldiers sprawled haphazardly alongside their jeeps and 
trucks. Something unknown, perhaps a chemical or biological contamination, had caused 

all the soldiers to fall unconscious or possibly even die. 

With the threat of an unknown plague breaking out within 30 miles of the United States 
border, U.S. intelligence officials mounted a lightning mission from the Fort Hood Army 
Base in nearby El! Paso, Texas, in an effort to discover what happened to the Mexican 
convoy and, if feasible, to retrieve the crashed UFO. The U.S. team, its aircraft, and its 
equipment had already been prepped and were standing ready to launch at the time that 

the order was given. 

The Americans flew south along the Rio Grande River toward Presidio in four 
helicopters, three Hueys and a large Sea Stallion. The aircraft cut across the river into 
Mexico just north of Presidio and were quickly at the location where the Mexican 
military convoy had stalled. Outfitted in bio protection suits, the U.S. soldiers explored 
the area, discovering that all the Mexicans were dead. The Sea Stallion cargo helicopter 
hovered overhead as soldiers attached the crashed UFO to its tow cable. As the helicopter 



moved away from the area with its unearthly cargo dangling below, the soldiers who 
remained behind gathered together all of the Mexican military vehicles, gear, and bodies 
and blew up the remaining evidence with high explosives. 


In January 2007, the authors traveled to this remote Chihuahuan desert area, bent on 
further unraveling the tantalizing mystery of the UFO crash in 1974. In an effort to shed 
as much light as possible on the events surround the crash, we took along with us a wide 
range of digital video and audio recording equipment, as well as handheld computers and 
other gear. The equipment proved extremely useful, as we carefully documented our 
exploration of areas that we had previously pinpointed on general maps of the region. 

Of great assistance to us were a number of Coyame-area residents. Before arriving in the 
area, we prepared for our field investigation by carefully reviewing information we 
received from several individuals, including Mexican UFO investigator Gilberto Rivera, 
Coyame ranch owner Jorge Gonzalez, and Coyame resident Javier Baeza. We prepared a 
list of individuals that we wished to interview and places of interest we desired to visit. 
Of greatest interest to us was exploration of the area known as El Llano, located north- 
northeast of Coyame. Both Gonzalez and Rivera were convinced that the 1974 crash 
likely occurred in the El Llano area. 

eee: “ae Sess ; = =} : : ; ee < . Sea 
Torres (left) and Uriarte (right) in Coyame, Mexico — Jan. 2007 


Prior to our journey, we painstakingly studied the “Deneb” report that first broke the 
story about the Coyame crash retrieval. The document, which in 1992 was leaked to UFO 
researchers in the U.S. and Great Britain, was apparently composed by someone within 
the U.S. intelligence community who either personally knew about the Coyame case or 
who had run across top-secret documents about the case. By closely dissecting this 


document, we arrived in Coyame armed with important information about the 1974 

We were taken by a group of Coyame residents to several very remarkable and 
mysterious sites near Coyame that may be directly or indirectly linked to the 1974 crash 
retrieval. The first location was the crash site of a small aircraft in the desert a few miles 
outside of town. After searching for about an hour, we found a field of debris that 
included aluminum airplane parts from the rudder assembly and other sections. Although 
local residents believe that this debris field is from the crash of a drug smuggling plane, 
its exact origin has not yet been determined. 

We were also taken to another location in the desert near Coyame, where we found a 
roughly circular pattern of scorched earth at the center of which was a mysterious deep 
pit. The entire scorched area was littered with metal fragments possibly from vehicles or 
aircraft. Local residents theorize that this may be an abandoned water well that was later 
used as a place to dump auto parts, but nobody knows for sure. During our investigation, 
we found pieces of metal at this site that were similar in nature to the metal we found at 

the crashed airplane debris field. 


- (by Ruben Uriarte) 

This strange hole in the ground certainly warrants further investigation. With funding and 
equipment, it could be excavated to explore what other types of metal debris might be 
down inside the hole. Excavation would also contribute to an understanding of the pit's 
origins and purpose. After taking numerous photographs and taking many measurements, 
we reluctantly left the area of this find and moved on to explore other areas. 


A tes 
The Mysterious Pit 

After we left Coyame, some of the townspeople contacted us about a second pit. Some 
years ago, David, a local resident who enjoys looking for Indian artifacts in the desert 
around Coyame and Chihuahua, came across a large pit in the ground located in a cattle 
ranch known as "E] Ahogadero." The dirt around the pit was blackened by fire, as was 
the interior of the pit, which was about "3 to 4 meters deep" (10-13 feet). Curious, David 
went down into the pit and was aghast to find the charred, blackened skull of a human 
being. He later found out from an elderly gentleman who works at the ranch (Sr. 
Ramirez) that "about 30 or 40 years ago" (between 1967 and 1977), 50 to 60 burned 
human bodies had been discovered in this pit. Sr. Ramirez said that Mexican army 
soldiers had arrived at the site, taken the bodies away, and cleaned the location of almost 
all evidence. 


The Area Known as El Llano. 

During our trip to Coyame, we also visited the area known as El Llano, where the UFO 
crash is said to have occurred. An elderly resident of the area, Pedro Venegas Leyva, told 
us that, although he does know the exact date, he recalls that sometime in 1974, a fiery 
nighttime explosion rattled the windows of his small farmhouse and gave him a fright 
that he remembers to this day. The incident so impressed him that, later in life, he made it 
a practice to make extensive notes of the strange objects he saw in the skies over El 
Llano. He shared with us his notes about more recent UFO sightings. 


There are two other Mexican UFO cases that seem relevant to the 1974 Coyame case for 
a number of reasons. The first was a UFO sighting made near Coyame on August 1973 
by Juan David Mateos, nephew of a former president. The disc shaped object seen by 
Mateos was similar to the one that crashed nearby one year later. 

Also similar were the three discs that surrounded a Piper Apache airplane flown by 
Carlos de los Santos, nine months after the Coyame incident. At least one of the objects 
made physical contact with the plane, and the panicked pilot radioed air traffic controllers 
in Mexico City that the UFOs had taken control of his plane. 


While in Coyame, the authors talked many area residents who have witnessed strange 
objects streaking across the sky at night, followed by explosions. A group of Mexican 
soldiers, manning a drug checkpoint just east of Coyame, pointed up into the sky over the 
mountain ranges to the north as they described strange objects that blazed across the night 


sky, illuminating the mountains below before apparently slamming into the earth miles 
away from them. 

There seems little doubt that, for whatever reason, the Coyame area is home to a great 
deal of paranormal activity. Contributing to a strong feeling of eeriness are the 
surrounding desert landscape, the sense of isolation, and the realization that, once the 
1974 UFO event is proven beyond doubt, this seemingly insignificant Mexican desert 
town will take a prominent place in the annals of human history. 

A complete report of our January 2007 Coyame investigation appears in our 219-page 
book, Mexico's Roswell: The Chihuahua UFO Crash, available for $13.95 from,, and numerous other online retailers. It can also be 
ordered from our Web site, 

Note: All content contained in this paper is copyrighted by Noe Torres and Ruben 
Uriarte. Permission to publish and redistribute as part of the 2007 UFO Conference is 
granted to Ryan S. Wood. For any other uses, please contact the authors. 


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A Survey of Retrieved Physical Evidence from South 
American UFO Cases 

J. Antonio Huneeus 

© 2007 by J. A. Huneeus. All Rights Reserved. 

Five South American UFO incidents are presented (Campinas, Brazil, 1954; Ubatuba, Brazil, 
1957; Poulain, Argentina, 1967; Bogota, Colombia, 1975 or 1976; Tabé, Chile, 1993) in 
which actual metallic fragments were retrieved by the witnesses and later submitted to a 
battery of tests by various scientific institutions in the USA, Russia, France, Japan, Brazil, 
Argentina and Chile. With the exception of the Ubatuba fragment, the four other samples 
appeared to be a “liquid metal” spewed or ejected by the object, which later solidified upon 
contact with the ground. These fragments offer a significant physical evidence for a scientific 
study of the UFO phenomenon. 

“It is unlikely that positive proof of their existence will be obtained 
without examination of the remains of crashed objects.” 

Project Sign secret report, February 1949 
Quoted in Lt. Col. Hector Quintanilla, UFO's An Air Force Dilemma 

Case # 1— CAMPINAS (Brazil, Dec. 13, 1954) Metal Fragment 

This almost forgotten case received quite a bit of attention in the Brazilian press back in the 
mid-50s. The case was investigated by Dr. Olavo Fontes, the great Brazilian ufologist, as well 
as by Auriphebo Simoes, an airline pilot and researcher, and several Brazilian journalists. The 
most complete English version of this case was written by Prof. Charles A. Maney of 
NICAP in Fhying Saucer Review (“The Campinas Sighting,” FSR, May/June 1962). 

The Campinas case was part of the 1954 Brazilian wave. The location is the city of Campinas 
in Sao Paulo State and the date December 13, 1954. The primary witness was a lady who was 
the neighbor of Prof. Benedito Nascimento. According to an interview published in the 
leading Rio de Janeiro newspaper O G/obo, Nascimento was called by her friend and 
neighbor right after she had seen “three flying saucers crossing the skies. Then one of the 
craft, round-shaped, dull-grey in colour and resembling two plates turned upside down and 
put together, dived suddenly over her house: one of the plates was fixed, but the other was 
spinning like a top. The object came very low over her roof, emitting a strong light—which 
illuminated the house for a few moments, like daylight. A liquid substance dropped from it 
and was falling toward the ground—liike a kind of ‘silver rain.”” The lady then saw something 
shimmering in the ground and tried to touch it, but stopped when she noticed it was still 
hot. That’s when she called Prof. Nascimiento. 


After listening to her story, Nascimento collected the piece, which was about 10 cm in 
diameter, and took it personally to the newspaper Correia Popular. The piece was then taken 
to the Young Laboratories in Campinas, where it was analyzed by the chief chemist, Dr. 
Visvaldo Maffei, in the presence of several witnesses. Dr. Maffei issued the following report: 

“The sample analysed is a combination of chemically pure tin—88.91 per cent—and 
oxygen—11.09 per cent., as oxide. No other element or impurity of any kind was found in 
the material in question. In other words, the analysis proved the substance to be really a 
metal which is definitely ttin—in high concentration and exceptionally pure; and with no 
impurities or trace elements, excepting oxygen which come from the oxidation in contact 
with the atmosphere. Observation: The results above refer only to the sample received, 
which weighed 1.30 grams.” 

After Dr. Maffei’s report was published in the Brazilian press on Dec. 22, 23 and 24 of 1954, 
the Air Defense Command contacted the office of Correio Popular and sent 3“ Sgt. Nelson 
Bandeira to collect the fragment. A copy of the Brazilian Air Force directive to collect the 
material was published in Maney’s report. Although the Air Force had promised to release a 
statement with the result of its own analysis, none was issued, but Dr. Fontes, who had 
excellent connections with Col. Oliveira, the head of the official UFO investigation, was told 
off-the-record that the Air Force’s analyses had basically confirmed those of Dr. Maffei. 
Maney also mentions a number of other small fragments which were later collected from the 
vicinity of the Campinas incident. However, the pedigree of these secondary objects is less 
well established and their analysis showed that they were solder. 

The Campinas UFO fragment establishes a pattern to be followed by other South American 
cases where fragments were obtained and analyzed: these “liquid metals” later solidified 
don’t appear to be a piece of alien machinery per se, but rather a side-effect caused perhaps 
by the propulsion system of the UFO. 

CASE # 2 —- UBATUBA (Brazil, September 1957) Metal Fragment 

The Ubatuba case is one of South America’s best known UFO incidents and the magnesium 
fragments supposedly retrieved from the explosion of a UFO in a beach in Ubatuba, Sao 
Paulo State, in 1957, have been analyzed by a number of both governmental and private 
laboratories in Brazil, the USA and France. 

The case began on September 14, 1957, when Ibrahim Sued, a popular columnist with the 
Rio de Janeiro newspaper O G/obo, published a letter which contained an extraordinary 
account and three small metallic fragments. The author of the letter (whose name have never 
been identified) explained that he was fishing with some friends near the town of Ubatuba, 
when a flying disc “approached the beach at unbelievable speed...when it was about to 
strike the water, it made a sharp turn upwards and climbed up rapidly in a fantastic 
maneuver. We followed the spectacle with our eyes startled, when we saw the disc explode in 
flames. It disintegrated into thousands of fiery fragments, which fell sparkling with 
magnificent brightness...Most of these fragments, almost all, fell into the sea. But a number 
of small pieces fell close to the beach, and we picked up a large amount of this material— 
which was as light as paper. I enclose herewith a small sample of it.” 



Following the publication of his column in O G/obo, Sued was contacted by Dr. Fontes and, 
since he was not really interested in ufology, turned over the pieces to him. Fontes took one 
fragment to a laboratory of the Brazilian Agricultural Ministry’s Department of Mineral 
Production for chemical, spectrographic and X-ray analysis. The lab’s chemist Luisa Maria 
Barbosa declared the sample was “magnesium of a high degree of purity” without “not even 
the so-called trace elements usually detected.” Additional tests were conducted by chemist 
Ison Teixeira and by the Brazilian Army, with similar results, leading Fontes to conclude 
that the magnesium “represents something outside the range of present-day technological 
development in earth science.” 

The first Ubatuba sample was destroyed by all the Brazilian tests and the second and third 
samples were sent by Fontes to the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) in 
1960, led by Coral Lorenzen. After a false start with Project Blue Book, which destroyed 
accidentally a sample provided by APRO, another sample was eventually analyzed by 
physical chemist Roy Craig for the University of Colorado’s Condon Committee. Craig’s 
conclusions were negative, stating that the “claimed UFO fragment is not nearly as pure as 
magnesium produced by known earthly technology prior to 1957.” APRO retorted that the 
fragment tested by Craig was not the same one which Dr. Fontes had arranged to be 
analyzed by the various Brazilian labs. Further analysis were done by University of Anzona 
metallurgical engineer Walter W. Walker and by metallurgist Robert W. Johnson, who 
concluded that the material “had undergone a directional crystal growth type of 
manufacture...unknown when the fragments were recovered.” Yet further examinations 
were done by MIT mertallurgist Robert E. Ogilvie, by Stanford University astrophysicist Dr. 
Peter Sturrock, and at Orsay University and other labs in France. 

For a complete discussion of all these results, readers should consult Prof. Sturrock’s 
excellent report, “Composition Analysis of the Brazil Magnesium” (available on the web at, and a second paper co-written with Brazilian 
astrophysicist Pierre Kaufmann, “On Events Possibly Related to the ‘Brazil Magnesium’,” 
published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration (Vol. 18, No. 2, 2004). Kaufmann discovered 
there had been a plane crash near Ubatuba in April 1957 and also that “a meteorite, or an 
object resembling a meteorite, crashed or exploded in the area in the early 1930’s, and that a 
piece of strange light-weight material was caught in a fishing net at about that ume.” This 
would change the date of the incident but not its properties. On the contrary, there was no 
space program in the 1930s and aircraft technology was well behind the level of the late 
1950s. The mystery of the Ubatuba fragment thus lives on. 

CASE # 3 —- POULAIN (Argentina, February 1967) — Metal Fragment 

The name of this case comes from the owner of the fragment and primary surviving witness, 
Sergio Poulain Carrizo, a 54-year old electronic technician from Cordoba, Argentina. Despite 
its impressive pedigree—samples of the fragment were analyzed by the Smithsonian 
Institution, NASA and the Vernadsky Institute in Moscow—this case is totally unknown in 
the UFO literature and has never been published anywhere until this brief summary. 

The incident occurred in the Andes Mountains in the province of Mendoza on Argentina’s 

mid-western region, in a site called Potrerillos, close to the border with Chile. The date was 
mid-February 1967 and the tme approximately 18 hours (6 PM). The Poulain family was 



enjoying a summer day of camping in the mountains. The family consisted then of the now 
deceased father, Luciano Poulain, a professional pilot and expert on aviation mechanics, who 
was for many years the personal pilot of former president Carlos Menem, when he was 
governor of the province of La Rioja; his mother, Azucena Carrizo, a house wife, also 
deceased; Sergio, who was then a 13-year old boy; and his 3-year old sister Gloria Sandra 
Poulain. (Another sister was born many years after the incident.) 

Sergio Poulain wrote a long report titled “La Prueba’ (The Proof), where he describes that 
the family was enjoying a beautiful summer late afternoon when they suddenly saw a huge 
object reflecting the sunlight rise behind a nearby mountain. “] couldn’t tell exactly its 
dimension,” wrote Poulain, “I only know that to the eyesight it was huge, something bigger 
than an airliner. Its shape was that of a disc slightly elevated on its upper part; no type of 
windows could be seen, only a kind of darker ring surrounding it, and with a surface so 
smooth that it seemed polished; but even more surprising was its brilliance, reflecting all the 
colors, it was the most perfect camouflage. Its buzzing noise penetrated the brain, but not 
the ears, at umes it became so intense that it stopped bothering for a moment, but then its 
intensity increased again.’ 

“It remained for a moment at a considerable height, 1 remember it majestic, imposing, then 
some orange reflections began to loosen, | can’t say for sure if they were sparks or flashes 
from the sunlight. It rose again to a considerable height, remaining again in a wavering 
moton and, suddenly, it flew to the southwest at an astonishing speed, disappearing from 

The family remained silent for a few moments, numbed by the buzzing noise and the whole 
experience itself, the little girl grabbing her mother. They then decided to investigate the area 
where the UFO had risen from. “Everything seemed to disintegrate when you touched it,” 
wrote Poulain. “The stones were black and so was the soil, everything except that which 
stood out sull glittering, like a sample of that mysterious visit, which had not been our 
collective imagination or hallucination. It remained there, a sample of something with the 
shape of a brilliant stone. ] came near it and took it, it felt lukewarm in my hands, but what 
called my attention most was its weight, it weighed too much for its size. My father came 
next to me and took it and just told me to keep it...” 

The fragment is roughly the size of a fist and very heavy for its relatively small size. Its exact 
dimensions are 60 mm long, 55 mm wide, and 30 mm in height (its shape is irregular but that 
would be its maximum height). Its weight is 255 grams. Let’s proceed with a chronological 
account of all the analysis that were undertaken between 1979 and 1984. 

The first look at the Poulain fragment was done by Dr. Pete J. Dunn of the Division of 
Mineralogy at the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution in 
Washington, DC. In a letter dated December 26, 1979, Dunn wrote that “the sample you 
sent...for identification does not appear to be a natural mineral. It appears to be a refined 
alloy but we cannot say which one for certain.” 

The next step was to check with one of Argentina’s best institutions for that kind of 

research, the C.I.M. — Centro de Investigacion de Materiales (Center for the Investigation 
of Materials), at the Faculty of Engineering in Cordoba. There are no official written reports 


of these tests as Sergio Poulain went in person to the C.I.M. around 1980 and eventually 
convinced scientist Teresa O’Connor to look at the fragment with an electronic microscope 
and conduct other tests. He recounts this experience in his written report “The Proof”: 

“Many more tests were conducted and finally they called me to ask me, and to be sure that 1 
tell them the truth, if it really was what they suspected—‘a piece of those things that people 
see flying in the sky, strange craft,’ they added, those were their exact words. I doubted at 
first, but then 1 smiled, because they had discovered the truth. The results were strange, 
some percentages were not very acceptable, it had components like silicon, which are utlized 

In space research.” 

In December 1981 Poulain contacted NASA to request an analysis of his Andean sample. In 
all his correspondence with official institutions, the dreaded word UFO was always avoided; 
the piece was described as a strange metal, possibly a meteorite, that he and his family had 
found in the Andes, and wanted to know what it was. Poulain was directed by Debra J. Rahn 
of the International Affairs Division to send the sample to Dr. Lawrence A. Taylor at NASA 
Headquarters in Washington, DC. Dr. Taylor sent a copy of his analysis on May 24, 1982, 

which we transcribe in full: 

“Dear Mr. Poulain: 

“Electron microprobe analysis of the sample that you provided to us yielded the following 
compositions for four separate measurements. 

1 2 3 4 
Mn 72.3 80.0 83.6 85.2 
Fe 6.8 10.3 7.4 6.9 
Si 19.8 9.9 9.0 8.6 
Ti 0.2 0.1 0.1 0.1 
Torals 99.1 100.3 100.1 100.8 

This composition does not correspond to any naturally-occurring mineral, so we conclude 
that it was probably man-made. We cannot establish more conclusively the origin of this 
material. You will notice that it is an alloy of Mn, Fe, and Si.” 

Dr. Taylor’s “electron microprobe analysis” establishes the chemical elements of the metallic 
fragment: mostly manganese (Mn), with some iron (Fe) and silicon (Si), and minimum traces 
of titanium (Ti). In addition, Taylor confirms the previous analysis that the material “does 
not correspond to any naturally-occurring mineral” and that it’s artificial—he says “probably 
man-made.” Dr. Taylor’s official position with NASA at the time was Acting Discipline 
Scientist, Planetary Materials Program, Earth and Planetary Exploration Division. He is 
currently (since 1993) Director of the Planetary Geosciences Institute at the University of 


Tennessee in Knoxville, and he is an eminence on extraterrestrial minerals, a Fulbright 
Fellow with postdoctoral studies at the Carnegie Institution, the Max-Planck-Institut in 
Germany, etc. 

Poulain sull wanted an additional opinion from the Soviet Union, the other country with a 
significant space program. The opportunity presented itself when the Soviet Ambassador in 
Argentina gave a lecture at an International Book Expo in Cordoba. Poulain’s sister gave 
him personally a sample of the fragment with all the documentation collected up to that 
point. The package was forwarded by the Embassy to Professor V. L. Barsukov of the 
Vernadsky Institute of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Soviet Academy of 
Sciences. On July 30, 1984, Prof. Barsukov wrote the following letter to Poulain: 

“Dear Mr. A. Poulain: 

“My colleagues and I have been informed by the Soviet Embassy in the Republic of 
Argentina of your letter of October 7, 1983, with all the copies of your 
correspondence with scientists in the United States, where the results of the analysis 
of a material found by you in the Andes Mountains, are discussed.’ 

“Judging from the analysis, the most probable is that this material is an artificial alloy 
but not a material of terrestrial or non terrestrial (meteoric) origin. Therefore, it 
would not be useful for the Soviet Union to acquire it.’ 


“With warm regards, 

Prof. V. L. Barsukov.” 

We checked Prof. Barsukov’s scientific credentials and found that he was indeed a very 
prominent Russian academician and geochemist. Valerii Leonidovich Barsukov was born in 
1928 and passed away on July 22, 1992. He was a Corresponding Member of the Division of 
Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Mining Sciences since 1976; founder of the Central 
Laboratory of Substance Analysis (TsLAV) in 1976; Director of the V. I. Vernadsky Institute 
of Geochemistry and Analytical Chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GEOKhI 
RAN) until his death. He also received the V.I. Vernadskii Gold Medal for a series of works 
in comparative planetology and the geochemistry of outer space in 1987; was one of the 
editors and contributors of the book “Venus Geology, Geochemistry, and Geophysics: 
Research Results from the USSR” (1992 American edition by the University of Arizona 
Press); and author of numerous papers. According to a NASA News Release, dated 11-19- 
89, he was also the head of the Soviet delegation to “the third meeting of the U.S./USSR 
Joint Working Group on Solar System Exploration” held in Moscow in November 1989. 

There were still a couple of additional analysis of the fragment that were conducted by 
Chilean institutions (Luciano Poulain had worked and lived in Chile for a while prior to the 
1967 incident). However, we don’t have copies of these reports at this time. A final curious 
detail is that, when photographed, the object changes color depending on the color of the 


—_. eee 

base supporting it; the object appeared in one photo silvery, in the next glistening like gold, 
and so on. | am not aware of any known material that can produce this effect. Yes, a slight 
change of hue or tone caused by changing the colors of the base, but not a complete change 
of color. Poulain added in our interview that this anomaly was confirmed by several 
professional photographers, and that it remained the same regardless of whether the pictures 
were taken indoors with flash or outdoors with sunlight. 

This is the current status of the investigation into the Poulain UFO fragment. The 
Statements on the record of Drs. Dunn, Taylor and Barsukov are generally in agreement: the 
object is definitely not a natural mineral, but an artificial alloy of some kind. However, none 
of them were able to determine exactly its origin and purpose—who manufactured it and for 
what reason. This is fully consistent with the UFO hypothesis for the fragment’s origin, 
which is clearly established in the Poulain narrative. The next key issue is to ascertain if the 
fragment was a solid piece of the UFO itself, which somehow peeled off; oran energetic 
spark produced by the propulsion or mechanism of the UFO as it took off and ascended, a 
sort of “liquid metal” which solidified upon reaching the ground. Vallee gives a similar 
description of this effect in his analysis of the Bogota sample, which takes us to the next 

CASE # 4 —- BOGOTA (Colombia, 1975 or 1976) — Metal Fragment 

In his 1990 book Confrontations, the noted French-American scientist and UFO researcher 
Dr. Jacques Vallee describes a silvery metal fragment from Bogota, Colombia, that was given 
to him by the brothers Carlos and Ricardo Vilchez, Costa Rica’s foremost ufologists (whom 
I also met at a conference in San Jose in 1996). The brothers had received it from two 
students who had observed a strange phenomenon on the campus of the University of 
Bogota in 1975 or 1976. According to Vallee, the students heard a strange sound overhead 
and, as they looked up on a rainy night, “they saw a disc swinging in the air as in difficulty. 
They estimated its diameter at four meters and its altitude at 1,000 meters. While this first 
object seemed out of control, they observed four other discs flying to its vicinity as if to 
assist it. They were of the same shape and size.” Vallee then adds that, according to the 
witnesses, the central disk started to eject spouts of liquid metal, which produced a vapor as 
it fell on the wet street. “The witnesses recovered two metal chunks, about four inches by 
one and one-fourth inches in size, after letting the material cool down for about ten 


The first analysis conducted in Central America determined that “the sample was an 
aluminum alloy with magnesium and tin.” Once he received one sample, Vallee arranged for 
two different tests: a scanning electron microscope (SEM), which produces an X-ray ; 
fluorescence spectrum; and a scanning ion mass spectroscope (SIMS) or Auger analysis. The 
SEM analysis “showed the sample to contain 93.7% aluminum, 4.8% phosphorus, 0.9% 
iron, and the rest in trace elements.” The SIMS test “found a surtace layer of carbon, 
oxygen, and nitrogen. Beyond this unexplained layer we did find aluminum, as well as 
magnesium, potassium, sulphur, sodium, and silicium. Phosphorus and iron also showed up 
in trace elements.” 

Vallee was unable to reach any firm conclusion about the Bogota fragm ent since he was 
unable to locate the witnesses, the original file with the witness interviews had been lost, and 


even the year of the event was uncertain. In this sense the Bogota case has some similarities 
with Ubatuba, where the date and witnesses are missing but a metal fragment is available for 
lab analysis. We find particularly interesting the description of the “liquid metal” spouted by 
the flying disc, very similar to the Campinas’ “silver rain” and the sparks ejected by the 
Poulain UFO. 

CASE # 5 — TABE (Chile, November 15, 1993) — Metal Fragment 

The Tabé alleged UFO metal comes from Chile but it was mostly analyzed in Japan. ‘The 
owner of the two metal fragments is a Chilean citizen of Japanese descent, Jorge Tabé 
Ibarra, a mineral prospector who lives in the northern port city of Coquimbo. He found the 
pieces in the Limari Valley, to the interior of Ovalle, on November 15, 1993. 

According to a summary of the case he titled, “La Historia del OVNI” (The History of the 
UFO), Tabé was prospecting minerals in the Limari Valley, when he observed a UFO on the 
night of Nov. 15", at about 11:30 PM: 

“J was resting from the hard work on top of the hill Las Ramadas, the night was clear and 
the sky deep blue. I was looking at the stars and the wind was freezing. lt was 11:30 at night 
when a UFO appeared on my back, very close to me. It was a very strong brilliant light with 
the shape of a half-round saucer and the size of a football field. It had many windows and 
lights and was totally silent, producing only a strong wind. | threw myself to the ground, and 
the UFO was suspended in the air for about 10 minutes, emitting red and green lights. It 
then took a position to start flying again and I tilted my head from the ground to take a 
better look. The UFO flew towards the mountain ‘La Cuesta del Viento’ (The Windy 
Mountaintop) at slow speed, touching the top of this hill that is 5,200 meters high in the 
Andes Mountains. I saw with my own eyes how two luminous things broke off of a 
glistening blue-white color, and the UFO rose at full speed, its lights went off, and it 
disappeared in the sky.” 

On the following day, Tabé rented a horse from a local shepherd, and reached eventually the 
windy mountaintop of ‘La Cuesta del Viento. “When I reached the site—he wrote—I was 
able to see a great luminosity of two pieces of metal, which seemed like two mirrors 
reflecting the Sun. They could be seen at great distance, so 1 took them and brought them to 
my home.” 

Tabé’s case was investigated by the Chilean ufologists Rodrigo Fuenzalida, director of the 
group AION, Paola Maluje, and the psychiatrist Dr. Mario Dussuel, currently a consultant 
for the official Committee for the Study of Aerial Anomalous Phenomena (CEFAA). 
Preliminary analysis were conducted by two private Chilean laboratories in 1994, Laboratorio 
Quimico in Chimba, Ovalle, and Tratamientos Térmicos in Santiago. Basically, the Tabe 
samples were subjected to high temperatures and to various acids (nitric, sulfuric, picric). 
The Chimba lab wrote in a “Certificate of Testing” that, “this unknown metal (UFO) is able 
to withstand high temperatures without disintegrating.” The Santiago lab concluded: 
“Unknown metal not affected by acids.” 



Far more sophisticated and high-tech analysis of the metal samples were conducted by two 
Japanese laboratories in 1995, Hitachi Metals Co., Ltd., and Matsutani Seisakusho Gon Ltd., 
thanks to the efforts of Akira Naito, a Santiago-based Japanese businessman. The 

documents are in Japanese, but we are able to read the percentages of the chemical elements 
contained in the metal samples. 

The Hitachi Metals analysis gives the following elements: 

c (carbon) 0.0021 
Si (silicon) 0.09 
Mn (manganese) 0.02 
P (phosphorus) 0.010 

S (sulfur) 0.0001 

Ni (nickel) 0.04 

Cu (copper) 66.6278 
Al (aluminum) 9.67 
Zn (zinc) 20.38 
Sn (tin) 0.59 
Fe (iron) 2.01 
Pb (lead) 0.56 

The Matsutani analysis gives a somewhat different distribution of chemical elements, 
although copper (a common mineral in Chile’s northern region) is the main component in 
both analysis: 

O (oxygen) 12.61 
Al (aluminum) 27.03 
Si (silicon) 0.00 
Fe (iron) 0.42 
Cu (copper) 46.40 
Zn (zinc) 13.53 

Chilean scientists who have looked at the complete results of these analysis have apparently 
been amazed by the rate of change, or flux, exhibited by the Tabé metals. According to 
Sergio Poulain, a similar effect was observed in his own metal fragment. It should be 
obvious by now that both the Chilean and Argentine UFO fragments deserve a deeper and 
more thorough analysis. 


While there are many other reports of UFO crashes in South America (the 1978 Tarija case 
in Bolivia and the 1996 Varginha case in Brazil are two of the most famous), we wanted to 
restrict this paper to cases where actual metallic fragments were retrieved by the witnesses 
and later subjected to open scientific analysis. Four of the metallic fragments are still 
available for further analysis, only the Campinas metal was seized by the Brazilian military 
and never returned. There are still other South American incidents (Ramblon and Neuquén, 
Argentina, 1978 and Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 1979) where fragments were retrieved, but these are 


‘we —— phic Parca and chemical composition, the nature of the five fragments presented 
in this paper is still a mystery. As mentioned throughout the paper, they appear to be 

iginally some form of “liquid metal” spewed or ejected by the object, perhaps a side-effect 
of the propulsion system of the UFO. More research needs to be conducted in this 

direction, but nevertheless these cases furnish a significant piece of physical evidence 
towards proving the existence of UFOs.